Super App Development: What You Should Know Before Starting

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Exploring the World of Super Apps

Super is the most suitable word to describe such apps. Given their superpower to offer everything in one place, “super applications” have become a major software trend that is only predicted to grow in the next few years. These types of apps are believed to have originated in Asia. They’re a fantastic option for people who’d rather not switch back and forth between several apps to complete the same chores since they offer everything they need in a single location. Super apps vary in the services they offer. For instance, many apps focus on money and baking services; others focus on lifestyle; and others focus on social media and communication. The requirements and needs of the users for whom the businesses are creating the apps determine the functions and services offered. In this article, we will highlight the main functions of super apps, popular examples and explore super app development even more. 

Main Functions of Super Apps

1.) E-banking and Wallets

E-banking and Wallets

One of the main functions found in the majority of these apps is e-banking and wallet services. As such businesses acknowledge the importance of e-banking to people now, they offer e-banking services, especially wallets. Now, users don’t need to go around carrying money and the risks it may accompany. Users can easily deposit money or sync their bank accounts with these wallets and pay for anything through QR scanners and NFC.

2.) Social Media Platform

The majority of super apps started as communication and social media platforms and always aimed to keep people connected. That is why developers keep social media and communication functions as major parts of super app development. They usually provide users with messengers and personalized feeds.

3.) Ride-Hailing Services

Ride-hailing services are also one of the main services that many super apps offer. Developers started including ride-hailing services in their apps as they gained popularity and users started using them more frequently for their simplicity and convenience. Through these apps, users can request rides and travel through their city, saving time and effort.

4.) Booking Services

Booking Services

With booking services, users can easily make bookings for almost everything. They can book rooms in hotels, tickets for concerts and events, and even train and plane tickets in some apps. This function demonstrates the usefulness and effectiveness of super apps, as users are able to save time by not having to look in many places for the most appropriate booking option. Instead, they’d be able to compare prices and benefits from all the available options in one convenient place.

Benefits of Super Apps

Wider audience reach

Super apps can also benefit businesses by providing them with a multi-function platform to reach a wider audience. By offering a range of services within a single app, businesses can attract users who might not have been interested in their individual services or products. This can help to increase brand awareness and loyalty, as well as generate sales and revenue.


Rather than going through the time- and money-consuming process of developing multiple apps for multiple purposes. Super apps give developers the chance to go through only one development process instead of many processes to make an app for each function. They can easily embed all these functions into one app. Also, if they created only one app, it wouldn’t be as hard to keep them all up-to-date, maintained, and running smoothly as it is with multiple apps. This allows businesses to devote their attention and resources elsewhere while still saving time.


The main benefit of super apps is inclusivity. The increasing number of apps emerging in all fields made it confusing and frustrating to go from one app to another. What makes super apps special is that they provide users with most of the services they need in one place. Instead of searching for a variety of different apps, you only need to download one to accomplish everything.


Examples of Super Apps


we chat

Starting off with the Chinese platform, paved the way for super app development to emerge and other super apps to join the market. WeChat started as a messaging app and kept on evolving and improving to reach its peak and become one of the first super apps to appear. WeChat provides users with a vast collection of functions. For instance, they have WeChat stores that allow businesses or even individuals with small startups to establish a store on the app and display their products. Users can easily look for and buy any product they would like from these stores with a single click, they can even pay with the built-in wallet known as the WeChat wallet. 


AliPay is one of the many services and apps that the renowned e-commerce company, Alibaba, offers. It started as an application for e-banking and e-wallet services. However, it started to expand and became one of the most popular super apps in Asia. Through Alipay, users can make all types of payments, whether in-store or online, receive money, and pay for utilities. Other than payment services, users can book tickets for movies and public transportation, request rides, and even order food from all the local restaurants around them.


Grab is a super app that originated in southeast Asia, Malaysia to be more specific. The app promotes itself as the “every day, everything” app. The app immediately gained recognition since its launch, was able to expand into new countries, and has become a fan favorite. Although it started as a ride-hailing app, it now offers users many services. These services include food and grocery delivery, sending and receiving packages, making online and in-store payments, sending and receiving cash through an e-wallet, and even investing in stocks. All this and more provide users with a convenient and simple solution to finding all that they need in one place. 

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