How Virtual Try-On Apps are Revolutionizing Retail for Eyewear

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Vision problems can occur at any age. That’s why the OPTO stresses the importance of eye exams. With regular check-ups, you can have your eyes professionally assessed, diagnosed, and treated for certain eye conditions. You can even prevent them from worsening if you catch them early. One of the most common ways to do this, of course, is by getting prescriptions to manage vision concerns.
However, Clearly’s report titled “Eyes on Canada” found that Canadians are falling behind on regular eye exams. Although 86% of respondents knew that eye exams should be done every two years, 34% are overdue for one. Unfortunately, 44% of Canadians experience vision issues at least a few times every month, while 1 in 7 have eye health conditions that can lead to permanent vision loss.
However, modern technological advances adopted by eyewear brands are now bridging the gap. Virtual try-on options allow customers to browse and purchase eyewear—including those requiring prescription lenses—by simply loading apps on their phones. With these, it’s now more convenient and cost-effective for buyers to get the eyewear they need when they need it.
Read on if you want to learn about how it works—and how it’s revolutionizing retail for eyewear.

How do virtual try-on apps work?

With modern technology, companies are able to reach more customers. In our article “How to Build an Interactive App” we explain that one common way to do this is by allowing customers to interact with products through well-designed mobile apps. Known as virtual try-ons, this feature is powered through audiovisual information and technologies like augmented reality (AR).

This is what leading optical bands like Warby Parker and Zenni Optical are adopting in their own dedicated apps. With virtual try-ons, customers use their phone’s camera to see how glasses look on them in 3D. Augmented reality (AR) overlays the frames onto their face, while machine learning offers personalized frame recommendations.

How are virtual try-on apps revolutionizing retail for eyewear?

More informed decisions

These days, online shopping is the way to go, with online retail sales in Canada expected to rise by 6.1% in 2023. This follows similar global trends, which project 22% of sales worldwide to be made online within the year. Of course, there are still gaps when it comes to online shopping since some products are still easier to assess in person.

With eyewear used more frequently than most accessories, customers want to make informed decisions before purchasing. Apps with virtual try-on features bridge a gap commonly preventing customers from doing so. Instead of seeing how the glasses will look only after they arrive at their door, they can try them on online and choose one that suits their taste, increasing customer satisfaction.

Greater convenience

Virtual try-on apps allow customers to skip going to physical stores to buy their glasses. With a prescription, customers can easily buy suitable lenses online, choose from a broad range of frames, and compare prices between stores. Most importantly, they can make their purchase anywhere at any time. All they need is a smartphone, an internet connection, and their preferred retailer’s app to immediately address their eyewear needs.

Enhanced accessibility

Perhaps one of the most significant advantages of virtual try-on technologies is how they expand accessibility—not only for buying and customizing eyewear but also for receiving eye care services remotely. A great example is Luna Solutions’ collaborations with eyewear retailers and doctors worldwide to offer technological health solutions easily accessible via smartphone.

Such solutions include features like subjective refraction apps and telehealth prescription renewals so customers can update their prescriptions online. In addition to virtual try-ons, these technological provisions further broaden comprehensive eye services that can be conducted right on one’s phone. By providing mobile vision care alongside the more usual retail functions, these collaborations help the brand modernize the eyewear industry.

Your eye health deserves lifelong attention. With virtual try-on apps revolutionizing retail in eyewear, your eye care efforts are much better supported.