Top 5 Wedding Apps to Make Your Big Day Stress-Free

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Top 5 Wedding Apps to Make Your Big Day Stress-Free

Organizing every detail of your wedding is no easy feat, as many things need to be done from the moment you’re engaged until you walk down the aisle. Your to-do list will include reserving venues, selecting a cake, settling on a theme, sending out invitations, finding the best engagement ring insurance, and much more. Fortunately, technology once again comes to the rescue with all the wedding planning apps on the market. Because you should feel excited rather than stressed on your big day, we’ve listed our pick of the best weddings app on the market.


#1: Mint

A free-to-use budget planner, Mint can help you manage your money to avoid going overboard with spending. With Mint, you can track income, savings, and purchases because the app syncs with your bank account and credit cards. What makes Mint stand out is that it can monitor credit and offer users their credit score and credit summary report anytime, daily. It also alerts the users whenever they are charged and reminds them of upcoming due payments. For your wedding, you can set a budget goal and keep track of your spending to avoid exceeding the budget you set.

#2: Pinterest

You probably already know about Pinterest. It’s a good source of inspiration that can help with decorations and DIYs. With Pinterest, you can get ideas for the aesthetic of the wedding from pictures, which can be pinned for reference. Additionally, you can find ways to DIY some accessories and decoration items to cut expenses. Another way to use Pinterest is to share your boards with vendors so they can see your style and what you may be interested in.

#3: Appy Couple

With Appy Couple, you can have all your guests in one place. The app helps you manage guest lists, send invitations, collect RSVPs, share itineraries, and more. You can also create a website with the help of Appy Couple and design it to match your wedding theme with hundreds of exclusive designs.

#4: Wedding Planner by WeddingWire

The Wedding Planner has many functions to take advantage of. You can use it primarily for planning your wedding, but it has additional features like checking the app’s gallery for inspiration. If you’re feeling lost, there’s a forum where you can get help from other couples. And if you turn your location on, you can find contact information for vendors in your area.

#5: WedBox

After your wedding, you probably want to possess all the photos taken to remind you of the special day. Each guest saw the wedding with a different eye and captured the moments uniquely. Instead of counting on tagged photos on Facebook, you can now access each on WedBox. It’s an invitation-only platform for security purposes. Once you invite your guests, they can upload the photos and videos for you to download. And if some guests didn’t make it, they wouldn’t feel left out when they viewed the wedding’s photos.


Plenty of apps are there to help you plan your wedding; we’ve focused on our favorites in this blog post. They will make the entire process enjoyable rather than tedious. It’s worth mentioning that you can create your wedding planning app with the nandbox app builder. It requires no coding skills, and anyone can build it in less than an hour. The app will allow you to have all guests in one place, share news, and chat with them. And with the booking feature, you can create events with itineraries and await responses from your guests. Give it a try!