App Builder Pricing: Which Plan is Right for You

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No-Code App Builder Pricing 2023: A Complete Guide to No-Code App Platforms Pricing Plans

Let us say you need to develop an app, as it is the only way to enhance your business and take it to the next level. At the same time, you are on a really tight budget and need to do it at the most affordable cost possible. Then what would be the most effective solution? The solution, my dear reader, would definitely be no-code development. In addition to the flexibility and great capabilities it offers, many no-code development platforms actually have very suitable and affordable pricing plans. Thus, in this article, we will compare the top five app builder pricing plans and break down each one for you to decide which will suit your needs better.

What is No-Code App Development?

No-code app development is the latest popular trend in the tech industry. It came as an effective solution for the traditional development process, which involves complicated coding practices and requires extensive coding knowledge, resources, and time. No-code app development revolves around the idea of building an app using visual components instead of writing lines of code. Non-code platforms mainly operate using a drag-and-drop interface, where a developer’s only mission is to drag and drop these pre-built components into his app, and he is good to go.

No-code app development offers developers great flexibility during the development process. They can easily apply any idea they get and see its effect immediately; they can also edit it if it is not the right one. This is much easier than wasting time developing initial and starter apps to test out the whole idea. That is why no-code app development has become a favorite for many organizations, especially small ones that are looking to save time and resources for other business aspects.

In addition to saving time and resources, as we mentioned above, no-code app development also saves developers huge amounts of money. Contrary to the traditional development process, developers wouldn’t need to gather a team to develop one app. Instead, they could choose one of the many no-code app builders on the market that offer many great and astonishing features and capabilities. In light of showing developers how to save money with no-code development, let us break down app builders’ pricing plans for the best no-code app-building platforms.

Comparing Different Pricing Plans of No-code App Builders

No-code app builders are platforms that allow developers with no prior coding knowledge to build any app they would like in no time. However, do the astounding capabilities and efficiency come with a hefty price tag? Let us discover each app builder’s pricing plans to find out!

1.) Adalo


Adalo is a no-code app builder that enables users to make fully functional apps with no coding experience required. It allows users to easily build their app by dragging and dropping elements, altering its appearance, and including features like push notifications and user authentication. The app builder also simply allows developers to link their apps to third-party services through APIs and integration. It already has pre-established integrations with well-known technologies like Zapier and Airtable.

The app builder’s pricing is somewhat appropriate for all the functionalities it offers.

  • The pricing plans on Adalo start at $45 for the starter plan. The starter plan offers all the basic features developers would need, but it is limited to some important features like geolocation and push notifications. The starter plan also doesn’t support any integrations and comes with 5 GB of data storage.
  • The second app builder pricing plan is the professional, which starts at $65 per month. This plan has more flexibility than the previous one, and it includes some integrations. The professional plan also comes with a data storage capacity, but this time it is 25 GB of data storage. The next plan is the team plan, which costs a total of $200 per month. This plan is no different than the previous one; it includes all integrations and has more data storage capacity.
  • Lastly, there is the biggest pricing plan on the app builder, which is the business plan. This plan costs a total of $250 per month and includes access to everything in the app builder. This plan is ideal for large organizations and companies.


2.) BuildFire


BuildFire is a no-code app builder targeted at all developers but with a special interest in businesses. With BuildFire, users can create mostly mobile web apps for iOS and Android without any coding skills. The app builder offers a range of features, including push notifications, in-app purchases, and social media integration. BuildFire also offers a range of templates and customization options, making it easy to create a visually appealing app. So, let us start with the app builder’s pricing. BuildFire is considered one of the most expensive app-building platforms on the market. It has three pricing plans, which are:

  • Starter plan at $349: This plan includes all basic features and very limited premium features. It is also limited when it comes to integrations, as it doesn’t support the SDK. It offers starter users 15 GB of storage and 150 GB of bandwidth.
  • The standard plan is $499. This plan is a slight upgrade from the one before. It has access to more premium features but is still limited to a small number of them. Also, it supports SDK integrations. This plan comes with 250 GB of bandwidth and 50 GB of data storage.
  • Standard Plus at $699: This is the highest plan that includes everything on the app builder. It has access to all premium features, analytic tools, and notification types. However, the bandwidth and data storage are capped at 500 GB and 100 GB, respectively. And if a developer wishes to increase the capacity of the bandwidth or data storage, he would need to pay extra fees.


3.) GoodBarber


Offering a wide variety of features and personalization choices, GoodBarber is one of the most popular among the many available no-code app builders. GoodBarber started initially as a website builder; however, it successfully invaded the world of no-code app building. The platform has many template options in many app categories to choose from. It may also be integrated with other popular third-party services, such as Shopify. The app builder provides a collection of features like push alerts, in-app purchases, and user analytics. Moreover, GoodBarber has a somewhat different pricing scheme, which is:

  • Content Plans: These plans come in at $30 for standard, $60 for premium, $115 for pro, and $240 for agency per month. The content plans include all the features and capabilities required to develop content apps like employee communication, events, educational, and news apps.
  • E-commerce plans: The e-commerce plans come in at $45, $75, $150, and $320 per month with the same previous scheme. These pricing plans include everything developers need to create e-commerce apps with features like e-stores, checkout, in-app purchases, payment gateways, and product catalogs.

4.) nandbox

When it comes to developing mobile applications, nandbox App Builder stands out as a leading no-code solution. Nandbox is the only native app builder, which means that it is not limited to PWA apps. With more than two hundred features to choose from and integrate, as well as a variety of templates, this will undoubtedly improve the user interface. Developers will be able to develop a native app quickly and affordably. Nandbox has a very special capability: it offers all the publishing steps through the app builder without any external intervention. This means that you don’t need to go through millions of websites to publish your application; it is all included in the app builder. The nandbox app builder offers three cost-effective pricing plans based on the app’s purpose and usage.

The basic plan

It costs $59 per month: This plan contains all the basic features required to develop a very simple application. It is limited to more complex features like workflow or map search. This plan also comes with an unlimited number of push notifications and 100 GB of bandwidth, which is a lot more than any bandwidth offered by other app builders in the basic plan.

The professional plan

This plan comes at $159 per month: It includes all features and capabilities except for a few. Such as like map search and in-app purchases. It provides developers with 400 GB of bandwidth, 20 GB of storage, and special access to 24/7 customer support.

The premium plan

The premium plan comes at $359 per month. This plan is most likely the richest and most affordable plan across all app builders. This plan includes everything from features to customization options, and premium services. It doesn’t end there, it offers the biggest bandwidth capacity, which reaches up to 1 TB and 50 GB of data storage.

nandbox offers a 15-day trial period, where developers can try the app builder completely for free without any commitments. In addition, it offers thorough documentation and consultation sessions for frustrated users to guide them through the app builder. So swing into action, sign up, and enjoy nandbox endless capabilities completely for free!