nandbox features

Create up-to-date designs without writing a single line of code. Build clean, minimalistic, beautifully crafted websites perfectly fit for any device

Live Chatting

Live Chatting APP feature enables chat in your app to enrich the App user experience and to boost your customer’s engagement. 

Contacting users via instant messaging isfaster than any other communication channel.

Registration Options

Registration App feature enables user to register using mobile number, email address, social media accounts, or even registration free APP use. Different options of registration according to your choice of one or more registration options for your App.

Mobile payment

Mobile payment App feature gives your mobile app user the ability to pay for your services using your app in an easy, secured and trusted platform.


Loyalty program App feature is designed to keep users attached and engaged, by offering incentives, and smart wallet for points collecting, earning and redeeming.Guarantee members loyalty and involvement.

Tagging and sub-grouping

Tagging and sub-grouping App feature helps you to classify and segment the users into up to 60 different groups, according to the chosen criteria and the purpose beyond the action. Tagging users according to a geographic, demographic or any segmentation you set and specify an action or analysis and get more control over your business.

Promotion campaigns

Promotion campaigns App feature lunches your market campaign; define its conditions, time frame, number of winners, and incentives. Manage and customize it from an easy platform without paying any Ad fees.


Mapping App feature is integrated interactive maps with various uses like tracking, locating, location sharing, and more…..

QR Code

QR Code App feature is essential, no need for QR scanning and QR readers anymore, you can include QR code solution in your app and users can directly scan QR codes togo to a webpage, subscribe, access wifi, and many more of QR code useful uses.

Event Manager

Events App Feature is closer to an events app by itself. You can build an event, customize it with design, post the event enabling social media sharing, track event subscriptions and send invitations to desired users, share locations on interactive map sand assign event managers all within one tab of your powerful events app feature.

Analytical Reports

Analytical reports App feature tracks your own app performance, downloads, users feedback and rating, audience analyses, engagement & conversion rate. Get detailed reports to know how well your app is performing and maximize your ROI.

Digital coupons/ receipts

Digital Coupons App feature for offering digital discount coupons, digital receipts and track their activation/usage.

Push notifications

Push notifications APP feature is the fastest and most reliable among APPs, send bulk notifications with the least effort to the whole users or specific targeted users, notify them about updates, promotions, news, and plan for future notifications to keep your users retained.

RSS feeds

RSS feeds app feature keeps news timeline active with countless feed choices, Users simply subscribe to the RSS feed and stays updated with your content, products or scope of business related news.


Booking App feature is vital for a range of business apps, booking feature here is a top class booking feature with full integration to your systems and back end, manage booking, get notified and track it from your app.

Multi Administrative Privileges

Administrative Privileges app feature is so powerful to the extent of having multiple administrators with variant privileges assigned for each.

Media gallery

Media gallery app feature enables you to build powerful appealing photo galleries, video galleries and basically any type of files gallery with social media integration, sharing and user interaction options.

System integrations

System integration App feature enables the integration between your mobile app and your back-end, system and CRM moreover connects your digital solutions together with social media. We are integrated with most back-ends, CRMs, Systems and building more partnerships every day.

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