Top 8 Writing Apps for Elementary and Middle School Learners in 2024

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Top 8 Writing Apps for Elementary and Middle School Learners in 2024

Writing is a skill that all students are expected to master. It is an essential part of a student’s life that extends to their career and inspires them to pursue their future! Individuals with outstanding writing skills always have the probability of doing better in their jobs! Also, writing is a skill that students adopt right from elementary and middle school! Thanks to the evolving tools and technologies, there are plenty of apps to improve writing skills! 

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This article will list the top 8 writing practice apps that can help students improve their writing! Also, they are the improve writing skills app that functions as a writing helper. You can consider this listicle as a review of essay services! Just like you need information about the types of services they offer, their pricing, and how they can help you come up with the best essay, this article reviews the eight best writing apps to help you select the best one! 

Top 8 Best Writing Apps for Kids

Writing is no more about using a pencil and paper. Several English writing apps can help them write better. Studies show that the landscape of writing assistance is changing! It demands the integration of AT in writing, extending from computer platforms and desktops to mobile devices and touchscreens. Furthermore, the versatility of writing technology helps cater to children’s diverse needs by offering apps to help with writing. Here, we will list some of the best writing practice apps designed for elementary and middle school learners to help improve their writing. 

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SplashLearn extends from the numbers. It offers a writing app setting to allow children to engage in story-based learning and enables them to practice writing through interactive games and worksheets. It covers various fun ways of learning, like letter tracing and words, which can be engaging in learning early literacy. In addition to SplashLearn is one of the best writing apps for its interactive and playful approach to teaching writing to kids. It can be a perfect app for kids from Pre-K to 5th Grade. With over 8000 games and worksheets, children can gain a personalized learning feature. 


ABCmouse – improve writing skills app has a rich and interactive curriculum including a wide range of activities for kids, from tracing letters to writing complete sentences. Also, It is an app designed and developed to help enhance children’s writing skills! It grasps the mechanics of writing and helps students understand the content behind their writing. The app offers colorful animations and reward systems that motivate kids to progress through the levels and reinforce their writing abilities with each step. It is a perfect app for students from Pre-K to 2nd Grade. ABCmouse includes a step-by-step learning path with over 800 lessons in 10 different levels. 

Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet is one of the best English writing apps for kids. It introduces them to the alphabet in a word of playful monsters and fun puzzles. Each word features an interactive puzzle like talking letters and a short animation illustrating the definition. It is perfect for elementary and middle school students to recognize the letter and build a vocabulary! The app enhances the kid’s understanding of words and how they use them. It is an excellent suit for students from Pre-K to 1st Grade. The app offers over 100 words to play with, each with an interactive puzzle and fun animations. The app is available on iOS, Android, and Amazon’s app store. 


iWriteWords is slightly different from other apps for improving writing skills. It is a handwriting app that aims to teach the fundamentals of letter and number formation through guided tracing. With its playful interface, kids can complete a friendly crab guide and participate. At the same time, they drag a character to follow along these tracing lines. It is an effective method to improve hand-eye coordination and help children learn through traditional writing. It is a perfect app for kindergarten students! iWriteWords focuses on proper stroke order and letter shapes. 


When discussing writing helper apps for elementary and middle school learners, we can’t forget Grammaropolis! The app uses animated characters representing parts of speech to teach grammar engagingly. Here, each character’s personality suits the grammar world and helps children remember the functions of parts of speech and use them effectively in their writing. The app also has various educational content ranging from music videos to quizzes. Grammaropolis offers students comprehensive grammar instruction and enhances their writing skills. It can be a perfect app for students from 1st to 7th Grade. The app provides animated lessons, quizzes, music videos, and an integrated book series. 

Toontastic 3D

Toontastic 3D is a storytelling app that allows kids to create animated stories. With the use of moving characters around the screen and narrating the tale in real time, students can learn the structure of the stories, the character development, and the expressive power of the language. The tools allow you to design the characters and personalize them accordingly, as well as the writing and storytelling experience. The app can be an excellent suit for students from K to 12th Grade. It is a fully customizable tool that offers various settings, characters, and story arcs to select from. We love this app because it encourages students to think critically about the storytelling process, another critical aspect of writing. 


Storybird is one of the best English writing apps for kids that inspires children to write their own stories using an array of illustrations. Also, It is a platform that allows kids to become authors by creating encouraging narratives around professional artwork. It can also be digitally published in books. The app is an excellent fit for students from 1st to 12th Grade. It offers a vast library of images, writing options, and the ability to publish stories. It fosters creativity among the children and their love of writing by blending visual art. 

Little Writer

Little Writer is a powerful tactical kid writing app. It serves as the best letter-writing app for young children just starting to learn how to write the alphabet. Also,  The app has fun tracing games that teach kids to write numbers, letters, words, and shares. Specially designed for toddlers and kindergarten, the app is customizable for names, words, animations, and sounds to keep students engaged. Its intuitive interface makes learning to write letters exciting for the children. 

Wrapping Up

Finding the best apps to help with writing can be a game changer in their educational development. The apps mentioned in this article offer interactive and engaging ways to help children build their writing skills. It provides features from mastering the basics of grammar to enhancing creative storytelling skills. Each app is designed and developed with core educational values in mind. They are easy to use and have the ability to make learning fun! Whether your child is in elementary or middle school, the app can meet their needs wherever they are! In addition, depending upon each child’s needs and wants, you can select the app that best fits them! Most of them are available for download via your phone and are free! Enhance children’s middle and elementary school writing skills through these best writing practice apps.