Best Money-Saving Apps for E-Commerce Shoppers

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5 Top E-Commerce Apps To Help You Save Money

We have all witnessed e-commerce apps skyrocketing in the last couple of years. The rapid growth and success of these apps were both unexpected and enormous. E-commerce apps generated $3.56 trillion in revenue in 2021, and experts are expecting that number to rise further in the future. E-commerce apps are now responsible for a major part of total retail sales. People have shifted their entire focus toward e-commerce apps as they are easier to access and also faster; they avoid the traditional (tiring) shopping method. With a variety of categories, they always find exactly what they are looking for—and more. So, what’s not to love? In this article, we will present the top five e-commerce apps on the market.



Leading the e-commerce app market with over 200 million downloads worldwide, it’s really needless to introduce Amazon. Amazon is one of the first and most successful e-commerce platforms developed. It’s also the third-largest company in the world in terms of revenue. However, the app itself launched in 2011 and went on to take off. It exceeded all expectations and went on to be more successful than the website.

It’s popular among customers as it can be considered very reliable and dependable. as well as for the great quality and variety of its products. Amazon offers great variation in the products displayed, ranging from electronics, cosmetics, and fashion to even groceries. Additionally, it is well-known for having exceptional customer service that is accessible at all times. This has been enough for Amazon to introduce a subscription service under the name of Amazon Prime, which includes free delivery, movies, TV shows, exclusive deals, and even e-books. Amazon Prime went on to be a success, with many people signing up for it and giving Amazon more money.



Shien started shining and rising toward success in 2018. The clothing e-commerce app went on to overtake the most popular brands in the world; it even outperformed Amazon for the most downloaded app in 2020. Shien was initiated in 2008 and mainly focused on men’s and women’s clothing. At first, it encountered many obstacles, as it was hard to promote it in countries other than China, its origin country. 2020 was a turning point for Shein; people began discovering the app, and it gained popularity for its affordable process and variety of products. It was also popular among the younger generation, as it offered trendy clothes that were hard to find in many places and were usually very expensive. Shien is now operating as the largest online fashion app with over 43.7 million active users.



When it first operated in 1995, eBay was a one-of-a-kind platform, and it still is. It was able to achieve success from day one. eBay is considered the oldest e-commerce platform to have been founded. eBay introduced the concept of customer-to-customer commerce, as it allowed individuals to list their products on auction and sell them. eBay went on to expand a little and also allow business-to-customer commerce, also succeeding, before establishing its own marketplace. Every app and platform that came afterward was very inspired by eBay, as it was offering something very unique at the time. eBay now has over 159 million active users and generates over $10.8 billion in revenue.



Back in 2018, everyone was using Wish; even many influencers used it as content on YouTube. It was a phenomenal success. Wish became very popular among people as the app focused on one thing and one thing only: prices. Wish was able to compete with many older and more successful apps on the market by charging low and extremely affordable prices. Also, they presented great sales and offers; the sales reached 98% sometimes.

The Wish app gave users the option to create wishlists that they could share with other users. Wish started promoting and expanding its products based on these wishlists. This helped them understand their customers’ preferences and behaviors and promote the app based on those. Wish now generates over $2 billion in revenue with over 600 million registered users.



Shopee started locally to succeed globally. It was formed as a local e-commerce app in Southeast Asia back in 2015. E-commerce wasn’t a really familiar term at that time; people were still relying on the traditional shopping method. The founders had many purposes during the app development process, but the main thing they had in mind was making a user-friendly app. In a market that appeared to be unfamiliar, they had to convince users to switch to their platform instead. Making their platform easy to use and comfortable was a very important thing to think about. It went on to pass the test and was able to become the most popular app in Southeast Asia. They proceeded with their success in many countries afterward and accomplished exceptional outcomes.



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