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Build Me An App Service 101

In your opinion, how many apps are created per day? If you say a number between ten and a hundred apps, then you may be underestimating the exceptional role that apps now have. However, if you say a number over one thousand apps, then you definitely got it right. Bingo! You are the winner. Currently, by the time you are reading this, there are over 1,500 apps released on the Google Play Store. Also, around 1,400 new apps released on the Apple App Store. These are enormous numbers, if you think about it. This is why the competition is more fierce each day, as more businesses and individuals seek ways to establish a powerful online presence through apps. In addition, this is why “build me an app” services are now gaining much recognition as being a fundamental part of development platforms and companies.

Want to learn more about such an exciting service? Read this article to get a clear idea about the increasing demand for creating custom apps and how “build me an app” services aim to help individuals and businesses.

Why Did App Development Become This Significant and When?

If the fact that over a thousand apps per day and over 10 thousand apps per week are released on app stores doesn’t convenience you enough, app development is extremely significant. Then let’s take it to the next step.


What do you think makes apps so special that not only businesses rush to create them, but also individuals? In addition to being flexible and extremely accessible, applications’ capabilities are pretty much limitless. But what does this mean? Let me tell you

Applications are like a blank canvas that an individual or business owner can fill the way they want. This is not only applied to the design and layout; it also includes the features and functions. Whoever is developing an app can expand its capabilities by incorporating the latest technologies. Like, for instance, AI, machine learning, and so on. So, in this case, with the emergence of new technologies, the functionality of apps can be further elevated and enhanced, which proves that they are limitless.

Moreover, applications’ reach is unprecedented, with nearly 90% of the world’s population using apps and relying on them in different important life aspects. Therefore, through apps, businesses and individuals won’t be able to only accomplish a local reach but also a global one, which increases the rate of success.


Answering the “when did app development become significant” question would be much easier and more brief. The whole answer could be summarized by saying that the minute both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store were introduced as the space where individuals and businesses could show their creations in the early 2010s, app development became the real deal. Apps were no longer tools for having fun but also ones to get things done and make matters much easier.

What Are the Three Best Ways Businesses and Individuals Could Build an App?

Businesses and individuals can choose from a variety of possibilities when developing an app, each with its own set of pros and cons.

In-House Teams

One possible approach is to hire a group of experts within an organization to work on the project. It is called assembling an in-house team that would be involved permanently. This can include programmers, designers, and anybody else needed for the development process. By using this approach, you may have more say and authority over the development process, encourage teamwork, and tailor it to your exact requirements. Nevertheless, attracting and retaining talented workers may be an expensive and tedious process.



Outsourcing development teams is another alternative. In this approach, individuals or small businesses hire larger organizations or independent developers, also known as freelancers. By leveraging the capabilities of well-established companies, outsourcing can shorten project schedules, lower overhead costs, and provide access to specialist knowledge. However, to manage remote teams efficiently and locate dependable collaborators, one must do extensive research. Also, it’s not always affordable to hire reliable and experienced ones.


For individuals who don’t have a lot of technical knowledge, there are no-code platforms. These have become more popular as a simplified way to build apps. To facilitate the development of fully functional applications without the need to know how to code, these platforms provide user-friendly drag-and-drop interfaces together with pre-built components. Small businesses and individuals alike can make use of no-code solutions to swiftly prototype ideas, perfect designs, and release business solutions with little to no expenditure or creation time required.

Of course, choosing any of these solutions can’t be done immediately without reconsideration and weighing the pros and cons of each. So, the process of choosing one of the three choices should be based on factors like budget, timeline, project requirements, and so on. So, make sure to carefully do your research and align your needs with the best choice for more effective outcomes.

The Rise of “Build Me an App” Services in No-Code Development

Speaking of no-code development platforms, what about the “build me an app” service mentioned everywhere on them? Usually, these platforms are known for encouraging and empowering individuals and businesses to go through the app development process by themselves and make their own apps. However, recently, the majority of the platform has been presenting the “build me an app” service. It is a professional solution for businesses and individuals who do not have enough time to go through the development process.

This service basically revolves around connecting with developers provided by the platforms, discussing the app’s requirements and budget and these developers would start creating the application using the platform’s tools and technology. However, most of the time, these developers are experienced, so they know how to get the most out of the platform, so the results are usually more professional.

Benefits of “Build Me an App” Services


Cost Efficiency

“Build Me an App” services are incredibly cost-effective, which is one of their biggest selling points. The costs associated with traditional app development methods may be rather high. These processes involve hiring developers with the right skills. They could acquire the necessary infrastructure, and set funds for regular maintenance and upgrades. On the other hand, some platforms include subscription-based models. This enables people and enterprises to have access to a full suite of development tools at a significantly lower cost. So, even hiring the platform to create the app would be way less costly than traditional app development methods. This clear and controlled pricing strategy makes app development affordable for a wider range of entrepreneurs and enterprises with different budgetary constraints by minimizing upfront investment and keeping continuing expenses to a minimum.

Accelerated Time-to-Market


Being the first to market frequently determines the viability or failure of a product in this competitive world. Thus, time is paramount. By drastically cutting down on the amount of time it takes to bring new apps to market, “Build Me an App” services offer a clear advantage. Instead of starting from scratch, you can save time by making use of pre-built modules, templates, and libraries. Also, instead of needing much time to get around the platform and all its tools, you would be handing the project to people who know exactly how to get around the platform.

Businesses may take advantage of market opportunities faster with this accelerated development timetable, which also lets them get user input early on, make modifications based on real-world usage data, and continuously improve the app.

Comprehensive Support and Resources

There are many unknowns and obstacles along the road to app development. However, the “Build Me an App” services provide invaluable assistance and tools. Usually, hiring these platforms offers developers a wealth of resources, including instructions, community forums, and documentation. So they can ask questions, get answers, and learn from one another’s experiences. Furthermore, specialized customer support teams are available to help users from the very beginning of the development process through to the very end. They can providing direction, fix technical issues, and make sure everything goes off without any difficulties, from brainstorming to deployment.

More Advanced and Professional Outcomes

Lastly, since “build me an app” services are based on professionals associated with the platform, outcomes are usually far more professional. Professionals who are hired through these services and platforms are usually the ones who deal with them. Hence, they know how to get the most out of the features, designs, tools, technologies, and so on. As we illustrated earlier, this eliminates the need for extra time to learn how to get around. These developers would be doing everything in less time than any business or individual would ever take. Due to this deep knowledge, the outcome would be a far more functional app that aligns perfectly with the project requirements.

Does Nandbox Include “Build Me an App” Services?

So, does nandbox include the “build me an app” services? Well, if you are unaware of nandbox, let us introduce it real quick. Nandbox is a leading no-code app builder that specializes in creating native iOS and Android apps that are fully functional. The app builder was able to be included in the top list of no-code platforms due to the amazing functionalities, features, and customization options that it offers to users. In addition, they have three of the best pricing plans in the app development market.

Recently, and in light of keeping up with the many evolutions in the market, nandbox introduced the “build me an app” service. The service is offered to the user upon his request. Nandbox takes in many requests and the development team handles them efficiently. You can easily seek the service by contacting the nandbox team and presenting your app’s requirements, and the team will provide you with all the necessary details, like the budget and timeline. You can ensure getting an effective and professional final result efficiently. So, what are you waiting for? Each second, there is a new app coming! Contact us now and turn your ideas into effective realities with nandbox!