Safety Apps for Women You Should Know About

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Best Safety Apps for Women

If you are thinking that apps were made for fun and luxury, you are totally wrong. The new and emerging technological advancements have made it possible to use apps in many fields. One category of apps that has been gaining recognition in the last couple of years is safety apps, especially for women. There are many dangerous and challenging circumstances that women face throughout their lives. It’s a relief to know that these apps can help individuals get through tough situations and get the assistance they need. In this article, we will showcase four safety apps for women and the best features of each.

Qualities to Look For in Safety Apps

1.) Ease of Use

These apps are developed to be used in difficult situations that arise spontaneously. It is essential that the application be easy to use and access so that people can seek and get the help they need.

2.) Security of Data

Most safety apps request sensitive information, such as personal information and contact information. For this reason, it’s crucial that the app has strict policies forbidding the sale of user data to other apps and ensuring the safety of any data submitted by its users.

3.) Integrating with Mobile Hardware

Safety apps should always be native. Naturally, safety apps depend on mobile hardware such as location, camera, microphone, etc. So it is important that the app should sync with and use these features.

4.) Customization Options

Another important aspect to look for in safety apps is customization options. Users should be able to customize the app to fit their specific needs, including things like emergency contacts, location settings, and alert preferences.

Best Women’s Safety Apps



The first personal safety app we recommend is Noonlight, which comes with some impressive features. There is widespread use of Noonlight, particularly among women who use dating apps. With Noonlight, you set up a profile and add your emergency contacts. It comes in handy when you’re in unfamiliar places or situations. Plus, this app allows you to get help even if you can’t make a phone call. If anything on your profile changes, like if you miss a check-in or if your location changes, it will trigger an alert to your emergency contacts.

A woman who is feeling unsafe can simply open the app and tap the safety button. If nothing happens, she can prove her safety by entering a 4-digit pin once she releases the button. If the inverse is true, she will let it go without entering anything, and the app will send an alert right away. In terms of connecting you with help, Noonlight works with police departments. All of these features are available for free, but the subscription gives you access to even more options. This app makes a great gift for women who prioritize safety and peace of mind.



One of the best women’s personal safety apps out there is bSafe. The app was developed by a brave sexual assault survivor and her father, who aimed to help all the women in need. The app can be personalized and is packed with features that provide help in times of need. You can arm yourself with a GPS tracking system that records your route and sends an alert to your emergency contacts, or guardians, as the app describes. Plus, you can even set up an alarm if you are going somewhere sketchy that will alert those contacts if you don’t arrive at your destination in time.

bSafe also offers the personal protection of a panic button and audio recording capabilities for evidence in case something happens. You also have the ability to set up virtual “guardians” who will track your movements and make sure you arrive home safely.

bSafe is free, easy to use, and operates on both iOS and Android platforms. With this app in your pocket, you’ll have the assurance that help is just a button push away, no matter where you go.

One Scream

One Scream is an app specifically designed for women’s personal safety. It’s a live alert system that helps you get help fast in case of an emergency. With One Scream, you’re able to set up your own safety network of friends and family, and you can easily call for help with just one press of a button. It can also detect any distress or scream, and it can only be set to identify a trigger word, once you say it in a bad situation, it will immediately alert emergency contacts.

This app makes it easy to stay safe no matter where you are or what the situation is. It has the following features that make it one of the best personal safety apps out there:

  1. The Panic Button – This is the core feature of One Scream, giving you the ability to send out crisis alerts with just one press. All it takes is a single tap and your entire safety network will be alerted – they’ll receive your location and be able to call and text you immediately.
  2. The Warning Button – The warning button lets you send out alerts before an incident happens – this is great if you’re feeling like something bad might happen but doesn’t quite warrant a panic alert yet. You’ll have time to assess the situation without putting yourself in danger by having someone come to check it out for you or calling the police if need be.
  3. Situational Awareness Feature – When enabled, this feature will alert your safety contacts if your phone suddenly stops moving for more than 15 seconds or if there is an abrupt change in a location without prior notice from you.

With these features combined, One Scream has become one of the most important safety apps for women on smartphones today.


The last app on the list is Shake2Safety, and it’s great for giving yourself a quick boost of confidence. With one shake of your phone, Shake2Safety will send out an emergency alert to your contacts, along with your GPS coordinates. You can even personalize the message to whatever fits the situation you’re in.

Besides triggering an emergency alert, Shake2Safety also helps you log incidents. This can be used to create a virtual notebook for tracking dangerous situations that happen on a regular basis. It’s great for helping keep yourself safe in potentially dicey situations.

Shake2Safety offers some great features that make it stand out:

  • Remote monitoring: Your contacts can keep track of you without having to check in all the time.
  • Recording threat information: Logging details about where and when threats occurred can help law enforcement agencies track suspicious activities in your area.
  • Emergency call button: Get help immediately with one tap of the SOS button located at the top of your screen.

In Summary

You never know where the threat is, and when you may face a difficult situation. It’s a statistical fact that women are particularly affected by these types of occurrences. The abovementioned solutions are only a few of the many wonderful ones made possible by technological advancements that can help alleviate these effects and provide needed aid and support. Yet, that’s still not enough. There is a need for more help, and you might be able to provide it. With the nandbox app builder, you could develop the best safety app for women in no time and at the most affordable cost on the market. With a vast collection of features, you could add all the features needed to face such a situation. Always, the first step towards significant transformation is the simplest. Try the nandbox app builder and help more women be safe.