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So, what exactly is a whitelist? Perhaps you’ve heard this word many times while surfing online or in many anti-viruses or anti-malware software programs.

More specifically, what is a whitelist app? Follow this article to know everything about whitelisting and how to make one.

Whitelist Meaning


Whitelisting is a security strategy in which users can only take actions that the administrator has allowed and can’t take any further actions but the permitted ones. App owner permits a very limited set of functionality for users based on their needs.

While this strategy limits user freedom, it ensures maximum security and prohibits any cyberattacks or malicious codes that may threaten data.


A Whitelist App

A whitelist App is an app that restricts access to specific users chosen by the app owner, with all users except the specified ones banned from accessing the application entirely.

Whitelist App Examples

Examples of whitelist apps include:

  1. Registration: Allow users to get access to some features or content if they sign up for an account.
  2. Content: Give users access to exclusive content if they sign up for an account.
  3. Referral: Give users access to certain features or content if they refer a certain number of friends.


How Can You Use It?

A whitelist app can be used in many cases; as an example, you can create an application only for your organization, that may contain vulnerable information or data that you can’t risk being breached or leaked, creating a whitelisted app makes you limit the application’s access to only your organization’s employees.

Another use for the whitelist is a loyalty program, where you restrict access to only interactive or devoted users, enabling them to receive a special coupon or access that was specially created for them. Cool, isn’t it? This can help with building an experience that encourages users to stay engaged with your app.


How Does the nandbox App Builder Whitelist Feature Work?

So, how do you create a whitelisted app? Here’s how to do so using the whitelist feature in nandbox App Builder.

nandbox has simplified the app-building process as much as it can get in less time, making it possible for everyone to make their own apps. The whitelist feature enables you to limit access to your app by specifying users of your choice with one simple click.

Enabling the whitelist feature by clicking on the toggle in app settings found in the app builder, you can now start specifying users that can only access your app, prohibiting others completely.

Following that, you can select users in the user management based on two criteria.

–     By signup ID: you can easily get it from the list of users registered on your app

–     By pattern: you have three pattern options:

1.     Start with: which only recognizes the start of the Signup ID

2.     End with (most common): which recognizes the end of the signup ID, as an example

3.     Contains: which recognizes the middle of the signup ID

–     Regular expressions

–     Tags

Read further instructions on how to use the whitelist feature.

The whitelist feature in nandbox is one of the most prominent features in the app builder because it allows you to easily monitor and grant access to your app while also ensuring maximum security. If this has piqued your interest, you can now try to make your own app for free and try the whitelist feature in nandbox app builder.