How Will Social VR Mobile Apps Change the World?

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How Will Social VR (Virtual Reality) Apps Change the World?

We don’t doubt the amount of change and evolution that come with virtual reality. Social VR apps are on track to enhance our lives in ways that we can’t imagine right now. These apps can alter things and enhance them to make them faster, better, and more efficient. This new technological revolution is paving the way for a lot of advancements. Like: higher productivity rates, new medical advancements, and a better quality of life.

Social VR mobile apps are poised to revolutionize the way we interact with each other and the world around us. From virtual meetings and events to immersive gaming experiences. This groundbreaking technology has the potential to transform the way we live, work, and play. In this article, we’ll discuss the exciting potential of social VR and what it could mean for the future. Furthermore, we will be discovering how it is currently altering our lives positively.

The History of the Primary VR Concept

In the 1960s, Morton developed the Telesphere Mask and Sensorama, which first presented the idea of virtual reality. The initial technologies were created to immerse the user in the video display all around them. Additionally, give them the impression that they were a part of the video. Ivan Sutherland came up with the concept for The Ultimate Display. Which is based on the same notion of employing a variety of input and output devices in order to let the user feel fully immersed in an environment that is computer-generated. The next significant boom in VR technology development took place in the early 2010s, following the conception of the Sensorama and the concept of the Ultimate Display in the 1960s.

VR at the time was still viewed as a novelty because it was pricey and was not anticipated to catch on with the general population. With Palmer Luckey’s introduction of the first Oculus prototype in 2012, however, things began to change. Due to Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus in 2014 and the ensuing surge in demand for home VR equipment, Oculus’ popularity has increased significantly. Since then, there have been more VR headsets on the market. Including the HTC Vive, Samsung VR, Oculus, Google’s Cardboard, and others, making VR more widely used and available to the average consumer.

How Will Social VR Apps Change Life as We Know It

There is no denying that virtual reality has become extremely popular. How will virtual reality (VR) change life as we know it? VR has opened up a whole new universe of possibilities.

There is a quote that I favor so much by Albert Camus that says:

Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present.”

That is exactly what developers, scientists, doctors, etc. are doing. They are giving their all to the present. Which is allowing us to live through a present of technological expectations that will later affect our lives. With the momentum building in the metaverse space, this is beginning to really ring true.

Oculus was the top downloaded app in America on Christmas, which is an important piece of information. This is fantastic, but it’s also crucial to keep in mind that a sizable section of the world’s population doesn’t even properly understand what VR is! As we create experiences and grow technology, we must make sure that people all around the world are taken into account.

Although there is a ton of complexity and depth surrounding how things will grow in the VR space, the following are some of the key ways I believe VR will change the world as a starting point for future planning:

Social VR Democratizes Your Experience


Imagine being able to access any experience at any time, wherever you are on the globe. Virtual reality makes it possible to do this. You can essentially teleport anywhere with an audio device and internet access. If you could go back in time hundreds or perhaps thousands of years, what would you see? The height of the Renaissance in Florence may be experienced after traveling through ancient Egypt. Personally, I believe it would be interesting to spend time with Salvador Dali as he worked on “The Persistence of Memory”. Another option is to participate in a group exercise session, where the energy of the others will motivate you to complete that additional rep. The options are genuinely limitless.

You Can Literally Work From Anywhere 

You Can Literally Work From Anywhere

As time passes, the majority of people would prefer to work from home if the opportunity is available for them. As a result, people will be able to live in better neighborhoods while enjoying more time with their families. With VR, you can work efficiently from any location. You won’t need anything but a strong internet connection. You might use a virtual office to give your team the impression that they are all present in the same location. Our staff, which is totally remote, uses virtual office space for team meetings throughout the week thanks to initiatives like Immersed.

I’ve found it to be even more efficient than conventional office locations, with beautifully designed places, enormous screens in the virtual environment to share your desktop, virtual whiteboards, and more. Beyond the virtual office, we are beginning to see additional remote business use cases for VR. Businesses are using VR for meetings, data analysis, customer support, design evaluations, and more. Businesses of all sizes have a tremendous chance to save time and money by implementing VR technology.

Social VR Allows You to Learn Immersively from Literally Anywhere!

Back in time, when I was in middle school, the coolest invention we had was a mechanical pencil. That was the newest “trend” at the time. As fun as it was, the scenario now is 180 degrees different. Nowadays, universities and schools are trying to implement social VR in their curricula. This method will help students love and actually live through what they’re studying. Instead of trying to let them understand by mere explanation how the Greeks leveraged their intelligence by presenting the Trojans with a wooden horse as a “gift” and then won the war through infiltrating the city, students can now actually live the events and learn immersively through a social VR simulation! Impressive, I know. The thing is, people have always tried to create and develop a “time travel machine.” Nowadays, I think scientists may be rethinking this device in the presence of VR.

Social VR Is Bringing Space to Us!

Social VR Is Bringing Space to Us 

If you ever wish to travel, you have to actually take physical action and move with your body to the certain place on Earth where you would like to go. Again, VR is changing that scenario for us. No matter where our physical bodies are located, we can instantly access space in the virtual world. This would be very beneficial for those who can’t travel or move without restrictions. Social VR will give these people the freedom to explore the world in a hassle-free manner. This is a fundamental change that, in my opinion, is parallel to ground-breaking (now old) inventions like delivering instant messages over the internet or preserving campfire stories in writing for future generations.

Social VR is enhancing Therapy As Well

Over the past fifty years, therapy has advanced in ways that we didn’t actually calculate or imagine. Now VR is actually playing a very important role in helping enhance therapy and its various methods. Like never before, therapists may assist in treating their patients. Through the use of virtual reality, a patient can deal with their traumas and phobias in a monitored, secure setting. Patients with autism with high support needs can also greatly benefit from the use of virtual reality to overcome numerous challenges.

The patient can be instructed on how to engage with people through these simulated interactions by the therapist, who can select a scenario, such as various social scenarios. As more methods of assisting patients are discovered, VR will have a significant impact on this profession. A population that is healthier and less reliant on pharmaceuticals to deal with their problems could result from this. The world as we know it is changing because of virtual reality. While some people are hesitant to adopt VR into their lives, others are beginning to see its potential advantages. Whether you like it or not, virtual reality is here to stay, and it will have an impact on every part of our lives.

How to Get Started with Social VR Apps

If you’re interested in exploring the world of social VR mobile apps, there are a few things you can do to get started. First, make sure you have a compatible device, such as a smartphone or VR headset. Next, download a social VR app, such as AltspaceVR or VRChat, and create an account. Once you’re in the app, you can start exploring different virtual worlds, attending events, and connecting with other users.

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