Custom Made App: Is It Better for a Food Business?

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Custom Made Food Apps: Empowering Restaurants and Customers Alike

There is a famous quote that says that people who like to eat are always the best. And honestly, who doesn’t? Of course, we are not going to start with the usual “The food market and industry are the best,” because this is already an established fact. It is one of the largest markets around the world, the one that all people agree on. Lately, this market has witnessed a transformative wave that turned things upside down. This would be the application wave. Food businesses of all types, sizes, and natures are rushing now to join the new application wave, given the many capabilities it offers. But what do apps offer for food businesses? This is what we are going to learn! In this article, you will get to explore the concept of a custom-made food app and how it matters for the food industry.

A Custom Made Food App: What is It Exactly?

So, let us start with what a custom-made app is first. A custom-made app is usually the most common type that we interact with daily. It is a type of app that is crafted according to a business’s or brand’s objectives, features, and industry. This means that the app would only be exclusive to their products and services and contain features that would either make it easy to enjoy the services or purchase the products.

This crafting of custom-made apps is not only limited to features; everything about the app reflects the brand or business. So, for instance, design and layout are the most impactful components in custom-made apps. The layout and design of such apps are made to match everything about the business and create a distinctive brand personality. You would find this more visible in components like colors and visuals, as they have to convey what the business is meant to deliver.

Now, when it comes to the food market, the concept of custom-made apps has gained much recognition in the last few years. At first, off-the-shelf apps were popularized in all food app categories. So, as an example, a restaurant would join a list on a food delivery app, but now many restaurants have their own food delivery app. Chefs would also join recipe apps as one of the thousands, but now chefs can have a custom-made app with their names and recipes only and the list goes on.

How Should a Custom-Made Food App Look?

As we illustrated earlier, a custom-made food app should reflect everything about the business itself, from the objective and vision to the brand and more. Let us start with the user interface. Food apps, unlike many others, should be engaging. You’d want the customer to be drawn into what you offer rather than just explore. This is why the user interface should have a dynamic design with an appealing color palette that matches the brand’s palette. However, this doesn’t mean that you should go very extra; it is favorable to keep everything minimal.

Navigation is a big part of a custom food app, especially for apps like food delivery. A user would need to go through an enormous menu or even multiple menus, so he shouldn’t have any problems with that. The navigation should be clear and straightforward to create a simple experience that most users prefer.

Moving on to features, there is a set of must-have features that complete the whole look of custom-made food apps. For instance, delivery tracking is a fundamental feature that elevates the whole experience. A search function would also be a great addition and improve navigation. Payment gateways are also a major contributor to elevating the app’s functionality and experience.

Benefits of a Custom-Made App

The benefits of a custom-made app are immeasurable. Trust me, we have tried but they’re just too much. However, to illustrate the significance of custom-made apps further, we will list a few of the benefits of custom-made apps in general and for food businesses specifically.

In General:

Increased Security

The prevalence of security flaws in generic or off-the-shelf apps makes them an easy target for cyberattacks. By developing your own app, you may incorporate strong security features that are designed to meet your unique requirements. Your private information will be better protected with this measure, which may include user authentication, encryption, and other security methods.

Ownership and Control

Choosing a custom app gives you full command over its development and ownership. This gives you an active role in shaping the features’ order of importance, development plan, and overall functioning. With this degree of customization, you can perfectly match the app to your company’s strategy and objectives.

Competitive Advantage

 Competitive Advantage (4) 

With a custom made app, your company may stand out from the crowd thanks to its exclusive features and functionalities. Your app has the potential to become an important competitive edge for your business if it improves the user experience or solves problems that are prevalent in your sector.

Innovative Features and Functionality

Some aspects that are essential to your business’s success can be missing from ready-to-use apps. You may add unique, cutting-edge features that make your company stand out with a custom app. The incorporation of technologies like augmented reality, artificial intelligence, or the Internet of Things could result in a competitive advantage.

For a Food Business, Specifically:

Enhanced Customer Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs (2)

A food business can have its loyalty programs set up and managed efficiently using a custom app. Features like digital points, individualized incentives based on purchase history, and app-only discounts are all options you can explore. In addition to boosting client retention, this action lays the groundwork for highly targeted marketing campaigns, which in turn keep customers interested and committed.

Personalized Recommendations

By utilizing consumer data within a custom app, personalized recommendation engines can be established. The app can provide personalized recommendations for menu items, specials, and add-ons by analyzing the history of orders, preferences, and behavior. In addition to improving the customer’s experience, this customization boosts the chances of generating more revenue.

Dynamic Menu Updates

Because of things like new products, sales, and changing seasons, restaurants frequently have to revise their menus. With a custom made app, you can easily add or remove items from the menu as needed. As a result, there is less room for confusion and a more presentable experience for consumers since they are always given access to the most recent goods, prices, and promotions.

Customer Feedback and Reviews


It is possible to incorporate tools for gathering reviews and feedback from users into a custom made app. A rating and review system integrated into the app allows businesses to get vital insights about client preferences and areas that can be improved. Promptly responding to comments shows dedication to improving and increasing customer satisfaction.

Allergens and Dietary Information

You can personalize your app by adding specifics about food allergies and dietary restrictions to every item on the menu. For customers with food allergies or intolerances, this degree of transparency is really important. Through the provision of reliable and easily available information, the app empowers users to make well-informed decisions, enhancing their food experience and fostering confidence in your business.

How to Create a Custom-Made Food App With nandbox!

Here comes the most important part that we have been waiting for! How do you think one can create a custom-made food app? This would go one of two ways: a food business would hire a development team to create the custom-made food or rely on no code. The first way is 100% effective; it is a fact. However, it would be very expensive and inefficient for both resources and time. Now for the second way, which is the one we are most excited about. No Code is now a renowned movement to which many businesses owe a lot. No code helped to transform app development from a complex process that is only limited to a specific segment into a more available process that anyone can enjoy. To further illustrate that, let us give an example of how you could make a custom-made food app with nandbox!

Exploring The Process

With the nandbox app builder, the process is easy as pie. The user would start first with registration and choosing a template. These templates (food apps included) shorten the user’s journey as they provide him with an already-made template with the features and everything he would need. However, since choices are not limited at nandbox, the user can choose to start from scratch.

The following step would be branding. It is when the user starts crafting the user interface in a way that matches his business objectives and vision to convey all the value he wishes to deliver.

Moving on to the most fun part, which is implementing features. Nandbox has a plethora of features, some of which we have mentioned that are necessary for any food app, and some that would be complementary and elevate the experience further. Implementing features with nandbox would only need a simple drag-and-drop gesture and the user is good to go.

Nandbox indeed sounds like the perfect way for someone to create a custom food app. Looking for the ultimate method for creating the best custom-made food app? Seize the chance and join the nandbox app builder now to enjoy the numerous capabilities and take the custom-made food app experience to the fullest.