GPT-4 Chat: The Next Generation of AI-Powered Apps

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Exploring GPT-4 Chat: 3 Applications Built With the New and Enhanced OpenAI Technology

Have you ever wondered how artificial intelligence could help you get your work done faster and more efficiently? Redundant tasks? Done. More enhanced operations? You’ve got it. And if you are looking for a tool to accomplish all that at once, well, you’re in luck! GPT-4 chat is here to revolutionize the way we interact with technology. GPT-4 chat by OpenAI is continuing to make waves in the AI space. Many developers are taking advantage of its robust capabilities to build modern applications. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of these applications built with GPT-4 chat and explore the potential of using this technology for your own business and applications.

What is ChatGPT-4

Following the exceptional and extraordinary success of GPT-3 Chat, which took the world by storm. Open API is still unraveling more of its great capabilities, as it introduced the new and enhanced GPT-4 Chat. With the same natural language processing (NLP) technology, GPT-4 Chat is one of the most powerful AI chatbots and tools on the market. Unlike many AI tools, GPT-4 chat is not limited to certain entries or topics to ask about or discuss. The AI tool was developed to be as flexible as possible and to assist people in all fields or interests. Of course, the tool limited any entries about dangerous or unethical topics which is what makes GPT-4 Chat more special and secure than the previous version

Benefits of GPT-4 Chat

GPT-4 Chat is more than just a clever AI. Its power lies in its ability to generate meaningful conversations, imitate human speech, and operate in a natural language that feels genuine and human-like, making it a valuable asset for most applications.

One of the main benefits of GPT-4 Chat is its ability to simulate human conversations and generate much longer responses with relatable context. Also, the AI tool can quickly pick up on the user’s input, understand his or her preferences, and respond accordingly. This makes it possible for apps built with GPT-4 chat to provide users with more personalized and engaging experiences.

Another great thing about GPT-4 chat is that the app owners don’t have to enter and feed the tool much data. Most other AI tools and people would need extensive data training before they could begin to understand the kinds of questions and answers they could encounter. However, GPT-4 Chat has millions of pieces of embedded data, which makes it easier for the tool to comprehend any inquiry. For example, apps built with GPT-4 can start engaging with users based on only a few sentences, as opposed to needing hundreds or thousands of words before they are able to interact with people properly.

Apps Built with GPT-4 Chat


The first app that got to explore the capabilities of GPT-4 chat is Duolingo. The renowned educational application teamed up with OpenAI’s new technology to introduce two new features powered by the AI tool. The first one is the roleplayer or conversational partner. This feature will enable users training in new languages to have a full conversation with an AI chatbot. The conversation will take the form of scenarios. It can be as simple as asking for directions and placing an order, and it can get more advanced with time. The second feature is “Explain My Answer.” As Many of us get very frustrated when we get the wrong answer and can’t seem to know the reason why. This is when this feature will step in and explain why the answer is wrong. It will also provide examples for further comprehension and clarity.

Be My Eyes

The second app is none other than the most popular accessibility app, which has helped millions of people. Be My Eyes is an app made for people with severe vision impairment, like blindness or partial vision loss. Users with vision impairments can seek help from volunteers with any difficulties they may face. This app looked to expand to be able to help more people, and that is why they integrated GPT-4 Chat to enjoy the powerful AI capabilities. With GPT-4 Chat, Be My Eyes successfully introduced the virtual assistant feature. If they are unable to seek aid from other volunteers, the virtual assistant will step in to help. In addition to that, the new feature has image-to-text analysis. This will help users understand the text found on labels, food, or any other object they need to use.

Khan Academy

Last but not least is Khan Academy. Khan Academy got to utilize the powerful GPT-4 Chat for enhancing their chatbot and virtual assistant, “Khanmigo.” Now, the virtual assistant is not only limited to answering basic inquiries; it has some astonishing new capabilities for both students and teachers. Students can now use the new and enhanced Khanmigo to practice courses. It will guide the students step by step until they fully understand the subject and can now answer questions on their own. Teachers can also use virtual assistance to ask for help. They can ask Khanmigo to simplify and summarize any subject for any grade they teach.

Build Your Own AI-Powered Application With Nandbox

Ever wanted to develop any app and enhance it with the GPT-4 Chat’s exceptional functions and capabilities? What if I told you that you could achieve this in under an hour and for significantly less money than any other method? It may sound impossible, but it is true with nandbox! nandbox is the leading and only native app builder that allows developers and non-developers to create apps without any coding knowledge. Nandbox provides users with a plethora of features to integrate and employ within the application. With nandbox, you can use GPT-4 chat capabilities using the Python SDK and OpenAI’s API. The AI tool can be embedded not through one feature but through two features. The first feature you can access through ChatGPT is the chatbot. Through the chatbot feature, you can create the best AI-powered chatbot to assist your users through anything.

The second feature is the workflow. The workflow is one of the prominent features that nandbox offers. The workflow enables users to create a series of specific tasks in order and connect any backend services with your application. Through this feature, you can incorporate any third-party integration into your application and enhance its functionality. And nothing is better to enhance your app’s functionality than GPT-4 Chat.

Final Thoughts

GPT-4 Chat is an effective and accessible technology that has the ability to revolutionize the way we interact with machines and computers. It has the power to create unique, personalized experiences that could make us rethink how today’s apps are built. Having access to powerful technology has made it easier to build applications that are smarter and more engaging. From conversational partners to virtual assistants and customer support, GPT-4 chat is making discussions with technology more natural and effortless. As the technology advances and developers become more comfortable with it, we’ll likely see more apps with GPT-4 built-in, making the possibilities for the future of technology more exciting and limitless.