What Is SMTP And How It Works!

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What is SMTP server?

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, it’s a method of communicating via the internet for the purpose of exchanging electronic mail between users. SMTP’s primary function is to establish protocols for inter-server communication. The servers can reveal their true identities and make it known what kind of interaction they are attempting to conduct.

They also have a system in place for dealing with issues like invalid email addresses; If the recipient’s email address is incorrect, the server should respond with an error message.


How can SMTP work for individuals?

Huge businesses that have their own apps are definitely, capable of creating their own servers. nandbox allows users to connect their own SMTP server to the login procedure, in order to get registration requests from customers and give them the verification codes in response.

There are some sites that offer the SMTP service where you can customize your own domain and create a server for you under a fee like Amazon SES SMTP and Sendinblue, or you can simply create a Gmail account and use it as your own server.


First: Unlocking security:

1. After creating a Gmail account, go to your dashboard, and select Security from the side menu to enter your “Less secure app access”.



2. Then enable the toggle to allow less security.

Second: nandbox SMTP server settings configuration:

1. Go back to the nandbox dashboard, select App setting, and click “Login & Signup”.

2. Mark “Email” as your login method then select “SMTP Server Settings”.

3. A setting screen will pop up with the required configuration so you can link your server with your app:

  • Name: enter your name.
  • Host: standard email “smtp-relay.gmail.com”.
  • Port: you can add one of these unsecured ports “25, 465, or 587”.
  • Username: enter your email.
  • Password: enter your email’s password.

Here are Google’s guidelines for more information regarding secured ports.

4. Don’t forget to enable the toggle after filling everything to allow nandbox to link your server to your app, and select “save”.