How To Build an Employee Communication App for Your Business

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Developing a Dedicated Employee Communication App: A Guide for Businesses

The modern digital era is characterized by its fast pace, growing pressure, and great diversity. Users expect constant connectivity and seamless experiences at all times.

To stay competitive in today’s market, which is growing quickly. Businesses need to make their digital processes easier and push for innovation and new ideas. This includes simplifying employee communication, which is one of the main factors that always bring the business towards success.

The use of HRMS tools provides employees with a digital platform through which they can get immediate access to company information at any time and in any place. They make it simple for employees to communicate with one another, with their supervisors, or with the HR team. Requiring only a few taps on their phones to interact with any of these groups and get updated on everything. These apps can provide up-to-date resolutions to businesses. Allowing them to facilitate work processes and strengthen cooperation across the entire company. If you’re ready to build your own employee communication app for your business, keep reading for a step-by-step guide.

How to Build an Employee Communication App

What to Consider Before Building

Before getting started on building an employee communication app, there are some factors to take into consideration. We are going to illustrate two of them:

1.) Your employees

As always, employees are the core of any business, so it’s important to get to know your employees. You need to know what their preferences are, how they like to communicate, and their work nature. This information will be vital when deciding on the best communication tools to include in your employee communication app. Encouraging employee feedback can be a valuable source of information for organizations. And if you’re able to, offer a survey or two to help you gain a better understanding of what they’d like to see included in your app. Employing a WordPress Survey Plugin can simplify the survey creation and distribution process, enabling swift feedback collection, and providing insightful data to enhance the app’s features based on employee preferences.


2.) What kind of app and platform should you use?

Depending on the type of company and employees you have, the most important thing is that you should build an employee communication app that works best for your environment. There are a handful of app types and platforms you can choose from; you should always choose wisely and make sure it will pair well with your organization.

Employee Communication App: Characteristics and Features

Employee communication apps when integrated with an employee rewards program, should always be easy to use, accessible, and functional. As they create a two-way conversation between the top management and the employees. This motivates employees to work more effectively as they feel appreciated, and it significantly helps in achieving great results. There are some features to add that will enhance the user experience and increase the app’s functionality.

1.) Activity Feed

Emails were the standard way to inform and update employees. However, a large number of employees in different organizations stated that emails were completely ineffective, as they missed out on most of the updates or information. Emails have the great disadvantage of cluttering or being disorganized, which often causes miscommunication between employees and top management.

Activity feeds can be the best and most effective solution, as you assign a space where you share all the updates and important information or notes. This feature is timely and convenient, as any posts made will reflect immediately.

2.) Messenger

Embedding a messenger within your employee communication app can be a great addition. You’re not only giving your employees a medium to be informed about work and interact with top management; they can also interact with each other.

3.) Video and Audio calls

The audio and video chat feature is a vital component that must be featured; every employee communication platform has it included among its other features.

Work-from-home statistics show that 40% of Americans prefer full-time remote work, and some employees work remotely from other countries. This feature serves as a very effective communication channel for them. They can efficiently conduct meetings or even attend one on the company site, helping bridge the gap for the 37% of remote workers who don’t feel connected to their peers. and some work remotely from other countries, so this feature serves as a very effective communication channel for them. They can easily conduct meetings or even attend one taking place on the company site.

Additionally, including talent analytics software and staff check-in templates in your employee communication app may give you important information about the productivity, competence, and engagement of your staff. Businesses can make educated decisions, pinpoint areas for development, and optimize their personnel management strategies thanks to this data-driven approach, which ultimately promotes a more productive and engaged workforce.

Additional Features to Make Your App Better in nandbox

As any company’s information and data may be vulnerable or sensitive, nandbox gives you the option to ensure your app’s and your employees’ maximum security and safety. The whitelist feature allows you to restrict access to specific users chosen by the app owner, with all users except the specified ones banned from accessing the application entirely. Now, you can grant your application access to only your organization’s employees.

The channels feature, including text messaging, can be another great communication medium; channels allow you to communicate with a specific segment privately. You can assign each department in your organization to a channel with the head of the department as an admin to grant him full control. This can help achieve great results because it creates an opportunity for each department to communicate well, thus improving management and employee relations and increasing job satisfaction.

You can simplify accessing spreadsheets, files, or your company’s website with the web-view feature. With a simple click, you can include a URL that redirects to your page of choice. You can redirect your users to the organization’s website, spreadsheets, pdf files, or anything else you can include as a URL.

You can include the calendar feature to list all the organization’s top events, exhibits, workshops, or even casual meetings. The calendar feature also works as a reminder as it can sync with the system’s calendar. This will ensure that all employees never miss a major event or meeting. This will undoubtedly aid in increasing work efficiency.