How to Develop a Food Ordering App Like Seamless

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How to Make an App Like Seamless

“Food,” a word that could cause you happiness sometimes, is a word that goes well with comfort. People refer to the age we live in as the age of technology, and with technology comes comfort—accompanied by calories. But all jokes aside, technology has made it way easier for us to accomplish a lot of things. Typically, one of the most accomplished tech dreams is food delivery. At first, people would use phone systems to call for delivery, but now you can definitely rule that out. Application development made it easier for you to simply tap on a certain product, add it to your cart, checkout, and voilà! It’s on your doorstep, waiting for you. We’ll tell you in this article how to make an app like Seamless and how to mirror its success.

What Is Seamless and How to Make an App Like It?

Seamless North America LLC (formerly SeamlessWeb) is an online food ordering service that lets users order food from restaurants for delivery or takeout through their website and mobile app. Following an impressive rating of 4.7 on the Google Play Store, the app offers a variety of options for food shopping and delivery. Seamless made an integration that led to a partnership with Grubhub, another food delivery service that lets users quickly get food from their favorite restaurants. The simplest way to get food for delivery or takeout is through Seamless. You have access to whatever you want, wherever you are in the mood for it. There’s no need to go through the hassle of menus, phone calls, or repetitions.

Schedule Your Meal to Show Up as Soon as You Get Home

The simplest way to get food for delivery or takeout is through Seamless. You have access to whatever you want, wherever you are in the mood for it. There’s no need to go through the hassle of menus, phone calls, or repetitions. Above all, Seamless allows users to schedule their meals for a specific time that may coincide with their home arrival time; honestly, what’s not to like?

Seamless is an easy app to replicate thanks to its simple layout and template. Its success is the factor toward which we’ll be guiding you.

Features in Seamless That Are a Must-Have to Build a Successful Food App

  • Instructions box: A box that has witnessed more wonders than anything else like “please apply cinnamon on my pasta alfredo” disastrous I know. The instructions box is a box that users can use to type down their desired preferences for their meals. Pickle hater? No problem write down “don’t include pickles in my burrito” and enjoy a pickle-free burrito. It is THAT simple yet very effective when it comes to customer satisfaction.
  • Referral codes: referral codes are a fun way of advertising your application. You can provide it as an option for your users through a customer loyalty program. The more you refer to our app the more free meals you get or receive more points on your digital wallet to collect and redeem later.
  • View available coupons button: a feature that will be very helpful when it comes to coupon lovers. Pitch your button through the initial app tour for example: “Are you cost-conscious yet too busy to cook? Perfect, tap on the view available coupons button to check out all available discounts on every single restaurant.
  • Advanced search filters: The hundreds of local restaurants that are listed on the app in any given location can easily overwhelm users or maybe your users could be in a hurry and want to make a quick decision they won’t regret later, so it’s crucial to let them understand how to narrow the options down into a more manageable selection.

    Your filtration feature should include a great selection of options, for example, filtering restaurants by rating from high to low or by price from low to high, maybe with available discounts, or simply letting your users type down their preferred cuisines.

Extra Miles to Go While Making Your Food App

Building a food app is not all about ordering food from restaurants. Your app should be the ultimate delivery app. This can work especially beneficial when serving as a ghost kitchen. If you deliver restaurant food, you could also deliver daily life essentials. For example, if a customer has no time to go grocery shopping or can’t go for a quick kitchen supply run, your app should have their back! Using nandbox’s workflow module, you can add a “book your courier” button to a section of your app so that users can get their errands quickly done.

How to Get the Most Out of nandbox’s App Builder

The nandbox app builder provides you with a variety of professional templates that are replicas of some great applications. With feature flexibility, you can simply drag and drop different features and customize each template exactly as you wish. nandbox also provides you with a thoroughly detailed documentation section that guides you through the app-building process step by step.

nandbox Features That Will Help You Make Your Food App Like Seamless in Minutes

Online store: a fully functional e-commerce store where you can sell your products or services.

Loyalty and Competition: The loyalty wallet has a feed that customers can interact with to be lured into joining your loyalty program. Users can collect points in a digital wallet to redeem later with coupons or freebies.

Engagement campaigns: Using the feed module, you can launch campaigns and offers to keep your customers hooked all the time. This module lets you add an instant feed to your app, like a Facebook page or a Telegram channel. Customers can interact with your posts by liking, sharing, or leaving comments.

Talk to Admin: This feature will guarantee you customer satisfaction as it allows you to dedicate a one-to-one chat between an admin that you choose and your customers. This feature is best used for customer support or sales inquiries.

Request App Rating: This feature will allow your app to have an honest customer rating. The better reviews you’ll get, the better lead performance you’ll achieve. In addition to nandbox’s talk-to-admin feature request, which will enhance customer satisfaction, some users love it when they get asked for a review.

An API/Chatbot: Save up time and annotate your AI with a text annotation bot to answer the most frequently asked customer questions.

Unlock Your App Building Potentials With nandbox!

You can unlock each and every feature mentioned above and more by signing up for nandbox and enjoying the app builder’s free trial. With nandbox’s no-code base, you’ll have a fully functioning professional application within a very short period of time. Sign up now and make an app like Seamless exactly within minutes!