Top 5 Doctor Appointment Booking Apps and How to Develop Yours

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 Top 5 Doctor Appointment Booking Apps and How to Develop Yours

Running a clinic is not an easy venture; it tests your management skills as much as your medical ones. As a manager, you can always find ways to lighten the workload for your assistants. For one, when you make a booking app for doctor appointments, they no longer have to take time-consuming phone reservations. Customers can find availability and book sessions in just a few steps using a booking app, which saves time and money for everyone and provides convenience. This article shows you how to develop a doctor appointment booking app and gives you five examples of successful ones.


Our Pick of Best Doctor Appointment Booking Apps


Epic Systems is a healthcare organization founded in 1979. They created MyChart as an online healthcare software to connect patients with healthcare providers. With MyChart, patients can schedule appointments, get an after-visit summary, save doctor notes, and do an electronic check-up—all on the mobile app. Additionally, the software stores a record of patients’ health reports, reminds them of regular check-ups and notifies them if any tests are in order. And patients can also link their family members’ reports to their apps. According to Matthew Franzyshen from Ascendant Technologies “Doctor appointment apps bring healthcare to your fingertips, making it easier than ever to schedule visits, access medical records, and communicate with healthcare providers, empowering patients with control and convenience in managing their health.”



DocPulse was launched in 2012 and is available in India and parts of Africa and the Middle East. They created many medical programs, like:

  • Telemedicine Software
  • Appointment Booking Software with IVR Solutions
  • Appointment Scheduling Software
  • Medical Billing Software
  • Patient Management Software


The features in their appointment scheduling software make life easier for doctors, clinic staff, and patients alike. Doctors can manage availability, move or cancel appointments in bulk, and specify walk-in or reserved slots. A waiting room feature allows staff to queue patients automatically. And as for medical centers, they can add multiple departments and doctors.


Stanford Health Care MyHealth

Stanford Health Care developed MyHealth as a digital tool for physicians and patients. Through MyHealth, patients can schedule appointments and check-in in person or via video call. They can also pay medical bills, manage prescriptions, and access test results. MyHealth also gives patients access to the latest news. And patients can find the clinics easily through GPS locations found on the app.


Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic has been a medical center for critical and complex illnesses for over a century. Patients from all over the world go to their major campuses in Minnesota, Florida, and Arizona on their websites. Mayo Clinic states that:

“The Mayo Clinic app makes it easy to request an appointment with world-class experts in top-ranked specialties.”

Patients can use the app to request and schedule appointments, safely talk to doctors and nurses, and look at test results.


With Booknetic, you can bring your vision of a seamless healthcare booking platform to life. You can easily integrate it into your website and let customers book appointments themselves. Booknetic has comprehensive features to manage staff, appointments and multiple branches.

Health Buddy by SingHealth

SingHealth is a Singaporean health center that covers over 40 specialties with a large network of hospitals, clinics, and medical centers in Singapore. They launched the Healthbuddy app to make their services accessible to patients. The Health Buddy app enables patients to make, reschedule, and cancel doctor’s appointments. Moreover, they can pay bills, order medicine, get health tips, and find a general practitioner nearby.


Top Features for Doctor Appointment Booking Apps

  1. Scheduling: An ability to book appointments is a given for a doctor appointment booking app. Patients should find doctors, available sessions, and clinic locations using the search bar. And they should have the option to cancel and reschedule appointments.
  2. Online Drugstore: A built-in store will allow patients to buy their prescriptions on the app, saving a trip to the drugstore or pharmacy.
  3. QR Scanner: A QR scanner has many functions for different industries. Your clinic app can use a QR scanner to validate or redeem patients’ bookings. That feature is available in some apps that generate tickets with unique numbers for each patient.
  4. Payment Gateways: This feature is convenient, especially if you intend for patients to pay for sessions in advance, as it is indispensable for an online drugstore. It’s best if patients have different payment options like cash, credit/debit card, or using PayPal.
  5. Push Notifications: Reminders will help patients remember their upcoming appointments to reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations.


Use the nandbox App Builder to Make Your Booking App!

The nandbox app builder has the features mentioned above and more. It requires no coding experience or programming skills. The process starts with signing up for a free trial of two weeks before starting the subscription plan best suited for you. Then, you can customize the app with your choice of color themes to ensure it is on-brand. Then, uploading the icon and renaming your app will take a few seconds.

In the nandbox app builder, you can find features in sets known as modules. Drag and drop any feature you want from a large selection into your app’s home or side menu. It is that easy! Afterward, you can configure features and settings to suit your needs. Now your app is ready for testing and publishing.

You can make a quality appointment booking app without going through the usual app development hassles with the no-code nandbox app builder. Sign up now!