How much does web app development cost? A Guide For Entrepreneurs

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The average web app development cost depends on the type of website developed by the website developers. Web application development company starts the interactive process of web design and development, from requirement elicitation to project delivery. The online tech world has offered a lot of expansion to businesses. Now they’re earning their own with a huge ROI. And you can never expect your target audience to learn about you without any external efforts. You have to work tirelessly to let them know about the business. How is your target audience going to learn about the business? Are you going to inform them yourself? Will they search for you online? 

The answer is yes; they will search for you online. They can search for you with the right search intent online. To be shown on the SERP, you should have a website. Here comes a question, how much does web app development cost?

There are numerous factors that affect web app development pricing. And you will have to develop a LOE document with all the resources involved in the process.Therefore, when you have everything listed in the document, it’s easier for you to know the actual cost. In this way, you will learn about the factors that impact the web app development cost. Moreover, in this blog, we are going to discuss the different factors that impact web app development pricing. And how one can tackle this situation.  Are you ready to explore it with us? Moreover, we are going to explore some exciting facts about web apps for your quick understanding. 

web apps for your quick understanding. 

Interesting Facts About Web Applications 

In this section, we are going to explore some exciting facts about web apps. Moreover, keep in mind that these factors somehow impact the web app development cost too. 

  1. According to statista, a web app or website should always look the same on all platforms. Regardless of which platform or operating system you’re trying to access the web app, it should always appear to be the same. 
  2. Many of your target audience will scan the website in a second. Ensure that you keep it minimal so that it attracts the audience at the first glance. 
  3. The total lifespan of a website is 3 years.
  4. Whereas, the source code of a website affects the search engine ranking.
  5. A website template can restrict the total capabilities of the website.
  6. The content of the website can impact the target audience positively, and negatively. 
  7. ⅔ of the web users are mobile users.
  8. The demographics impact the user behavior. 
  9. A user will create their opinion about your website in less than 0.9 seconds.

These are some of the interesting facts related to web applications. Moreover, ensure that you read them all properly to avoid missing out any necessary details. 

What is the typical web app development cost?

Typically, the average web app development cost starts from $5,000, ranging to $100,000; based on the requirements provided by the clients. Moreover, here are the categories of the web apps based on features and functionalities:

A simple web app

Firstly, a simple website comes in the form of a static website, features, and a sleek UI/UX design, with all the basic interactive elements integrated within it. The web app development cost for a simple website starts from 5,000 to 10,000 US dollars. You can connect with the project managers yourself to learn about the facts.

A medium web app 

Whereas, a medium web app is more complicated in terms of features and functionalities. The average web app development cost for a medium web app starts from $15,000 to $30,000 USD.

A complex web app 

Thirdly, a complex web app is developed with high-end features, and requires the specialty of the app developers. 

Therefore, the average web app development cost is 50,000 USD for a complex website. These were some of the types of web apps with average cost breakdown. Now, let’s hear about the 5 factors that directly impact the cost.

What Factors Influence The Web App Development Cost?

What Factors Influence The Web App Development Cost

In this section, we are going to explore the exciting and most interesting facts that influence web app development pricing. 

Platform Selection

Firstly, the first factor that impacts the web app’s pricing is the platform you’re selecting for it. A CMS (content management system) is costly as compared to custom web design and development. While a content management system (CMS) website offers a user-friendly interface for updates, a hard-coded website requires more dedication from app developers near meYou’ll need to put in extra effort, and possibly consider budgeting for additional resources, to get the backend development completed for a hard-coded site.

Web App Development Cost: Features Enhancement

Secondly, impactful features are a great addition to your web application. Therefore, the more features you add to your website, the higher the cost of web app development. For example, if we talk about different categories of web apps and modernized technologies integration, then

  • IoT (internet of things) based web applications will cost you around 10,000 to 50,000 USD. 
  • Artificial and machine-learning based web applications will cost you around 15,000 to 100,000 USD. 
  • Whereas data analytics-based web applications will cost you around 150,000 USD which is actually a huge number.

APIs Integration

Thirdly, APIs integration also increases the overall cost of web apps. There are different APIs available for web apps. For example, for online payments, customer categorization, online calling, etc. Whenever you search for an API integration, you will see an instant increase in the cost of the web application. 

Augment Virtual Teams

Lastly, the cost of web app development also depends on team allocation. If the team is working virtually, then, you don’t have to bear the infrastructure cost. Whereas, if the team is working physically at a location, then, you have to bear the cost for infrastructure, that is again huge. 

Wrapping Up: Web App Development Cost

And, we are done for the day. We hope you all enjoyed reading about the breakdown of web app development cost. Along with the factors that impact its cost directly.  Always inquire about these details first, and then, start working with an app development company. Moreover, you can search for different agencies online and get the best results.