Conference App Builder: Your Guide to Successful Organization

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Exploring Creating Events App Using a Conference App Builder

Events and conferences are paramount to any individual, whether an employee or someone seeking to improve their abilities. Everything about events and conferences is special, from organizing, controlling, monitoring, etc. While some are incredibly controlled and organized, some are not. This is when developers decided to gift event organizers the ultimate tools they can use for conferences, which are conference apps, and to go the extra mile, they gave them the conference app builder. Read on to learn all about the significance of conference apps and how they streamline the process of organizing and monitoring a conference. You will also know all about the power of a conference app builder and how it saves much time, effort, and money for an organization.

What is a Conference App?

In the era of digitalization and shifting to more remote environments, conference apps have become more significant and hold a major role in our lives. But what exactly is a conference app? A conference app can be considered a branch of an event app. They have many features, capabilities, and objectives in common. These apps allow users and organizations to plan, organize, and attend events remotely. Planning and organizing here include every task involved in the process. So, anything an event planner or an attendee needs can be found on a conference app and utilized seamlessly. This is one of the main reasons why conference apps are considered an invaluable tool by individuals and organizations looking to plan or attend events conveniently.

There are many conference apps on the market now, accomplishing remarkable successes and taking over the world. For instance, Whova is a market leader when it comes to conference apps. It has over 1 million downloads and multiple awards. Whova became popular due to its advanced features and seamlessness, which made it trusted by many renowned organizations. Airmeet comes in second and offers ultimate convenience and simplicity to all organizations and individuals. Airmeet is a software solution that allows people to create small or enormous events and control and attend them through the Airmeet mobile app. These are just examples of powerful conference apps; the list goes on forever of apps that make matters easier for everyone.

Benefits of a Conference App

Data Analytics and Insights

Data Analytics and Insights

Through data analytics, conference apps give organizers vital insights. They can monitor engagement, prominent sessions, and interest areas while also collecting comments. This data is useful for gauging the event’s success, learning about attendees’ preferences, and planning better events in the future.

Sustainability and Cost-Efficiency

Conference applications help preserve the environment by decreasing the need for printed materials. In addition to helping organizers save money on printing and delivery, they also make events more sustainable from an economic and environmental perspective.

Gamification and Engagement Incentives

Some gamification features that are commonly found in conference apps include challenges, quizzes, and leaderboards. Guests will be more engaged and have a better time at the event thanks to these gamified features, which also encourage them to participate more actively.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Apps like this encourage diversity and inclusion by providing tools for people with impairments, such as translation, live subtitles, and integration with assistive technologies. This ensures that everyone who comes to the event participates actively, regardless of their skill level or language ability.

Customization for Various Event Types

Thanks to their adaptability and personalization features, these apps can accommodate any kind of event, from modest get-togethers to sizable conventions, workshops, or seminars. Because of how flexible they are, event planners can modify the app to meet their requirements.

Technologies that Elevated the Conference App Experience

The latest technological advancements have elevated all aspects of life as well as industries. The events industry has been impacted the most by these advanced technologies and applications. This includes conference apps. So, let us explore the top technologies that elevate conference app capabilities and pave the way for a one-of-a-kind user experience.

1.) Augmented and Virtual Reality (VR/AR)

The first technology we have to discuss when talking about conference apps is augmented and virtual reality technologies. These two technologies have a significant role in conference apps and completely change the way they used to function. VR and AR both contribute to transforming the way people attend and organize events and conferences to make them more immersive. They extend the possibility of virtual events by just being remote and helping to imitate the essence of an actual conference.

2.) Artificial Intelligence

AI (3)  

It is no surprise that artificial intelligence would be mentioned in conference apps; it is everywhere, literally. Artificial intelligence also helps expand the capabilities that a conference app could offer. Incorporating AI algorithms helps developers offer attendees and event organizers a more personalized experience through features like tailored recommendations and behavior analysis that organizations could use to further improve their conferences and offerings.

3.) 5G Technology

The emergence of 5G technology leaves us wondering about the major impact it will have on all industries and areas. So, let us start with conference apps. 5G technology’s first and foremost aim is enhanced connectivity, which helps bring everyone together by eliminating all barriers that once existed. With such incredibly fast and enhanced connectivity, attendees may enjoy high-quality video conversations, real-time streaming of major discussions, and other services that make for an immersive and engaging event experience. Plus, with 5G’s low latency, data is sent instantly, so users may participate in interactive polls, Q&A sessions, or app-based collaboration without interruption.

Top Features of a Conference App


Calendars are everything when it comes to conference apps. Through calendars, attendees can never miss an important conference and keep an eye on all the upcoming events. It is a very important feature that works as a reminder and a schedule management solution at the same time.

QR Scanner

QR Scanner

As much as virtual events and conferences are taking over, we can’t forget the presence of physical ones as well. Through QR scanners, organizers can ensure the consistency and seamlessness of the event experience. This feature allows them to redeem all the invitations and tickets, whether paper or digital. This simplifies the process of redemption and makes it swift and easy as pie.

Social Media Features

There has to be something that makes virtual conferences lively and imitates the forever-enchanting environment of physical ones. That is why social media integration or features are the top features that should be present in a conference app. Social media features like newsfeed, liking, sharing, and commenting help attendees collaborate and communicate, which enhances the overall experience significantly.

What is a Conference App Builder and is It a Good Idea?

Building a conference app can be many things. It can be fun and exciting, but it can also be complex, time and effort-consuming. The app development process is one that you can enjoy but also struggle with due to the amount of effort, money, and time it would require. However, many developers and organizations have shifted to a new and advanced way of building conference apps. This would be using a conference app builder.

A conference app builder is a type of software solution based on the no-code app development approach. It helps developers and organizations turn ideas into realities in a short amount of time and with very little effort. Due to these astonishing capabilities, a conference app builder has been the go-to for many developers to create sound apps that will probably last forever and help as many users as they can. A conference app builder is also not limited to professional developers. Anyone with little to no coding and development knowledge can easily use a conference app builder.

How Would a Conference App Benefit Developers?

Skill Enhancement and Learning Opportunities

The development and upkeep of a conference app provide developers with an excellent opportunity to improve their abilities. App development, user interface and experience design, backend connectivity, and real-time functionality are just a few of the many areas they may tackle. They can advance in their careers by gaining practical experience in a variety of fields and gaining knowledge of new technology, programming languages, and current trends.

Exposure to Cutting-Edge Technologies

It is common practice to use cutting-edge technology and tools while developing a conference app. These may include capabilities powered by artificial intelligence, data analytics, augmented reality, or virtual reality. By experimenting with and putting these modern technologies into practice, developers may learn by doing and keep abreast of developments in their field.

Feedback-driven Improvement

Once the event has ended, the developers ask for input from everyone involved in the app’s performance, usability, and functionality. A culture of constant development and responsiveness to user demands can be fostered by analyzing this input, which reveals improvement areas and directs future updates or iterations.

Understanding Business Objectives

When developing an app for a conference, it’s important to keep the event’s broad aims in mind. Developers get an up-close understanding of how technology fits into business strategy by learning about user acquisition tactics, marketing objectives, revenue models, and business requirements.

Nandbox: The Ultimate Conference App Builder

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