Top Ways to Promote an App: A Complete Guide

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Top Ways to Promote an App

Publicity and promotion are two things that form the main keys to any app’s success. If both are executed correctly, your app will gain the publicity it deserves. Creating an app is just the first step in a long journey toward success. Once your app is live, you need to promote it effectively to reach your target audience and increase your downloads. In this guide, we’ll explore the top ways to promote an app in general and help you achieve your goals.

Let me ask you a question: “How many apps do you use per day?” “Is it one, three, or even ten?” The average mobile user can use an average of only two apps per day. With this information, we know that app development might sound a bit intimidating. You will be thinking, “How can I make my app one of the two apps that an average user uses per day?” In this complete guide, that is exactly what we will be discussing.

What Is App Promotion?

Mobile app promotion, or marketing, is the process of correctly advertising your app. That is in order to reach the right rates of success and downloads. App promotion comes in different shapes and through many methods. You can promote your app using different methods or means of promotion. You can do so through a website, online campaigns, or social media platforms. Additionally, you can promote your app through app store optimization (ASO), influencers, or traditional word of mouth.

There are three main stages for app promotion. Any marketer that is marketing for a certain app has to go through the following stages:

  • The pre-launch stage (awareness phase): This is the phase where you start conducting thorough market research. In order to understand all the important insights. This is where you design the first website layout. Furthermore, conduct a full competitor analysis, and create your final marketing and social media posts or campaign content. The awareness phase aims to understand user needs. In addition to spreading the word that your app has a solution for the market problem users are facing.
  • The user acquisition stage: In this stage or phase, users are actually acquired. You accomplish this via app store optimization (ASO), as well as a number of sponsored and promotional techniques.
  • The user retention stage: The retention phase or stage, which is also one of the most crucial, is to ensure that your users continue to engage with your app by using push notifications, frequent communication, surveys, loyalty programs, and in-app messages.

App Promotion: iOS vs. Android Users

You should most likely market your software to both iOS and Android users in order to increase your user base. You must be aware of some distinctions between these groupings before you begin. iOS users typically have better incomes, are more devoted to their devices, and report feeling more satisfied with the entire user experience. Android users, on the other hand, are less devoted to certain apps. However, since users automatically receive push notifications, they don’t need to opt-in, making it simpler to interact with them and keeping your app top of mind. Below, we will be discussing what steps you should be taking to promote your app effectively.

Optimize Your App Store Listing

Your app store listing is the first impression potential users will have of your app, so it’s important to make it count. Start by choosing a clear and catchy app name and including a compelling description that highlights the key features and benefits of your app. Use high-quality screenshots and videos to showcase your app in action, and don’t forget to include keywords in your listing to improve your visibility in app store search results. Finally, encourage users to leave reviews and ratings to help boost your app’s credibility and visibility.

Ways to Promote an App: Leverage Social Media

Leverage Social Media

Promoting your app through social media will help you reach more people and expand your audience significantly. Create social media accounts for your app on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, and use them to share updates, news, and promotions. Consider running social media ads to target specific audiences and drive downloads. You can also partner with influencers in your niche to promote your app to their followers. Don’t forget to include links to your app store listing in all of your social media posts and profiles. This is a very important step that you should be using and making sure it is used effectively. Everyone now uses social media. A study proved that in 2025, social media will be the top advertising tool that everyone will be using.

Run Paid Advertising Campaigns

Run Paid Advertising Campaigns

Paid advertising campaigns can be a great way to promote your app and reach a wider audience. Platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads enable you to target particular demographics and interests, ensuring that the right people see your ads. You can also use app store ads to promote your app within the app store itself. Be sure to track your results and adjust your campaigns as needed to get the best return on your investment.

Ways to Promote an App: Leverage Public Relations to Your Side

They assert that there is no such thing as bad press, unless, of course, there is none at all for you. Influencers and media mention help a lot when it comes to building buzz and credibility. There are other approaches to take; however, the following are just a few to think about:

Make a Video Introduction for Your App

With this, you ought to exercise caution. Only if your app’s concept has been validated, you’ve achieved some traction, and you’re confident that you have a winner should you consider making a video for it. In order to create a video for an app that has undergone three changes since its introduction, you wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money. Put that into consideration, and don’t make the mistake of ignoring the fact that promotions do actually cost money.

Ways to Promote an App: Have a One-On-One Conversation With Users

This is very important. Retaining users through user retention rather than user acquisition should be your first priority when developing your app. You will overcome a lot of problems. Additionally, the biggest obstacle will be over if you can gather a small group of devoted users who can give you the critical feedback you need to confirm the value of your software. In general, no matter what level you are at, try to engage a user directly in dialogue. Ask them questions, consider their comments, give assistance, and make them happy. Even with all the new technological solutions, nothing compares to word-of-mouth advertising.

Focus on What Problem Your App Solves

This is a crucial step to take. By focusing on the problem your app solves, users will be able to understand what benefits they will actually gain from downloading it. This helps users understand that your app is actually aiming for something that they need. That is why advertising your value proposition or unique selling proposition is of great importance. Through it, you spread awareness about what your users are missing and what they will gain from their app usage experience.

Add the “Tell a Friend About Us” Feature to Your App

Ever downloaded an app that had a button that said, “Recommend us to a friend” or “Tell a friend about us”? These buttons are a very effective way to promote apps. Sometimes, when users are actually in awe of a certain app or its services, they become willing enough to promote it by suggesting it to their friends, family, or acquaintances. Imagine if they’re willing to share it, and additionally, find a button to help them do that! This ensures that your app actually reaches a wider audience—a much larger one, for sure.

Ways to Promote an App: Traditional Advertising Through Stores

I know how traditional and old that sounds. However, you can still effectively promote your app through in-store advertisements. We are well aware of how some techniques have evolved and that most of the new generations are actually opting for technological solutions, but we can’t deny the fact that some people still prefer old-school techniques and methods.

App Referral Programs

App Referral Programs  

Create referral programs that offer existing customers an incentive to recommend your software to their friends and family. Members who are successful in recruiting new users should be rewarded with special privileges, such as discounts or special features.

Final Thoughts on App Promotion Techniques

To summarize it all, we’ve listed for you ten different methods to promote your app. This is because we highlighted the importance of app promotion in order for your app to succeed. From our point of view, every business should have an app to empower it and build a stronger base in the market for it. That is what we aim to do here in the nandbox, which is to help you create an app for your business that is seamless and supports the market’s needs.

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