Effective Solutions for Resolving WordPress Email Problems

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Timely information is essential for administrators, users, and subscribers based on their roles. This includes updates, comments, user registrations, and other site activities. That’s why email is a crucial communication tool for any WordPress website. However, at times, certain issues interrupt communication, like emails not reaching the intended recipients or ending up in spam folders. These issues can hinder your site’s functionality and interrupt user engagement. So, it’s essential to address them adequately. To streamline the process of fixing WordPress email issues, we need to implement effective strategies to address the problems and ensure smooth emailing.

Let’s find out!

  • Configuring WordPress SMTP Plugin


  • Configuring WordPress SMTP Plugin

Configuring the WordPress SMTP plugin is one of the easiest yet effective ways to fix email issues. WordPress’s default PHP mail function lacks vital issues fixing mechanism that leads to inconsistent email delivery. 

Using the SMTP plugin enables you to route your emails through a reliable SMTP mail server, enhancing reliability. SMTP configuring lets you define server details like hostname, port, username, and password.

  • Server-Side Issues

Server-side problems can also cause WordPress email issues. So, always ensure you address the following issues:

  • Make sure you configure your web server correctly to handle outgoing emails.
  • Ensure that the firewall or security settings do not block email transmission.
  • Check your server’s IP address for blocklisting; if you find it listed, contact your hosting provider to resolve blocklisting issues.

Detecting and resolving these issues significantly improve the reliability and deliverability of WordPress emails.

  • Upgrade Email Sending Limits

When encountering email-sending limit issues, upgrade your email service or SMTP provider to fix this. When using a free or shared email service, it often comes with limitations on the number of emails you can send in one time/day.

The paid plan of a reliable SMTP service, along with an effective SMTP plugin, lets you send bulk emails. This limit enhancer enables you to meet the website email growing demand without any restrictions.

  • Error – Invalid Email Address

You’ve just sent the emails to your list, but a few returned. The reason might be invalid email addresses. To fix this issue, you can follow these steps:

  • Check if the email address you added is correct without any typos.
  • Double-check the domain and email address format.
  • If possible, consider contacting recipients to verify their email addresses.
  • Use different plugins or tools to validate the email addresses in real-time.
  • Provide clear instructions to the receivers on how to input a valid email.

Importance of Timely Fixing WordPress Email Issues

Fixing WordPress email problems is crucial for the following reasons:

  •  Enhanced Communication

Email plays a crucial role in keeping users and customers connected and informed about important matters. Neglecting issues in WordPress’s email process can cause communication breakdowns and hurdles that harm the business’s reputation.

  •  Better User Experience

User Experience (3)

Most sites depend on email support to notify you about the latest updates, confirmations, password reset, etc. But what will happen if emails stop getting delayed or are not delivered at all? It will negatively impact the user experience and cause confusion and frustration.

  •  Improving Customer Support

If your website relies on email for customer support or answering queries, then not resolving issues may create possibilities of delayed answers or interrupted support. It raises questions about your customer support and badly affects customer satisfaction.

  •  Maintaining Business Reputation

Neglecting a problem won’t solve it but will only harm your reputation and trustworthiness. So instead of ignoring it, try to resolve it quickly, even if it’s related to sending emails or backend functionality. To keep your professionalism stable, always fix issues on time and leave a positive impact.

  •  Avoiding Lost Opportunities

If you depend upon email marketing and lead generation, not resolving issues results in missed opportunities and potential revenue loss. If your subscribers stop getting emails from your side, they may lose interest or go elsewhere to find alternatives.


Ultimately, detecting and resolving email issues on your WordPress site promptly is crucial. By following the recommended techniques, you can handle everything quickly without making a fuss and maintain your email communication channel smoothly and consistently.