The Million-Dollar Question: Mobile App or Website?

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Should You Build A Mobile App or a Website?

So you’ve established your company, products are available for purchase, services are ready to be launched: everything is set. But the big decision remains: should you develop a mobile app or a mobile website?

Let’s look at it from a practical point of view:

87 percent of mobile users spend their time in apps, versus just 13 percent on the web, this means that for every hour spent on the web, users were spending nearly seven hours using mobile apps.

The Million-Dollar Question: App or Website?

What about affordability?

For small to midsized businesses, mobile websites could cost anywhere from $1,000 up to $50,000, while apps, could be a bit costly, ranging anywhere from $10,000 and could reach up to $150,000.

The Million-Dollar Question: App or Website?

Also, research shows that users downloaded 178 billion apps in 2017—and that number is rising fast with a projected number of 258 downloads in 2022.

The Million-Dollar Question: App or Website?

How long does it take to develop an app versus build a website?

On average, it takes two to eight months to develop an app depending on how complex it is, while building a simple 10-15 page website takes about 4-6 weeks.

So far looks like a tie, huh? Well, not really.

How about you get the best of both worlds?

A fully functional app that can be developed in hours rather than months and will cost you a fraction of the cost?

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