Maintaining Your App: How Much Does it Cost & Why is it Important?

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It’s Not All About Developing Your App..

Most people make one common mistake when they put their app development plan: neglect how important maintaining their app is.

If your app was greeted with open arms from users and your number of downloads are rapidly increasing, then hooray for you! But remember this success comes with a cost.

It’s not enough to have a massive user base, because people get bored easily, the key is to keep them engaged by retaining them through continuously maintaining your app.

But what exactly is meant by maintaining an app?

  1. Maintaining your app is making sure that your app is up to date with each new version release from either Android or iOS.
  2. Complying with the App Stores’ and Google Play’s latest guidelines (which is very frequent)
  3. Sweeping your app for bugs and fixing them.
  4. UX design upgrades to give your users a sense that your app is always evolving.
  5. Preventative maintenance to ensure that future problems do not arise through code optimisation.

Hence, retention is paramount for your app to scale, and if we crunch the numbers, increasing your app retention rates by just 5% has proven to raise company profits by anywhere between 25 and 95%.

So how much does it cost to maintain an app?

A good rule of thumb is to have an annual budget of 20% of the cost of initial development when calculating how much it will cost to maintain an app.

If your initial development costs are $100,000, you can expect to spend about $20,000 per year to maintain your app.

Some people start with a simple app that contains only a few features and prefer to focus more on end-user development which is updating the app depending on the user’s feedback.

You have to include enough features to keep your users fully entertained.

The main focus should be keeping your users happy so that they keep coming back.

nandbox gives you the ability to include all the features you want including video and voice calls, build-in messenger, interactive channels, booking, mobile shop, mapping, and much more for a fixed monthly fee.

You will have full access to all nandbox’s features to develop and publish your app, and all your ongoing maintenance costs will still be covered in your monthly fee.

So you’ll have a fully functioning app with the ability to scale and update it regularly with a 90% reduction from the normal cost to develop and maintain an app!

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