Mobile App Download Rate & Usage Statistics for 2023

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Mobile App Download Rate & Usage Statistics for 2023

It’s not surprising that the mobile app industry is growing rapidly given that there are more than 6.3 billion smartphone users worldwide. There are no immediate signs that the steady growth of app use and smartphone adoption will slow down. Add to that the 1.14 billion tablet users worldwide, a figure that has increased by nearly 36% over the last six years. In this article, we’ll be discussing mobile app download rates and usage statistics.

I’m sure you’ll notice that everyone else is staring at a mobile device as well if you look up from your phone for a moment during the day. We use our phones everywhere, including at work, at home, while out and about, during meals, while sleeping, and even in our cars. Perhaps you’re reading this right now on a mobile device. What are people using their phones for? Well, applications account for 88% of all mobile time. This is great news for anyone who plans to develop apps. But, two things must take place in this area for success. These two things are

  • Users need to download your app
  • Users need to keep using your app

Mobile App Download Rate for 2023

If you’re aiming to develop an app, then its download rate must be your top priority. This is crucial to take into consideration, as it will determine if your app is actually going to succeed or fail. Simply put, if you have the perfect and most amazing mobile app ever, but no one is downloading it, you won’t be able to generate any kind of revenue. What you should be doing is conducting the right mobile app download rate research. This is going to help you take the first step in your app success journey. To make it easier for you, I’ve conducted a little research for the most relevant mobile app download rate statistics for this year, 2023. Read below to learn more.

People all over the world are currently using smartphones and tablets all the time. The popularity of mobile app usage is causing worldwide app downloads to rise. From 2016 to 2020, the rate at which people downloaded mobile apps went up gradually and significantly. People downloaded approximately 218 billion apps in 2020, which is 78 billion more than in 2016.

Mobile App Usage Statistics for 2023

The following app usage statistics will shed light on the answer to the question of how much time people actually spend on their apps daily. Globally, 3.8 billion people use smartphones. 7.9 billion people lived on Earth as a whole in 2021. Almost 50% of the population has cell phones. During 2016, when only 2.5 billion individuals used the gadgets, the number increased significantly. Of course, given that the devices are app-friendly, it presents a huge chance for apps to thrive.

Major Mobile App Statistics for 2023

Here is what we conducted for the year 2023 when we made our research for the app statistics:

  • Around $935 billion in revenue from mobile apps is anticipated in 2023.
  • There are 1.96 million apps available to be downloaded on the Apple App Store.
  • The Google Play Store also offers around 2.87 million apps for daily download.
  • 21% of Millennials open an app more than 50 times every day.
  • 49% of users open an app 11 or more times each day.
  • Mobile apps account for 70% of all American digital media consumption.
  • The typical smartphone user uses 30 applications per month and 10 applications per day.

Steps to Know How to Conduct Your Mobile App Download and Usage Rate Research

It doesn’t matter if you know the facts and simply read about them in a blog post. What really matters is conducting research related to your app’s industry. It’s important for you to know how to track your app’s downloads to get a monthly rate; moreover, it’s important to know how to leverage certain factors to increase your app’s usage. Below are some quick tips and steps to help guide you.

Analyze App Store Ratings and Rankings

Ratings and Rankings

It’s essential to understand how your app ranks in the app store among competitor apps. App store rankings and ratings reveal what users think about your app, so use these metrics for your research. Check out the reviews, read the customer feedback, look at the number of downloads, and analyze the ratings across all categories. A thorough analysis of these statistics can help you identify areas for improvement.

Know Your User Retention Rate

Retention Rate

User retention rate is a key metric for figuring out how well your mobile app is doing. It measures how often a user returns to an app after installing it. If you understand this stat, then you can better understand what users are looking for and what drives them away. Use the user retention rate to measure and compare the success of your different advertising campaigns or points of engagement.

Understand Average Session Lengths

The average session length is another important metric for measuring how well a mobile app is used and how well it works. This measures how long a user engages with an app in one particular session. A longer session length shows that the user is spending more time on certain features and engaging deeper with the app than in a shorter session. Understanding this statistic allows developers to enhance usability, improve engagement, and accommodate the specific needs of their users.

Track Downloads Over Time

Track Downloads

By monitoring downloads over time, you can gain a better understanding of trends in usage and popularity. By keeping track of how many downloads happen daily and weekly, you can see when special things happen that affect how engaged users are. Tracking downloads also allows you to track return users, giving you insight into whether they are returning to your app with the same frequency as new users.

Leverage Advertising to Increase Usage

Advertising your mobile app can help you increase downloads and, ultimately, your usage rate. Employing a user acquisition strategy, such as social media ads or cross-promotions, can not only attract new downloads but also help you understand which promotions work best and why. You should also develop an email marketing strategy and use push notifications to keep users coming back to the app.

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