Top Nine Apps That Achieved Overnight Success: A Detailed Guide

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9 Overnight Success Apps That Will Change Your Life

It is no secret that modern media and great technological progress can be powerful drivers of success. With the rise of mobile apps and the expansion of the market over the years, the speed of success has been increasing exponentially. It is not unheard of for an app to achieve incredible success overnight. Overnight success is absolutely not based on pure luck. Overnight success is usually achieved after many months or even years of hard work and dedication. This is what truly led the 10 spectacular apps on our list to be one of the most popular apps and achieve this significant success. This article will explore how these 10 apps skyrocketed in a single day.


zoom (3)

Imagine not only developing an app that absolutely changes how the world works but also getting 2.13 million downloads in just one day! It might sound impossible, but that is how things worked for Eric Yuan, the proud developer of Zoom. Zoom is a leading video communication and conference app. It was founded in 2012 and successfully hit 1 million downloads in 2013.

However, 2020 was the time when we witnessed many successful cases. In the case of Zoom, it was the perfect combination of an innovative product and the right timing. This made it one of the most downloaded apps in a single day. It was the beginning of the pandemic era when social distancing was the new norm, and Zoom was the perfect tool for communication. It allowed people to stay in touch, even when they were miles apart. People use it either for work purposes or personal purposes. It had everything any user would need: high-quality video chats and calls, and group chats that could take up to 100 users. With its reliable, flexible, and secure features, Zoom became an instant hit, and it continues to be popular to this day.


Late is really better than never. It took the creators of WhatsApp almost ten years to develop the messaging app. Since then, it has become vital to people all over the globe. WhatsApp was created by two former Yahoo! employees in 2009. But in 2019, it finally brought them the success they deserved. The founders thought about solving a problem that faced mobile users back then, which was messaging. They wanted to give people a platform where messaging is easier and free to use. After many trials and errors, WhatsApp came into existence in 2009. Users immediately flooded the founder’s inbox with praise and requests for more.

The app continued to skyrocket in popularity after it was acquired by Facebook. It now has over 2 billion users, making it one of the most used apps in the world. There is also WhatsApp Business Platform for more formal things. There is also WhatsApp Business Platform used primarily for business communication purposes. It provides a set of tools and features that enable businesses to interact with their customers. Companies like Dexatel offer integration services to connect businesses with the WhatsApp Business API. This integration allows businesses to send notifications, provide customer support, and engage with customers through WhatsApp. It is regularly updated and enhances features like end-to-end encryption and voice and video calls. This is truly how a simple idea can become a huge success with the right timing and dedication.

Among Us

The mere mention of its name will automatically bring back memories, or more specifically, imposters. The game “Among Us” is a shining example of the power of gaming apps and their ability to bring joy to people all over the world. Developed by Innersloth, the game was released in 2018, but it didn’t really take off until 2020. The game became an overnight success with gamers of all ages and was quickly proclaimed as the best game of 2020. It was estimated that it had over 264 million downloads in one year. The game has become so popular that it has even spawned a great fan base. They even came up with custom-made levels. It really demonstrated how a game can become a success if it has the right combination of elements and a devoted fan base.


The success story of Widgetsmith is yet another testament to the power of the App Store. Before the launch of iOS 14, which let users add widgets and customize their home screens, Widgetsmith was here to the rescue. David Smith, the creator, has been developing apps since the app store’s inception. David Smith said that he had developed more than 50 apps before his breakthrough.

Widgetsmith is an app that allows users to customize their home screens with widgets. The app’s real take-off was in 2020. It had more than 2 million downloads in just 2-3 weeks and became the top free app on the Apple App Store many weeks later. The app is praised for its easy-to-use interface and its ability to customize the home screen with beautiful widgets. It has become a favorite of many users, as it gave them a chance to customize their home screen in many ways and give their artistic side a chance.

Pokemon Go

Pika Pika! You possibly can’t forget how Pokémon Go swept people off their feet, almost everyone was playing it. The success of Pokémon Go is another example of how an app can become a global phenomenon overnight. Developed by Niantic, the game was released in 2016. It quickly became an instant hit. The game took off mainly in all countries, and it accomplished great numbers. Everyone was talking about it on every social media platform. The game was praised for its augmented reality features, backstory, and adventures, which allow players to explore the world and capture virtual Pokémon. The game has become a global sensation since day one; it was estimated that it had over 100 million downloads in just one week, and by 2019, it had reached 1 billion downloads.


tiktok (1)

Everybody loves tiktok! Tiktok is a powerful platform at the moment, and it is used by all age ranges. It was launched in 2016 by ByteDance and quickly gained popularity among its users. What made Tiktok a success was its creative and fun content, as it allowed users to create and share their own videos. Growing your TikTok audience can significantly increase your visibility and influence on the platform, enhancing the success and reach of your creative content. It was one of the first apps to offer such services, and that is why it became an overnight success. The platform has become a great success due to its unique and innovative content, and it continues to dominate all app charts to this day.


You definitely remember the day you opened any social media platform and it was flooded with edited and AI-generated photos of people being older; even many celebrities participated. Faceapp is a photo-editing app that rose to fame in a single day. The app, created by Yaroslav Goncharov, was released in 2016. It quickly gained popularity among users looking to make their photos more beautiful or humorous. What made FaceApp a success was its easy-to-use interface and its wide range of features. It was one of the first apps to offer such features, and that is why it became an overnight success. It is now one of the most popular photo-editing apps in the world.



Uber is a ride-sharing app that has changed the way people all around the world commute. It offered them a safe, easy, and fast way to do so. It has had tremendous success since its initial release. Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp came up with the idea while attending a conference in Paris. They couldn’t find a cab or another mode of transportation and then realized how frustrating it must be for people to find a way to commute, especially late at night. The idea kept getting bigger and better until it was officially launched in 2010. It quickly gained popularity among users who needed a convenient and efficient way to get around. It quickly became an astonishing success and was downloaded millions of times. What made Uber a success were its affordable rides and its reliable service.


The notification is here; you have two minutes to share a picture of what you are currently doing and be real. The two founders, Alexis Barreyat and Kevin Perreau saw that when we share a picture on any of the social media platforms, it usually only shows the best of us in a neat and organized form. The founders intended to develop a social media app where users could post their pictures without any glamorizing. Instead of showing yourself neatly on a day out, the app forces you to take a picture of yourself doing whatever you want, whether you are having a lazy day or laying around watching movies—just being real.

The app was an instant hit, especially among people of a young age, such as college and high school students. The app first launched in 2020; however, it didn’t achieve this exceptional success until March 2022. It witnessed a growth rate of 315% in users, and it got downloaded more than 2.7 million times in March alone.

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