Sell Your App: All the Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

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From Idea to Sale: How to Sell Your App

The processes of selling and buying are two that people truly enjoy. They get to practice and maybe enhance many skills, such as creativity and negotiation. People nowadays buy and sell all sorts of things (legal things), even old ones. You can surf the internet looking for the old toy you used to play with around your grandparents’ house and voila! Someone else was selling the exact same toy. This can be applied to a variety of things, including digital products. Now, aren’t apps considered to be digital products? They are. So, can someone buy or sell an app? The answer is tots! And that is what we are going to discuss in this article. Read on to learn how you can sell your app and the best tips that will allow you to accomplish that effectively.

Is Selling Your App an Easy Process?

So, let us take this from the very start. Is selling an app an easy process? The answer to this question depends on many factors and we will be naming a few. The first factor that can affect this process is the quality of the application. The more the quality of the application increases, the better the chances it has of being sold for a good deal. The quality of the application includes the features, visuals, functions, and more included in the app, as well as the performance.

The second factor that you should take into consideration is market demand. The app market is an ever-evolving one, with demands fluctuating from one second to another. If you are lucky and your app aligns perfectly with the current demands and trends, the process of selling your app is going to be much more streamlined and profitable.

The last factor we are going to mention is the position and level of visibility of your app. If the app you intend to sell is already established, the position it has in app stores would impact the selling process. Apps that are well-known among people and have a large number of users are more likely to be sold than less visible apps.

Why Should You Sell Your App and Where?

It looks like the app-selling process is not an easy one—well, sometimes. But let us ask a better question: why should someone decide to sell their app? Just like the list of factors that can make this process easier, there is a bigger one that would drive someone to sell their app. Starting strong with the first reason, which is reaching the app’s full potential. When developers realize that this is the ultimate form the app can reach in terms of functions and even visuals, they start considering selling the app.

This takes us to the next reason, which is focusing on a bigger and different project. Developers may consider selling an app if they have a better idea that is bigger and better. Of course, this idea would need much focus, which might lead to abandoning the ongoing app. The last and most common reason is definitely financial gain. If a developer accomplishes everything needed to make an app remarkable, he would expect an enormous financial gain. This is why developers tend to consider selling an app after gaining positive feedback on the app’s performance and functions.

The where question is also very good, with a brief answer. You can easily sell your app through two methods. The first one is direct selling, which involves contacting companies and getting direct offers. This method is considered to be more safe, yet it requires a lot of effort. The second way is through platforms or, as they may call them, marketplaces. These marketplaces will allow you to sell your app by listing it and including all the necessary information. Such as the number of users, profit, and so on.

To Sell the Idea or the Whole App: Which is Easier and Better for Developers?

In your opinion, which is better, selling an app idea or selling a fully functioning app? Let me tell you that each has its pros and cons. For instance, in many cases, selling an app idea would be easier. This is because it only contains the extensive planning and research part of development. It doesn’t require any of the technical aspects that are both effort- and money-consuming.

On the other hand, the ROI and gain from selling an idea wouldn’t be this significant. This is unless the app idea is so remarkable and unique that it can take the app market by storm. In addition, selling an app idea is more exposed to theft. Since ideas are sometimes less easily protected legally than fully established products. Therefore, presenting them without intellectual property safeguards or a confidentiality contract increases the danger of theft or uncompensated replication. For those pondering selling just their app idea, for example, in Canada, it’s crucial to understand the intricacies of what can and cannot be patented to safeguard your creation effectively. To make an informed decision, you might want to learn about the basics of patentability, with a specific focus on Canadian requirements.

Selling a whole app is a different scenario. A developer won’t just be selling an app; they will be selling a whole organization, with users, positive feedback, and a good reputation. It will be consistent in the case of maintaining the app well. But, yes, there is always a but. To sell your app, you would need to go through the complex process of development, with all the coding, designing, and so on.

How Does Selling an App Benefit Developers?

Continuous Revenue Stream

When developers sell their apps, they can receive a significant amount of money all at once, which can help them get back on their feet financially or provide them with a much-needed boost. On the other hand, it could include revenue-sharing agreements or ongoing royalties to guarantee a steady flow of money.

Access to Resources and Expertise

Continuous Revenue Stream

When you sell your app to a larger firm or organization, you may tap into their marketing areas, technological expertise, and development funds, among other resources. The developer gains valuable experience and might access new prospects through this exposure.

Validation and Recognition

When another company or investor shows interest in purchasing an app, it shows that its developer has a good vision and is skilled. Acknowledgment from experts in the field may pave the way for further respect and future partnerships.

Reduced Operational Burden

Giving up control of day-to-day operations like maintenance, upgrades, and customer support is a common part of selling your app to an investor. Developers are free to concentrate on other projects or areas of development as a whole because of this.

Potential for New Product Development

The proceeds from the sale can be used to finance the creation of new digital products, like apps or improvements. By consistently inventing novel developments, developers ensure they stay ahead of the curve and competitive in the business.

What Do You Need to Sell Your App: Make Your App Eligible for a Good Deal

To effectively sell your app, you have to offer people something they have never heard of or experienced before. So, what are the things that will make your app eligible for sale?

Promotion and Marketing

Promotion and Marketing  

As we have mentioned before, the viability and position of your app can make the selling process as easy as pie. That is why one of the most important things that you should focus on is promotion and marketing. To make your app more visible, you have to start highlighting all the unique features, functions, and values that your app could offer, unlike others. This will help you establish a unique selling point, attract users, and sell your app seamlessly.

Clean Codes and Thorough Documentation

No one can buy something without being totally oblivious. With this being said, your app has to offer two invaluable things, which are clean code and documentation. Your app’s code has to be well structured, clean, and unduplicated, as this will help potential buyers understand and possibly maintain the app easier after buying it. As for the documentation, you have to provide detailed documentation about everything that goes on in the app, like APIs, algorithms, and so on. The more detailed your app documentation is, the better buyers will understand it and be more drawn to buying it.

Intuitive Design and User Interface

User Interface and Design (1)

The last thing that you need to have to sell your app effectively is an intuitive design and interface. Having an intuitive and appealing design and interface would be proof of the good user experience your app can offer. Additionally, having an appealing and advanced app design is a strength that will allow you to sell your app at a higher price.

In Conclusion

Selling your app could be the perfect opportunity. It could pave the way for you to expand, focus on bigger projects, and enhance your skills. Or just be a way to earn revenue through your creations. And it has already been a popular method for developers to start flourishing, showing off their creations and benefiting significantly from it, which led to the appearance of reseller programs. Well, not only developers can now benefit from their creation and start reselling, but even if you are a tech enthusiast with little to no coding knowledge, you can easily do so with Nandbox!

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