Interactive Features
& Multiple Modules

Equip your arsenal with native mobile apps – without hiring developers or writing a line of code. A pool of interactive features is here to match any business activities

nandbox digital platform has myriad features for stunning apps to build. Simply drag and drop & you can add dozens of features that will run seamlessly and loved by your users

Built-in Messenger

Ensure your customer engagement by easy and fast communication channels

Events Manager

Create, manage and pitch your event with its GPS location and with social media sharing options


Save your customers’ time by including a booking option. Being a native app, it syncs with Google Calendar

Tagging and sub-grouping

Target your clients’ needs way better by classifying and segmenting them into a range of 60 different groups


Integrate interactive maps into your app for excellent user experience – tracking, locating, sharing locations, and more

Digital Coupons

Lure your customers with digital discount coupons and keep them on board. Such a smart feature also supports tracking the usage of your offers

Promotion campaigns

Customize, manage and launch your marketing campaign via your mobile app without any Ad fees

Mobile Payment

Get paid straight from your app and save your customers’ time and effort

Multiple Profiles

Keep the same mobile number and create four different profiles

Video and Voice Calls

Free video and voice chat without any restrictions

Invitation Board

Invite others to join your community channel or group

Interactive Channels

Send messages to unlimited members and receive their replies privately

Cloud Processing

To access your messages from diverse devices with maximum speed and security

QR Code

Scan QR codes to add contacts, join channels or, groups


Take back your sent messages at any time

Media Gallery

Build an attractive gallery of photos, videos and, any other kind of media files

Features Included on both Android & iOS