Unlocking the Power of Women Health Apps

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The rise of women in all industries is astonishing and still progressing. With women’s empowerment movements taking place all over the world, there is a better acknowledgment of their needs, wants, and problems. One of the main problems is women’s health. Over time, the rates of women’s health in many regions around the world witnessed a significant deterioration. Which raised many concerns. Luckily, the digital era has unveiled many opportunities and new methods that can improve these rates. Which is through applications. In this article, we will demonstrate the great rise of women’s health apps. We will also explore the different types of these apps, their significance, and their main features.

What are Women’s Health apps?

Women health apps can be considered a great and comprehensive term that includes various ideas. They are any kind of app that serves and involves women and their problems in particular. These problems vary significantly, which is why there are multiple types of women’s health apps. For instance, did you know that the global anemia rate among women is 29.9% in the age range of 18–49 around the world? Or that one of the leading causes of women’s deaths around the world is cancer, as 1 in 8 women is prone to be diagnosed with it? This is a glimpse of the many shocking and miserable statistics provided by the WHO and many other health organizations.

Additionally, women’s health apps are not limited to health issues; they concern all aspects and parts of women’s daily lives. Which is why we referred to them as comprehensive at first.

The Rise of Women’s Health Apps: A Full Look Into Their History

In the early 2010s, The world witnessed an exceptional rise in applications. This came in accordance with the dominance of smartphones. Throughout this time, developers were rushing to create apps for categories that already existed, such as social media and communication. They even came up with new categories, such as health and fitness, education, and entertainment. Sometime later, a new movement revolutionized the tech and mobile app markets. This movement came as a scream for change, adaptation, and the inclusion of a new division that was always disregarded. This was the new FemTech movement that emphasized the creation of new solutions for women and women’s health. Late 2015 was the real and initial start of women’s health apps that were inspired by many then-new health and fitness apps.

Since then, a whole new category has emerged and shined among all app categories. Womens health apps started their journey and, in such a short time, started to expand in functions and features. As of 2023, the women’s health apps market is worth over 3 billion dollars. It is expected that the market will witness a surge in the upcoming years and reach 13 billion dollars.

What made women’s health apps more significant is that they gave many women who have no access to proper health services the chance to learn more and be aware of their health. Many women’s health apps include types and scientific content that educate women about their bodies, how they should deal with them, and what they should expect. For women in many countries and regions, these were considered amenities, although they were extremely necessary. Women’s health apps, spanning from menstrual tracking, mental health, pregnancy, and safety, now extend their reach to include innovative features such as sleep monitoring apps, offering personalized insights to enhance the overall well-being of women.

Types of Women’s Health Apps

As the market for womens health apps flourished, many types of apps in this category started to emerge. Here are the main four types that you will frequently encounter:

Period Tracking Apps

Period Tracking Apps

The first type is probably the most common and widely used. Period tracking apps are a must-have for all women of all ages. They allow women and girls to keep track of their menstrual cycles through an inclusive calendar that shows them when they should expect them and all the symptoms they might experience. This is extremely important to notice any changes that may be health- or life-threatening. Additionally, these apps usually contain a rich library of research and educational content about everything concerning women’s overall health.

The best period tracking apps on the market at the moment are Flo, Clue, and Eve by Glow. You can find them on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Women’s Mental Health Apps

Another very important type of womens health app is mental health. Compared to one in eight men, one in five women experiences common mental health disorders such as PTSD, Anxiety, and generalized depression. Which are very saddening rates. Additionally, 1 in 7 women will likely have PTSD due to being subjected to extreme situations like mental, emotional, and physical abuse, harassment, and assault. Due to all these statistics and facts, women’s mental health apps have become more popular. These apps help women become more aware of their issues and overcome them. These apps usually contain consultations with professionals and online communities to help women come together and share their experiences.

Pregnancy Apps

Pregnancy Apps

Pregnancy apps are also very vital divisions of women’s health apps. As we previously mentioned, many women have limited or no access to healthcare services. This also includes maternal health services. These apps help pregnant women keep track of their pregnancy, the symptoms they should expect, and abnormal ones they should immediately take care of or seek professional guidance for. This can help women go through a safe pregnancy and avoid any pregnancy-related complications or diseases.

What to Expect, Pregnancy +, and Sprout are the best examples of pregnancy apps on the market. They are favored by millions of mothers-to-be around the world.

Women’s Safety Apps

  Women’s Safety Apps

Women’s safety is always on the line, anywhere in the world. This drove many people to work on developing and creating tools that would be helpful for women in any emergency. During many times of the day, women are prone to face many difficult situations, especially when alone. These apps come as lifesavers to get through them and get proper assistance if needed. Through this app, you can assign multiple trusted contacts to alert them if anything happens.

For instance, an app like One Scream can detect any call for help, distress noises, or trigger words that you set and immediately alert emergency contacts. Another app like Noonlight would require you to press a button if you were feeling unsafe. If you ensure safety, you’d let go and enter a 4-digit pin. If not, you would let go without entering the PIN, and the app would immediately alert your emergency contacts and the police with your last location and information.

Health Education and Awareness Apps

Awareness and broad education of either health or any topic relating to women are still considered taboo and disregarded in some places. That is why health education and awareness applications give women the chance to be educated and learn all about their bodies, health, roles, rights, and many more topics that they deserve to know all about. The age of darkness needs to be eradicated, especially in women’s health, which is what these apps came to accomplish.

What Are the Main Features of Women’s Health Apps?

Calendar and Tracking Features

The first and foremost feature of womens health apps is their calendar and tracking features. As we mentioned before, tracking is one of the most commonly used features in this category of apps. As it helps women track cycles like menstruation or pregnancy.

Social Media Integrations

Social media integrations are another major part of womens health apps. They allow women to have access to a lot of informative and educational content. Through newsfeeds and timelines, app users can engage and share posts that either contain informative content or personal experiences that they would like to share with other users to raise awareness and get a sense of connection, support, and empathy. This is exactly what women need: a voice and somewhere to be safe and sound.

In-App Chats

Relating to the previous feature is another crucial feature. In-app chat or messaging is a great tool to create a strong and interconnected community where people can talk and share all the knowledge they have. Additionally, in-app chat or messaging is a must for apps like mental health apps so that users can seek private professional consultation.

Push Notifications and Reminders

Push notifications and reminders are great additions to womens health apps. For instance, in period tracking and pregnancy apps, reminders and push notifications alert women of any important events or occurrences that they need to take care of. They can remind users to enter their health data, ensuring accurate tracking and monitoring of their health status. For health education and awareness apps, push notifications can deliver very brief health tips, articles, or updates, empowering users with relevant knowledge and fostering health awareness. Users can also be informed of community events, support groups, and opportunities for engagement within the womens health app community via push notifications. These reminders can help app users foster a sense of community, encourage participation, and develop support networks.

Personal Profiles

Personal profiles are the main components of most apps, not just womens health apps. However, they are also great additions to womens health apps for various reasons. The first reason would be that it allows these apps to establish a great community of people where they can interact and engage in conversations, posts, etc. The second reason would be especially for women’s safety applications. The moment that the app is notified that a woman is in a tough or distressful situation, it immediately alerts emergency contacts and authorities. In order for the authorities to take proper action, they would need a complete profile of the person in trouble. The app then quickly sends all the information set and input by the user to make use of in such situations. So, we could pretty much say that personal profiles can be a lifesaver.

Is No-Code the Best Solution for Developing Women’s Health Apps?

As there are now a million apps for women’s health, there are a million more expected. The movements for empowering women are in constant action to provide women with tools that could make their lives easier and better. And what are better tools than applications that are now easily accessible and are literally everywhere with us? With this incredible demand that is increasing day by day, developers started to look for development solutions that could be quicker and more efficient while also being effective and producing functional outcomes. After much research and trial and error, many have settled that no code can be the perfect solution to this dilemma.

What makes no code special is that it eliminates any need for code or coding knowledge. As anyone can utilize no-code development platforms. This is beneficial not only for developers looking for an easy way of developing but also for women with no coding knowledge who would like to experience the app development journey and create an app based on their vast experience.

Additionally, many no-code platforms, like nandbox, have affordable pricing plans that provide developers with all the tools, features, and integration they need. As we all know, the cost of traditional development is very expensive, which is a major reason why people have shifted to using no-code platforms.

Final Thoughts

What we are witnessing at the moment from incredible FemTech and empowerment movements should have been done many years ago. However, this doesn’t eliminate the fact that it is revolutionary and incredible. Allowing women from all around the world to communicate, get educated, and be enlightened about different aspects and topics of their lives is now easily accomplished due to technological advancements. Which is driving women to do more and accomplish more. There are many aspects left unveiled for us to discover and raise awareness about. And now that you know how you could be the start of something new. Unlock the potential of womens health apps with nandbox. With a plethora of features, an intuitive interface, and an enjoyable development process, you can make the ultimate womens health app of all types. Waste no time and start empowering women with nandbox!