Why Android Outclasses iPhone in These 6 Features

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Why Android Outclasses iPhone in These 6 Features

We all know that Apple iPhones and Android phones are two of the most popular mobile devices today. They are leading the mobile phone industry. But what are some features that Android has that the iPhone doesn’t? In this article, we’ll explore the differences between the two and examine some of the features that make Android phones stand out from the competition and achieve this astonishing success.


Special Android Features

Split-Screen Feature


The split-screen feature is one of the most prominent features that have made Android special and is still not available for iPhones. It is a great way to save time and increase productivity. The feature is easy to use and gives users the benefit of being able to multitask efficiently. The feature allows users to use two apps at the same time; all they have to do is choose the apps they want to use at the same time. They will be displayed side by side so they can easily view them together on the screen.

It is really useful for people who spend the most time working on their phones. For example, if someone is in the accounting field, he could easily be viewing a spreadsheet while calculating numbers at the same time. The split-screen feature is sure a great addition to Android devices.


Adding Additional Storage

If there is one thing that really makes Android devices very convenient, it is the ability to expand the storage easily. Android devices give users multiple options to add extra storage to their devices.

One of the easiest ways users can get more storage space on their Android device is to use a microSD card. All Android devices usually come with a microSD slot where this small card can be inserted. MicroSD cards vary in capacity and can reach up to 1 TB. However, there is a maximum capacity for each device, so this is something to keep in mind.

You can store more pictures, music, and other information on a microSD card without using up any of the internal storage on your device. Using cloud storage services is another excellent choice for expanding the storage on your Android device. You can save and access your files using these services from various locations and devices. Popular cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive can offer up to 15 GB of free storage, and many offer plans for larger amounts of storage.


Multiple Accounts on the Same Phone

Android devices allow multiple users and accounts to log in to the same device. This is very useful if someone is using one device for both personal and work purposes. He can easily switch between the two users accordingly at any time. It could also be used if multiple individuals have access to and share the same phone. Each user can set up their own profile with their own apps and settings, and they can switch between these profiles quickly and easily.


Changing Default System Apps

Users of Android devices have access to more customization options than those using Apple devices. Users of Android devices have the option to easily change the app that serves as the default for the operating system to any of the third-party applications that they installed. For instance, if a user wants to change the default app that he uses to make calls from the system’s phone app to WhatsApp, he is definitely able to do so through the phone’s settings.

It is not only for calls and messages; pretty much any system’s default app is changeable. Users on the iPhone, on the other hand, only have the flexibility to do so with email and browser applications.


Battery Saver Mode


Battery Saver Mode is a great feature available on Android devices that enables users to improve the life of their device’s battery. When Battery Saver Mode is activated, the device will automatically reduce the amount of power it consumes. The main advantage of Battery Saver Mode is that it helps to extend the life of your battery. By simply restricting certain features and limiting specific applications. Battery save mode also minimizes data usage, which is one of the primary causes of battery drain. The purpose of your device’s battery-saving mode is to increase the speed and performance of your device, and users find it to be quite helpful.


Home Screen Customization

If anything, what makes Android phones really special and favored, is the ability to customize the appearance and home screen. Android took flexibility to a whole new level. It allows you to personalize the look and feel of your phone, giving it a unique look and feel that suits your style. There are many ways to do this, including customizing themes, wallpapers, and many other things.

Themes are a great way to quickly and easily customize the look of your Android phone. Android offers a wide variety of themes, from modern and minimal to colorful and vibrant—the sky is the limit. You can also choose from a variety of colors, fonts, and styles to create a look that is truly unique and represents you.

Widgets are another great way to add functionality to your home screen that Android presents. You can add widgets to display information such as the weather, your calendar, or even news headlines. You can also create widgets of your favorite and most used apps which allows you to quickly and easily access important information right from your home screen.


Special iPhone Features

As we mentioned, there were some features that made Android special and were able to make it stand out on the market, and there is no doubt that the iPhone has some features that characterize it. Over the years, Apple has been rolling out new features with each new iteration of the device. With each new version of the iPhone, we’re going to list three famous iPhone features.


Facial Recognition for Unlocking Phones

One of the main advantages of iPhones over Android phones is the level of security they provide. iPhones are equipped with powerful facial recognition technology that allows users to unlock their phones with just a glance. By using facial recognition technology, users can unlock their phones quickly and securely. This feature is becoming increasingly popular among Android users because it is efficient and secure. With facial recognition technology, users can be sure that their device is protected from unauthorized access, as the technology is integrated with the security protocols used by Apple, making it even more secure and reliable.


Regular Software Updates for Apple Devices

Software updates are an essential component of maintaining any device with an operating system, including Apple devices. Apple iPhones can receive automated software updates on a regular basis. These updates are intended to improve device performance and address any security issues.

Android phones, on the other hand, do not receive regular upgrades and must usually wait months or even years for any updates or security patches. Regular software upgrades are incredibly beneficial to Apple devices in a number of ways.

As they ensure that the device is running the most recent version of the system and that the phone is always up to date and has the most recent features available and running. This is important to confirm that the device is compatible. It can also help in protecting the device and prevent it from potential viruses or malware.


Built-in screen recording

Screen recording has become an increasingly popular feature for iPhones and generally Apple deveices. and unlike Android devices, it doesn’t require any third-party apps as it is already integrated into the system. Screen recording provides users with an easy and effective way to capture and share important information from their Apple devices.

It can be used for many purposes. For instance, people can use them in making tutorials, or gamers can use them in recording their gaming sessions to later share them on their platforms. It is incredibly easy to use. Apple users can quickly access the feature by going to the settings and enabling it with only one easy click. Once they activate the screen recording, they can go on and start recording whatever they want. It displays the recorded content in superb quality with a sharp and clear image that makes it easy to understand the content inside the recording.





Both devices are market leaders in a vast and extremely large industry. Both work hard to improve the user experience and give the best quality possible to users. When deciding between Apple and Android devices, it’s critical to consider your personal needs and preferences. Both platforms have their own advantages and disadvantages, as well as significant differences when it comes to functionality. there is no one-size-fits-all solution. As previously mentioned, Android provides a plethora of customization possibilities for its users, allowing them to personalize their devices to their own needs. Apple products, on the other hand, contain a variety of security features that make them appealing to consumers who value privacy and security. You should prioritize your needs to be able to choose the one that will fit you the best. Whether you need the comparison to switch between phones or find the platform for developing an app. You can follow this article for a thorough guide to Android and iOS App Development.