How to Capture Customers Attention and Prevent Them from Leaving Your Site

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How to Capture Customers Attention and Prevent Them Clicking Away

One of the main problems that modern website builders and businesses have found is that they are facing such a high level of competition that people are more than likely to simply click away and look elsewhere. Therefore, you need to grab attention as much as possible, ensuring that customers spend time on your site and don’t disappear somewhere else at the drop of a hat. So, here are a few pointers on how to capture customers attention.

Ensure the site is well-built and designed 

This should be an obvious starting point, but if you are trying to keep customers on a site that is simply not well-built or designed in the first place, you are going to find yourself in all sorts of trouble before you have even gotten off the ground. You need to trust your website builder and designer and approve everything. Check out sites that you like that have already been well-built and designed, Taking this site as an example, the audio and visual quality is high and striking, which means that people are much more likely to stick around for longer. They then use features like good sign-up deposits and computer-generated roulette hosts to draw their customers in further. 

Keep the load times low 

Keep the load times low 

In a world in which more and more people are impatient, you can easily find that the load times are longer than they need to be. While you want your site to be well-designed, you certainly don’t want this to come at the expense of making the site take half a lifetime to load. Otherwise, people are not even going to make it over the first hurdle, so you will never be able to keep them around for any longer at all. 

Ensure images are relevant and high-res 

Often, it is the imagery that people are drawn to first when they click on a website.Ensure you have captivating, brand-relevant imagery throughout your site, as not everyone starts on the homepage. Every image should contribute to your site’s overall success.

Write attention-grabbing headlines 

While the images on your site obviously need to be high quality, the same should also be true of the headlines. They need to grab the attention of the people who see them right from the outset, and they should also communicate what you are trying to get across and what you have to offer to people. Sometimes, it is better to be simple and to the point rather than trying to beat around the bush too much and ending up not actually saying what you would like to at all. 

Make sure to have calls to action 

When people are on a website, they generally want to be led in a certain direction. Therefore, you should make sure to have calls to action that are leading them down the right path to begin with. Think about what it is that you want people to do and what you are trying to achieve from this particular page. For example, you may want to get people to sign up for your newsletter as a point of priority.

Offer an incentive for sticking around 

It is also worthwhile giving people an incentive as to why they would want to stick around in the first place. For example, it may be that you are offering a discount as a first-time customer. Perhaps you would like to encourage them to sign up for your newsletter, and you can offer a discount to do this. For many website builders and businesses, this is a useful starting point as it means that even if people end up clicking away from the site, you have their details and are able to communicate with them regardless of whether they come back again or not. 

Clear buttons 

People like to be able to navigate around a site without too much trouble. Therefore, you don’t want to hide the buttons or make them impossible to reach. Instead, they need to stand out on the page. This is especially important when you are getting people to key areas, such as the checkout. Ultimately, if people are not finding their way to the right part of the site, you need to work out why this is and do something about it sooner rather than later. 

Easy to read content 

Easy to read content 

Hopefully, if you have accomplished the elements listed above, you will have encouraged people to stick around for at least a little longer. At this stage, it is a great idea to ensure that the content is easy to read. This means not making it too dense in the first place and breaking it up with paragraphs. You also need to think about the font and how easy it is to scan. As well as this, look closer at the contrast, ensuring that people do not have to squint and struggle to make sense of what has been written on the page. 

Limited popups 

While popups can have a very useful function on a webpage (they may help to get people to sign up for a newsletter), you should avoid having too many of them as they can make people switch off and will make it much more likely that they will simply want to go elsewhere rather than sticking around for much longer.

All of these tips and tricks on how to capture customers attention and will have a major impact on ensuring that people stick around over an extended period of time. So, now is certainly the time to revisit your website and consider whether you have made the necessary changes to keep people on your website and not make them want to click off and potentially head straight to one of your competitors.