How To Use Calendar Feature To Make Your App Better

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How To Use Calendar Feature To Make Your App Better

With all the distractions around us, time management has become a difficult challenge for all of us. When we have a lot of tasks and work to do, it can be hard to keep track of and manage our time, and we end up forgetting important dates and tasks. As apps now focus on improving users’ lives, facilitating them, and also helping them balance work and life, people usually search for free calendar apps to help them organize, which is why most apps now have an embedded in-app calendar feature, and some have a completely free calendar app; it’s now a crucial part of all apps. In this article, you will learn everything about in-app calendars and how to make a calendar app.

In-App Calendar Benefits

  1. Calendars are an excellent tool for event planning and serve as a reminder of any important occasion or event.
  2. They can also be an excellent way to increase productivity, as they help you track deadlines and fulfill them; you can also prioritize them.
  3. Another pro of calendars is the ability to schedule any task, project, or event to keep up with them.
  4. An in-app calendar can easily sync with any other calendar on your mobile phone, so you can have all your events and appointments in one place.

A Calendar App

Calendar apps are widely used at the moment. In addition to the in-app calendar feature, it is even more functional and offers more features embedded, such as;

  • Shared scheduling
  • Create your own events and invite people.
  • Making meeting arrangements, and many more that increase its functionality and enrich the user experience.

Calendar Feature in nandbox: How Can You Use It?

You can easily create a calendar app for Android and iOS with these features and more in the nandbox app builder. With a simple drag-and-drop gesture, you can add a calendar feature to the nandbox app builder. You create a calendar from scratch, adding events and appointments; you can also allow users to add their own.

Other than a calendar app, how can you embed the feature within your app? And what kinds of apps can use a calendar?

1. Events and Booking Apps

Events and booking apps depend heavily on a calendar feature. You can add the feature to your events and booking apps, and you can include all your events with specific details about the place, timing, and price. When a user completes a booking through your app, it will immediately appear in the in-app calendar and in the mobile phone calendar as well, thanks to synchronization. You can use this article to learn step-by-step how to create event and booking apps.

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2. Educational Apps

In-app calendars in educational apps are almost an integral feature to add. It has many uses and is very beneficial to the efficiency of the app. You can simply add separate calendars, each for a class, and within the calendar, the class schedule can be presented for the whole educational year. Students can view their schedules day by day and be updated on their classes. You can read this article to learn how to build a school step by step.

3. Travel and Hospitality Apps

Calendars are a must-feature to include in travel and hospitality apps, as they are a vital part that the app can’t function without. Other than providing all the services, it can display available dates, your booked dates, and their details. It can show you all of your vacation details, including flight dates, hotels, and destinations, to make your trip more comfortable.

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Creating a calendar app or including it in one is now a very simple process in nandbox, removing all constraints and allowing you to be creative and build your own app with almost any feature you can think of. Interested? Try the nandbox app builder for free now! Be innovative and execute all your ideas!