The Ultimate Guide to TestGrid: Today’s Leading Mobile App Testing Tool

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TestGrid Tutorial: Today’s Leading Mobile App Testing Tool

For most of us, smartphones are our constant companions in this digital world. According to Statista, the time spent daily on phones was 4 hours and 30 minutes as of April 2022 and is expected to rise even further in the coming years. People rely on mobile apps for everything because of their convenience, accessibility, and ease of use. Moreover, they expect the best user experience and functionality in every app they download. Hence, app developers are under pressure to test their apps rigorously to ensure they meet user expectations. In this article we are going to explore a brief TestGrid tutorial.

Today’s Leading Mobile App Testing Tool

Discovering bugs after app release can lead to negative reviews and uninstallations, damaging reputation and sales. To prevent this, testers should focus on the following areas:

  1. User Experience: Conduct usability testing to ensure the app is intuitive and functional.
  2. Security: Perform comprehensive security testing to identify vulnerabilities, as cyber threats are increasing.
  3. Compatibility: Ensure the app works seamlessly across all devices and operating systems through compatibility testing.
  4. Real Devices: Test on as many real devices as possible, using cloud-based platforms for thorough coverage across browsers and versions.
  5. Performance: Evaluate how the app uses device memory and its startup speed among other performance metrics.
  6. Real-Time Scenarios: Test under actual conditions like varying network signals, GPS locations, and low battery scenarios.

For effective mobile testing that covers all these essential aspects, a cutting-edge automation platform like TestGrid provides reliability, cost-efficiency, and speed, making it a top choice for global organizations.

Elevate Your Mobile Testing Experience With TestGrid Tutorial

Let us now examine in detail the incredible mobile testing features that TestGrid offers.

Real device testing

TestGrid offers a combination of many real devices and browsers for testing iOS and Android mobile apps through its secure real device cloud, ensuring a 100% real user experience. Get easy access to 100s of real devices from remote locations whenever you want. Eliminate your dependence on emulators and simulators and test across devices of all makes and models, legacy and modern, ranging from Android, iOS, Samsung, Oppo, and more.

Cross-browser testing

With the help of scripless testing, conduct hundreds of tests parallelly across numerous browsers and real devices, saving precious time and ensuring a seamless experience for users. Further, use the platform’s AI-based intelligence to turbocharge your cross-browser testing. You can easily run cross-browser testing from different IP locations, perform geolocation testing, utilize GPS, and more to deliver the best possible digital experience.

AI-powered test automation

Run your automated tests in minutes with TestGrid’s AI capabilities and unearth bugs before they reach the end users and crash your app. The platform’s AI-based self-healing feature heals your scriptless tests and ensures they don’t fail by relocating valid locators of broken objects.

Perform all tests under one roof

You don’t need any third-party app installations to fulfill your diverse testing needs. Also, TestGrid offers comprehensive mobile testing capabilities such as API, functional, and cross-browser testing. It also provides crucial performance metrics including CPU utilization, memory usage, and throughput, offering deep insights into app performance.

Visual regression testing

Verify every element of your mobile app’s UI interface, including images, layouts, videos, etc., more effortlessly with AI by just inserting a couple of lines of code. Ensure that your app’s interface looks appealing across all screen sizes and device resolutions to offer a consistent viewing experience to users.

Test all gestures and actions

Testers can interact with a remote device as if it were physical, performing actions like zooming, swiping, and scrolling to detect and resolve issues before the app reaches end-users.

Highly-secure cloud infrastructure

100% secure cloud infrastructure that guarantees you can test and scale with confidence anytime as per your evolving needs. Every public device is fully secure and wiped completely to prevent the leakage of sensitive information. With TestGrid’s public cloud, you are assured of enterprise-grade security. 

User-friendly interface and features

Create a User-Friendly App

The platform’s codeless testing capabilities enable testers with zero-coding experience to perform complex testing tasks effortlessly. Creating test cases is a simpler process, involving just writing test cases in English, BDD, and CSV and pasting them into the AI portal to generate test cases.

Cost-effective testing

TestGrid’s AI-driven test case generation and execution save organizations up to 70% in labor costs compared to manual testing. Early bug detection during development stages also prevents costly post-production fixes, significantly reducing overall expenses.

Deliver perfect products on time

TestGrid’s AI-based, intelligent end-to-end testing capabilities ensure that your end product is free from bugs, errors and vulnerabilities. It helps you accelerate your testing and development process significantly, enabling you to deliver your flawless apps on time consistently. 


As our world becomes increasingly mobile-app-centric, the need to keep delivering superior quality applications is essential if app developers want to remain in the competition. With a reliable, codeless automation testing platform like TestGrid that has delivered results consistently for thousands of organizations globally, achieving your goals becomes a breeze. Especially if you have a TestGrid tutorial handy.

With TestGrid’s mobile automation testing capabilities, you achieve everything you want: cost-effectiveness, 24/7 technical support, easy integration, superior speed, greater efficiency, higher accuracy, and more. No wonder it is the automatic choice for businesses aiming to gain a competitive edge in the software development industry.