Interactive Features & Multiple Modules

Equip your arsenal with native mobile apps – without hiring developers or writing a line of code. A pool of interactive features is here to match any business activities.

Instant Messaging

Ensure your customer engagement by easy and fast communication channels. 

Multiple Registration Options

Login to your native mobile app either by using your mobile number, email address, social media accounts, or freely without any of them. 

Mobile Payment 

Paying for services via mobile applications hosted by an easy and secured platform is a boon to your business. 


Guarantee high user engagement by a smart loyalty program feature. Offer your users incentives and loyalty points to collect and redeem on a digital wallet. 

Tagging and sub-grouping

Target your clients’ needs way better by classifying and segmenting them into a range of 60 different groups.

Promotion campaigns

Customize, manage and launch your marketing campaign via your mobile app without any Ad fees. 


Interactive maps for excellent user experience – tracking, locating, sharing locations, and more. 

QR Code

 Ease up communication with your users by QR codes to reach a web page, join an event or access to WiFi, for instance.

Event Manager

Create, manage and pitch your event with its GPS location and with social media sharing options.

Analytical Reports

Get detailed reports showing your app downloads, performance, user feedback, and ratings. Thus, you can track the user engagement, conversion rate, and enjoy ROI maximization.

Digital Coupons

 Lure your customers by digital discount coupons and keep them on board. Such a smart feature also supports tracking the usage of your offers.

Push Notifications

Keep your users posted with promotions, news and updates by pushing a limitless number of notifications.

RSS Feeds

Broadcast your articles and a wide range of multimedia files through an active news feed. It’s a smart communication channel to keep your customers informed about your business activities.


Save your customers’ time by including a booking option. As a native app, it can access the Google Calendar as well. 

Multi Administrative Privileges

Assign many administrators with different roles to manage your app for better control over your business.

Media Gallery

Build an attractive gallery of photos, videos and any other kind of media files. Share it with your users – whether separately or in an interactive slider.

System Integrations

Connecting your backend systems with the mobile app enables a robust business framework.

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