Leveraging LinkedIn to Boost Your App’s Visibility

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It is best to skim over some of LinkedIn’s “whys” before moving on to the “hows.” By 2020, LinkedIn will have 610 million users. 92% of Fortune 500 organizations use LinkedIn as a business-related professional platform. Several studies have shown that top management and decision-makers like the platform’s reach and ability to connect people. The numbers for senior influencers were 90 million last year, while private administrators were 63 million. The statistics themselves provide an answer to the question of why you should join LinkedIn: everyone else is!

Ways to Promote Your App Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be used to promote an app or do other interesting stuff. Around 30 million organizations, or 80% of all enterprises, are currently registered on LinkedIn. In 2013, only 57% of organizations used LinkedIn. This shows that the platform is becoming more and more popular as a place for professional networking in all fields and industries. With over 77% of recruiters using the internet this year, LinkedIn is also a popular headhunting platform.

If you are smart enough to create an app, you are certainly smart enough to figure out some simple methods to leverage LinkedIn to your advantage. Here are some of my suggestions to assist you in case you are still having trouble.

Establish a Reliable Company Profile

A great LinkedIn marketing plan starts with building an authentic company profile. The option to create a company page on LinkedIn Scraper will be immediately created and connected once you are through with your personal profile. In this section, if you are promoting an app, you can list the name of your app development firm, the type of work it does, and additional information about the software. Remember that your corporate page and personal profile are distinct from one another. Moreover, try to give each profile unique and interesting content so that visitors don’t get bored.

Ensure that your profile picture, banner image, and company description are all filled out accurately and up-to-date. Also, make sure to add relevant keywords to the “About” section of your company page to make it more visible in LinkedIn search results. Don’t forget to also include links to your app’s website or download page so users can easily access and download it. A well-optimized company page not only boosts your credibility but also makes it more likely that people will find your app on LinkedIn and download it.

Use Showcases as a Way to Highlight Your App’s Features

Showcases are a great way to bring attention to certain products or services on LinkedIn. You can use this feature to show off certain parts of your app or  reach out to a certain group of people. For example, you can create a showcase that focuses on your app’s user interface and design for those interested in aesthetics or one that emphasizes its functionality and practicality for those looking for utility. By adding interesting images and descriptions to your showcases, you can make it more likely that potential users will become actual users. Make sure to regularly update your showcases with the latest information and features to keep them up-to-date and relevant.

Join Groups for Better Relevancy

Join Groups

Find groups on LinkedIn that are relevant to your app by conducting a search. Be deliberate about it. You may easily use this as another LinkedIn marketing approach. There are numerous organizations devoted to app development. Search using different keywords to find the groups that fit your needs the best. How can you tell if a group will work well for you? Make use of your instincts. Choose the one that applies to your company’s business and app vision. Have a look at the type of conversation being held by scrolling down a little bit. You’ll be able to decide if you want to advertise your product there or not. You can read our article about the best way to market mobile apps to learn more and get better ideas.

Leverage LinkedIn Ads to Promote Your App Efficiently

LinkedIn ads are a great way to promote your app and reach a certain group of people. With LinkedIn’s targeting features, you can take advantage of the platform’s large number of users to make ads that speak directly to your target audience. You can choose from a wide variety of ad formats, including sponsored content, sponsored in-mail, and display ads.

Additionally, you can target your ads based on factors such as job titles, company size, industry, location, and more. By using these features wisely, you’ll be able to reach people who are most likely to download and use your app. Also keep a tab on how the ads are performing by monitoring key metrics like clicks and conversions through LinkedIn’s advertising analytics tools.

Share and Update Content About Your App Regularly

Share and Update Content About Your App Regularly

Sharing content about your app’s features, benefits, and updates on LinkedIn is a good way to get the word out about it. This can help you attract more attention and engagement from potential users who may be interested in trying it out. Think about making blog posts, animated infographics, or videos that show what makes your app special. Also, ones that show how it solves a problem that your target audience has that is common or important. Share these content pieces on your LinkedIn company page or personal profile. Additionally, write a catchy headline and relevant hashtags to increase visibility. You can also join LinkedIn groups that are related to your business or niche. Use them to share your content there to reach a more specific audience. Just make sure that you don’t come across as too promotional and focus on providing value and building relationships with your audience instead.

Pay For LinkedIn Paid Ads

Nobody enjoys shelling out cash on social media. Yet, you will need to go the extra mile if you want to achieve more outcomes. Check out LinkedIn Direct Advertising for a targeted paid advertising campaign. As a result, you might get additional app installs. You can get a ton of new leads by expanding your reach beyond your own company profile. Also, you can specifically adapt your advertisement to the group you are targeting, taking into account factors like region, industry, gender, age, occupation, and several other factors. Although this kind of LinkedIn marketing plan necessitates some financial outlay, in the end, it is actually worthwhile.

Leverage LinkedIn’s “Company Buzz” to Promote Your App

What is “company buzz,” you ask? Let us explain it to you briefly. LinkedIn is the developer of the app Company Buzz. This app’s sole goal is to monitor your app’s mentions and tweets by other businesses. It is a tool that strengthens your publicity. On your LinkedIn profile, choose the Application Directory button under the Menu option, and then add Company Buzz. When you select “Add Application,” the app will be added to your profile. You can view all of the discussions about your business and app on LinkedIn and Twitter in one place with Company Buzz.

Your response rate will go up if you have this knowledge when you need it. You never know when something will go your way, whether it’s to respond to a question, protect your reputation, or simply to express gratitude for a positive review. After all, knowledge is power, so it is preferable to be on the right side of it.

Engage With Other LinkedIn Users

Engage With Other LinkedIn Users

Engaging with other LinkedIn users is an effective way to create awareness about your app. You can also drive more traffic and downloads through LinkedIn users. By commenting on, liking, and sharing the posts of other users in your industry or niche, you can build relationships and show that you are an expert in your field. This can help you in several ways. Like gaining credibility, increasing visibility, and attracting the attention of potential users who may be interested in your app. When you interact with other users’ content, they may do the same with yours. This can help you reach more people and have a bigger impact on the platform.

Just make sure that your engagement is genuine and adds value to the conversation; avoid coming across as spam or self-promotional. As you continue to engage with other LinkedIn users, you’ll find that investing in tools like LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator is worth it. This platform offers advanced targeting and networking features, which can significantly refine your approach to connecting with the right audience. By leveraging Sales Navigator, you can more effectively identify potential users and influencers in your field, enhancing the impact of your engagement and outreach efforts on LinkedIn.

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