Why Your App Might Be Rejected on Google Play Store?

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Submitting your app on Google Play Store could prove to be a tiresome task especially if your app gets rejected and you don’t know why or how to solve the issue.

We will go over the top reasons why your app might get rejected and how to solve them, step by step.

Issue: Requesting Call Log and SMS Permission

Since Google Play Store updated its permission policy, Google has limited apps that are allowed to request Call Log and SMS permissions which means that many apps could be rejected if they do not provide sufficient justification to requesting call log and SMS permission.

We will explore how to request call log and SMS permission for call-based OTP account verification.

1.) Go to Google Play Console.

2.) Scroll down and select App content from the admin menu.

3.) Under Sensitive App Permissions, click Manage.

4.) Under SMS and Call Log Permission, click Manage.

5.) Select call-based OTP account verification.

6.) Under instructions for review, enter your justification for requesting call log and SMS permission which could be: “Verification of users’ phone number using flash call during signup”

7.) Click Save.

Issue: Missing Privacy Policy

One of the most common reasons Google might reject your app is a missing privacy policy, we will go through the two sections where you should have a link to your privacy policy page.

1.) Go to Google Play Console.

2.) Scroll down and select App content from the admin menu.

3.) Under Privacy Policy, click Manage.

4.) Enter your link for your privacy policy page and click Save/

5.) Next, log in to nandbox app builder, and click on App Settings.

6.) Scroll down until you reach Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and click on it.

Enter the link and click save.

Issue: Need Login Credentials for App Review

Which is displayed in the form of the following message from Google:


Follow these steps provided from Google.

In the “+ Add new instructions” filed, note that you have to include a step by step guide on how a user should be verified, an example is provided below:

1- Open the app.
2- Click the button: AGREE & START.
3- Enter the email address : *********@gmail.com then press continue.
4- You should receive a verification code in the email *********@gmail.com
5- Enter the code received in step 4 and click the VERIFY NOW button.
6- Enter any display name then press Update public profile button.
7- You now have full access to all sections of the app.

You also have to provide access to Google for the demo account that you created by writing down the email and the password:

Email address : *********@gmail.com
Email Password : ***************

Continue the steps until you send your app for review.

These are a few common reasons why your app might be rejected on Google play, stay tuned as we update this article!

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