10 Reasons to Spark Your Business with a Mobile App

10 Reasons to Spark Your Business with a Mobile App
Why your business needs a mobile app: 10 reasons by nandbox.

Did you know that the number of mobile connections around the world in 2019 surpasses the current world population itself? According to GSMA, there are over 8.97 Billion mobile connections for 7.7 Billion citizens living all over the world. 

With these numbers in mind, penetrating new markets is getting no longer difficult as before, as long as mobile applications are en route. But this data is not the only motive to empower your business with an app.

Along with the following lines, we are glad to list other ten reasons to spark your business with a mobile app.

1- Direct marketing channel

The first rule in marketing is to define your audience and hence determine the way to reach them. With a mobile app, you can guarantee that your message will pop in the pocket of your audience. But consider the targeted segment, the relevant content, and the good timing, for better customer engagement and retention.

2- Brand awareness and recognition

Your app is like a blank bulletin board. You can fill it with the content that best describes your business. Starting from branding the app to the features included, your app can positively impact your brand’s recognition.

3- Better availability and accessibility

Your services will be 24/7 available for your customers via your app. They can book tickets of your events, purchase your products, or even send inquiries and get answered right on your app. You will also get paid faster – straight from the app. That is the on-the-go marketing technique, which everybody needs today in such a fast-paced world. 

4- Lower costs for marketing

Whether for launching a marketing campaign, or broadcasting news, you no longer have to stick to the traditional marketing channels. You don’t have to pay on printing flyers, on setting billboards, or on purchasing data and spreading non-targeted SMS. For instance, by integrating the Push Notifications feature in your app, you can reach your targeted segment easier and faster.

5- More insights into customer behavior

Your mobile app can serve you with precise analytics on your buyer persona and behavior. That will help you get to know more about their preferences – and how they react towards your products/services. Thereby, you can modify your products/services to further meet their needs. 

6- Higher engagement rate

You can engage your customers more by including a built-in messenger feature in your app, for example. That even this feature will keep the users more retained to your brand. But also, whenever you update your app’s content, you can notify the users and encourage them to share it with others.

7- Effective loyalty and retention 

A loyalty program can keep your customers not only entertained but it will also let them stick more to your app. You can lure them with incentive loyalty points to be collected in a digital wallet and redeemed afterward.   

8- Full system integration

Save time and effort by integrating your business’ website and social media accounts with your app. Whenever you update your app’s content, it shows up on all other accounts and vice versa.

9- Higher visibility and market coverage

Around 90% of the internet time spent by mobile users goes to apps. So even if you have a widely segmented target group, a mobile app can extend it more. Apps are now more accessible than websites. 

10- Get a competitive edge

Stand out from your rivals and build your competitive edge with your own mobile app. 

Whether your business is still a start-up or an enterprise, a mobile app with a pool of interactive features will boost your revenue, retain your customers, and skyrocket your brand’s exposure.

Why don’t we take the journey together? 

If you are interested in promoting your business with a mobile app, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our support team can build it for you with a starting price $1200 and a short time delivery.

You can also try building the app yourself. No worries if you don’t have previous coding knowledge or infrastructure. With nandbox Native App Builder, you can build 100% native, ready-hosted apps, with dozens of features – in a few minutes. You can also find templates of the best selling apps that you can replicate and customize. Check it out now!

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