Types of Features You Must Have In Every Mobile App Category

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Types of Features You Must Have In Every Mobile App Category

Business owners now realize the importance of creating a mobile app for their customers. It makes their business accessible and fosters brand loyalty. The first phase is to develop an idea relating to their business niche, and the second step is to structure the app. When planning your business app, it’s necessary to verify that it includes all the essential features and that the final product is applicable and functional. Regardless of your app category, we’ve got you covered in the article. Here are must-have features for every type of app.


A Community App


Social Features

  1. News Feed: Maintaining user engagement is crucial in a social app. With a news feed, they will stay informed with the latest updates and events, and they can interact with posts by liking, sharing, or writing comments. You should be able to add images, vector graphics, videos, files, gifs, and links to posts.
  2. Channel: A channel is a marriage between a news feed and a group chat. You can entertain your audience with interactive content and keep them posted with the latest updates. They can interact by liking or commenting. Channels should allow you to post messages, images, videos, and files, with the option of targeting and segmentation.


Privacy and Security Features

  1. Digital ID: With the digital ID feature, a QR scanner scans membership cards with UPCs; When it comes to authentication methods, face ID vs fingerprint recognition are two popular options that offer enhanced security and convenience for users. then stores the information included in the UPC so that a digital ID may be established for your users.
  2. Whitelist: This feature adds a protective layer to your app. When enabled, only users added to the whitelist screen can access your app. You can add users to this list by their signup IDs or by creating a whitelist pattern.
  3. Blacklist: Users in the blacklist screen are banned from your app. Similar to the whitelist feature, you can add them to that list by their signup IDs or by creating a blacklist pattern.


An E-commerce app

An E-Store Feature

  1. A Customizable E-Store: Your e-commerce app should have a fully-customizable e-store where you can add and manage your products. You shall be able to categorize your products, add bundles and create multiple tiers for a better user experience.
  2. Payment Gateways: Customers will feel at ease when using their preferred payment method to check out from your store. The most common payment methods include cash, PayPal, and using a secure payment gateway like Stripe to pay with a credit or debit card.


A Messenger App

Communication Features

  1. Built-in Messenger: Evidently, this type of app requires a built-in messenger that you can customize. In most cases, a built-in messenger enables users to share text and multimedia. It also shows the users a list of their recent one-to-one chats and all group chats made on your app.
  2. Group Chat: A group chat, where several members can text and share multimedia, is crucial for any messenger app. Group chats can be public or private, depending on the admins’ choice.
  3. Audio and Video Calling: Currently a popular means of communication, this feature should allow users to conduct audio and video calling anywhere in the world, minus the extra cost.
  4. Call Log and Contact List: A must-have feature for a messenger app to allow users to keep a record of their contacts and keep track of their audio and video calls.


A Booking App

Reservations Features

  1. Booking: This feature enables users to reserve tickets to a one-time event or book tickets to reoccurring sessions. Users should be able to check the time and availability of each event and its location. The booking process should also be simple, requiring only a few mouse clicks, and a smooth checkout process that allows for various payment methods.
  2. Bookings and Events List: A list where clients and customers can keep track of all events in the app and the ones they booked as well.
  3. Booking Validation and Redemption: To avoid forgery, you should be able to validate and redeem tickets for attendees. A QR scanner, which we will talk about shortly, will do the job, provided your app generates tickets with a unique number for each user.


Essential Features For Any App Category

  1. Link Invitations: With this feature, users can invite one another to channels, group chats, events, bookings, or the app itself. All they have to do is share automatically-generated links. They can copy the link or share it directly on social media.
  2. QR Scanner: QR scanners are the answer to limiting physical contact and minimizing paper waste. A QR scanner is practical for any app, as it can store data, links, payments, and more. It can also hold app invitations and event tickets. A QR scanner basically scans QR codes created via a QR code maker.
  3. Web-view: With a web-view page, your customers can access your official website or blog’s URL inside your app. That way, everything related to your brand is in one place.
  4. Search: A search function will save your app users time significantly. It works with any app niche; it enables users to find whatever they’re searching for on your app, be it chats, events, contacts, posts, or products.


That concludes our list of features to include in your mobile app of any type. Did you know that all these features are available on the nandbox no-code app builder? Sign up now and see for yourself!