Best No-Code Mobile App Builder 2022: A Recap on nandbox

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What is nandbox?

Launched in 2016, the nandbox app builder is the leading and only native app builder on the market. The platform started with the intention of making the app development process more enjoyable and streamlined. The app’s potential for growth and the channels it may provide for communicating with customers that nandbox offers with an easy development process would also be useful in closing the communication gap between businesses and their customers. The nandbox messenger was the first product of the app builder. The messenger effectively proved the significance of both no-code development and the app builder. The nandbox app builder provided people with the notion of developing a native app, which is very difficult to do. They also provided users with over 200 features that they could employ the way they wanted for developing any app type. In 2022, nandbox flourished with various milestones that were reached thanks to unwavering commitment and hard work. In this article, we will look back at some of nandbox’s most notable achievements that made it the best no-code mobile app builder in 2022.


What did nandbox accomplish in 2022

1.) A New and Enhanced iOS Development Process

One of the things that the nandbox app builder was able to accomplish in 2022 is offering the app developers a streamlined and enhanced iOS development process. Known for its complexity, the iOS development process was a nightmare for many developers. Especially when it came to testing and launching the app in the Apple App Store. However, nandbox was able to demolish all the traditional, time- and effort-consuming processes and come up with a more easy and straightforward process.

Through the nandbox app builder, app developers can now design and develop their iOS apps with all the features they want in no time. The process that took over 40 minutes now takes less than 20 minutes to wrap up. It’s now possible to create, test, and release an app without relying on any other platform but the app builder itself. This proved how nandbox is among the best no-code mobile app builder in 2022

2.) The Workflow Feature

The workflow feature is one of the greatest accomplishments of the nandbox app builder, with many more to come in the future. The workflow is a prominent feature that takes the app development process to the next level and enhances the app’s functionality and user experience. To put it simply, the workflow is a set of orders for completing a specific task. The workflow is implemented as a part of the application. It makes it possible for the developers to configure and integrate the application’s database server and backend system. By adding buttons that lead to sub-menus, each accomplishing a step. Payment and transaction systems can be integrated to generate tasks like money transfers, placing orders, and many more. Making this feature ideal for e-commerce and banking apps.

3.) Nandbox Documentation

Nandbox Documentation

In 2022, nandbox introduced a new section of the website, which is the documentation. The documentation section shows detailed instructions through the app builder and guides new users through every feature, explaining how it worked and how they could add it to their apps. The documentation also showcases some solutions and in-depth guides to building apps like e-commerce, school, messenger, and booking apps. It guides users through the most useful and recommended features to include in an app of this type.

There is also an API part in the documentation that details everything related to APIs and chatbots for more advanced developers. Details on their functionality and the tools that developers will need to make or incorporate are provided. The nandbox group also had a Q&A forum in case the user still had unanswered questions after reading the documentation. In this section, they may post any inquiries, and the support team will act immediately.

4.) Backup Feature

Backup Feature

In addition to the multiple profile feature, which also recently received seven patents, the nandbox messenger is constantly being updated and expanded. Last year, nandbox provided their messenger and the millions of users using it with the backup feature. This feature allows users to back up all their data from chats, media, etc. The feature will immediately back up any data chosen by the user, no matter the size or type, without the intervention of any third-party applications to do so. All the user needs to do is sync their Google or Apple account, and they are good to go. Of the many well-known messaging apps available today, nandbox messenger has quickly risen to prominence. With many years and many improvements and new features to come.

5.) Nandbox Got Featured on Forbes and Entrepreneur

Last but not least, nandbox was featured on both Forbes and Entrepreneur. As a development platform, the nandbox team aims to educate people on various topics that revolve around that, especially no-code development. The team plans to spread information on a wide range of tech-related issues. This includes mobile app marketing, ideas for improving app development, and the latest news and developments in the tech industry. Also, they plan to interact with other platforms sharing a similar focus. The primary objective of the platform is to provide a venue for people to experience and learn about all aspects of the app development process in an easy and quick way.


What’s Next?

Nandbox’s accomplishments in 2022 were truly impressive, with many new features and improvements to their app builder and messenger platforms. The platform knew this year how to be featured among the best no-code mobile app builder in 2022 with many other great competitors. However, the company is not resting on its laurels and has big plans for the future.

As for what’s next, nandbox plans to continue improving its app builder and messenger platforms. They will focus on enhancing the messenger’s features and user interface. As well as expanding its reach to more countries and languages. In terms of the app builder, they plan to add more templates and customization options. Making it even easier for developers to create and launch their own apps. Many prominent features and an improved user interface are also in the works. It will enhance both the user and developer experiences. Additionally, nandbox aims to continue providing top-notch customer support and resources, such as documentation and a Q&A forum, to help users make the most out of their platforms.