A Simple Five-Step Guide to Developing a Chat App Like Telegram

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A Simple Five-Step Guide to Developing a Chat App Like Telegram

According to the statistics, Telegram ranks seventh on the list of the most downloaded apps for iOS and Android. The numbers are not surprising because people now prefer texting as a primary means of communication. The younger generations specifically find it easier and more convenient to text than to make a phone call. That’s why instant messenger apps are now popular. Creating an app like Telegram requires building a native app, one made specifically for iOS or Android, which takes many months to develop. With the nandbox native app builder, you can create a high-quality messenger in no time. This article will show you how to build a chat app like Telegram in five steps.

Why Build a Chat App?

Messenger apps can gain wide popularity if they have the right features. In turn, the apps can be profitable if you monetize them with Google Ads or in-app purchases. In October 2022, Telegram made over $1,000,000 in revenue thanks to in-app purchases. The company had integrated with Unlimint back in June to allow direct in-app purchases.

Must-have features for Creating a Chat App Like Telegram

#1: Audio Call

Messenger apps like Telegram connect people in various ways besides texting. With audio calls, you can call anyone anywhere for free. All you need is a stable internet connection. However, the nandbox app builder makes it possible to include functionality like video calling in your messenger app, which is currently unavailable in Telegram. Users can access the call log from the home or side menu to make audio or video calls.


#2: Larger Groups

Using Telegram, users can create groups with a large number of participants. The limit is 200,000 members, which is gigantic compared to other messengers. For instance, WhatsApp currently has a limit of 512 people. If you wish to make a messenger app for large groups, nandbox comes close to Telegram with up to 50,000 members.

#3: Interactive Channels

Groups and channels are different in that only admins can update the latter. With the nandbox app builder, you can add interactive channels and set admins for each. Users can like messages and contact admit privately.

Telegram channels can have multiple functions. For one, businesses use them to share updates with clients and customers. That way, you can keep them engaged and find out their interests.


#4: Chatbots

API/bots are software programs that enable conversation with a computer that mimics one with a person. Because Telegram has millions of users, chatbots facilitate interactions between customers and businesses. Instead of having thousands of customer service representatives answer the same questions, chatbots take seconds to reply. They can answer simple questions about products and inquiries, which saves customers time and gives them a good experience.

Like Telegram, the nandbox app builder enables the creation of API/bots for your messenger app. There are two kinds of bots and APIs available: chatbots and inline bots. The first allows users to interact directly by opening the API/bots chat or indirectly by communicating with a bot within a group, channel, or app. With inline API/bots, users interact via inline queries straight from the text input field in a chat by typing the bot’s handle and then the question or request.


Building Your Telegram-like App in 5 Steps

Step 1: Create the Interface

The first step in developing an app with the nandbox app builder is to select a template. You can find the Telegram template in the communications category. The template makes it easier to set up the app, but you can certainly personalize it to make it your own. Along with changing the name and icon, you can pick a different color palette from the themes designed by professionals or customize the colors yourself.

Step 2: Install Modules

You can find the modules on the right, on the nandbox app builder page. Installing them is as simple as dragging and dropping each module to the app’s home or side menu. Additionally, you can see the live changes you make on the preview screen.

Step 3: Add Features

The first main module to add to your messenger app is the built-in messenger, which allows users to text and share multimedia files with their contacts, who also use your app. Other core features are audio and video call, contact list, call logs, and chat groups. Afterward, you can configure each module you install by clicking on the gear icon.

Step 4: Add More Features

Why settle for less when you can have more? More features to add to your messenger app include API/chatbots and interactive channels. To make a profit off your app, In-app purchase is a feature you can also add to your messenger.

Step 5: Activate Google Ads Mob

After creating a Google Ads account, add your app platform, either iOS or Android, and select yes if listed on a supported store. The next step is to create and configure an ad unit.

Afterward, you head to the general app settings on the left side menu of the nandbox app builder to activate Google Ads Mob in your app and add the required information. nandbox app builder supports the banner and the native advanced format.

Now your messenger app is ready for release! As shown above, you can create a chat app like Telegram with the nandbox app builder, a first-rate messenger with all the features that made Telegram a popular choice. Try it out now