High-End Watch Exhibitions and Events

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Luxury Watch Fairs and Events

Whether you’re looking to admire valuable collectibles or learn about new trends and technological developments, there are many luxury watch fairs and events for you to attend. Find the one that best fits your style.

This multi-day trade show in New York City is geared towards consumers and collectors. It features panel discussions, presentations and the opportunity to try on watches.

Watch Time

Watch Time New York

The annual Watch Time New York is a major event for watch collectors. It is held in Gotham Hall in mid-October and typically sells out quickly. The event requires pre-registration and offers a full program of demonstrations, panel discussions, and presentations. It is an excellent place to meet other watch enthusiasts and learn from the industry’s best.

If you’re in the market for a new luxury watch, attending one of the luxury watch events is an excellent opportunity to see the latest models. This year, the show will feature 28 exhibiting brands. Some of the brands will offer limited-edition watches, while others will be showcasing their current collections. It’s also a great way to meet watchmakers and collectors from all over the world.

For those who can’t make it to a physical fair, there are several online events that allow you to see the latest luxury watches from the comfort of your home. These virtual shows are fast, efficient, and entertaining. They can help you find a watch that matches your personal style and budget.

Longines, a Swiss watchmaker founded in 1892, is known for its traditional and elegant watches. Its position as the official timekeeper of many sports events has strengthened its brand image, attracting clients with an interest in tradition and elegance. In addition, the company promotes its products with high-profile events and partnerships. Its website features videos and social media posts that explain the brand’s values and history. These campaigns are designed to attract potential customers and build customer loyalty. The company also uses email marketing to reach customers and educate them on its latest products. This strategy has helped Longines increase its online sales. Its e-commerce platform is a popular destination for customers worldwide.

Windup Watch Fair

Windup Watch Fair

Founded by the founders of Worn & Wound, Windup has become an important platform for emerging watch brands. The fairs, which also take place in Chicago and San Francisco, serve as a lively and approachable space where both hardcore enthusiasts and casual observers are welcome to explore timepieces. In contrast to the decades-old boutique experiences offered by legacy brands. Most of the watches displayed at Windup were designed specifically for the event. Many were prototypes that had arrived just a few days before the fair opened. Additionally, some of these brands were making their in-person debuts at Windup for the first time.

This year was the largest edition of Windup ever, with brand booths filling up two floors of the Altman Building in the heart of New York City. The lineup featured a lot of microbrands, but it also included a number of established names like Seiko and Fortis. The selection was more diverse than ever before, and included a number of EDC (everyday carry) products like wallets and knives.

In addition to the plethora of watches on offer, Windup hosted a variety of programming. There were panel discussions, meet-and-greets, and a live stream of the Watchmakers’ Symposium. I was particularly struck by the work of a young designer who created an entire collection based on the concept of “time travel.” This concept is an interesting idea that I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for in future releases from this young and talented artist.

The Windup Watch Fair will return to Chicago next year and is already being touted as the premier consumer-focused watch event in 2024. I’m excited to see how the show evolves in the coming years and hope to connect with some of the incredible makers there in person.

NAWCC 2024 Symposium

The NAWCC 2024 Symposium presents a unique opportunity for watch enthusiasts to delve into horology. Held at the General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen of the City of New York on West 44th Street, this event features expert lectures from around the world, alongside participation in the Windup Watch Fair and a meeting of RedBar, an online watch collecting group affiliated with the NAWCC.

A highlight of the symposium is a special event honoring iconic collectors who have recognized the historical, technological, and cultural value of clocks and watches. Renowned speakers in horology, including Jonathan Betts MBE and Oliver Cooke from England, will be part of this time-themed conference, featuring programs highlighting legendary collectors and their significant collections.

Attendees can also enjoy bonus sessions and tours, such as an honorary tribute to renowned horological illustrator John Redfern, a special tour of the horological collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and a day-long field trip to the Morris Museum in New Jersey, renowned for its antique automata and mechanical music collection. The program is curated by specialists from England, Germany, and America.

Bob Frishman, a former Congressional speechwriter and regular contributor to Patek Philippe magazine, offers richly-illustrated non-technical lectures tailored to various groups interested in horology. These talks, running for no more than an hour, are provided at no charge to service organizations, historical societies, senior centers, and other interested groups. Bob Frishman is also a member of the Academy of the Grand Prix de Horlogerie de Genève.


Founded in New York City by a group of watch-loving friends, Red Bar has become the global hub for local collectors’ gatherings. With dozens of chapters worldwide, these groups meet regularly, some weekly like in NYC, hosting local events, field trips, and other horological activities. A familiar sight for many, Red Bar meetups often feature tables adorned with watches in dimly lit bars.

The Red Bar community exudes contagious enthusiasm for horology, evident at every event. Beyond the allure of rare and expensive timepieces, it’s the shared passion, social connections, and sense of belonging that define the experience.

Apart from Red Bar meetups, major US watch publications like HODINKEE and Worn & Wound also organize public events, offering additional opportunities for watch enthusiasts to connect. From intimate dinners to grand fairs, these events celebrate new releases, highlight specific brands, and feature keynote speakers, fostering interactions between brands and collectors.

With this year’s slew of luxury watch events coming up in the US, there is no shortage of opportunities to get together with fellow enthusiasts and collectors, see some beautiful timepieces and learn from the best in the business. Whether you’re in New York for WatchTime 2024, the Windup Watch Fair, or Cellini Jewelers’ Meet The Watchmakers event, there’s something to appeal to all tastes and interests.

Meet The Watchmakers

Until recently, many luxury watch fairs were exclusive events bringing together collectors and industry VIPs to socialize and preview new releases. While that is still true for some of these events, many are now opening their doors to the general public to celebrate the horological artform in a less formal setting.

One of the most popular examples is the biennial Only Watch auction, which takes place in midtown Manhattan and brings in thousands of watch enthusiasts over a two-day period. This event features shows, presentations, panels, and educational sessions that are open to anyone who wants to attend. It also includes an exclusive cocktail party and watch show on the opening night, as well as a “Watch Rally” where attendees use their smartphones to locate participating boutiques and emblematic sites across the city.

Another popular event is WatchTime 2024, which is taking place this year from October 17-21 in New York City. While this is a luxury watch event that requires a ticket to attend, it is open to the general public and offers a variety of exhibitions and workshops, as well as panel discussions and dinners. It is the perfect opportunity for aspiring watch lovers to meet and connect with industry professionals and fellow enthusiasts.

While the word “watchmaker” may conjure images of a wizened man with a loupe affixed to his face, there is a whole new breed of independent makers that are shaking things up in the world of horology. These young artisanal makers often receive schooling in a range of disciplines, including art and physics, but they infuse an untraditional aesthetic into their work, attracting a burgeoning following among both wide-eyed newcomers and seasoned collectors.