How to Make an App Like Practo: The Complete Guide

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How to Make an App Like Practo: The Complete Guide

As the healthcare industry grows, there is more and more need for cutting-edge medical technology. For an entrepreneur in the healthcare industry, it can be hard to make a successful app for healthcare. This article aims to show you how to make and release an app like Practo, which is one of the best healthcare apps out there right now. We will talk about the most important elements and strategies for your app’s success. From the idea to the finished product. This article will offer helpful tips on how to make your healthcare app stand out in a crowded market. That is regardless of whether you’re a startup or an established company.

What Is Practo and Why Is It Leading the Healthcare Market?

Users of the healthcare app Practo can look up and schedule doctor appointments, see their medical histories and data, order medications, and request teleconsultations. Additionally, it provides a symptom checker, health advice, and storage for medical documents. It can be used in many countries and on many devices, like Android, iOS, and the web. Moreover, patients frequently use it to locate and schedule doctor appointments. They also use it to see their medical histories and data, purchase medications, and receive teleconsultation.

How to Make an App Like Practo and Form Where to Start

The first thing that needs to be done is for you to understand exactly why you are creating this app. Think about your goal. What are you aiming for with this app? Defining your purpose will give you a clear picture of who should be your target audience. Find out what makes your app special by researching your competitors. This will assist you in developing a thorough project plan by dividing the project’s development into achievable parts and setting a deadline for completion. Create wireframes and prototypes for your app’s user interface after that. You will be able to better picture how the app will seem and work thanks to this. You can read our article about the top medical scheduling apps for more information.

Key Features to Add to an App Like Practo

There are certain features that should be added to medical or health roster applications. Here are some of the features that we think are mandatory to have in your healthcare app like Practo:

Appointment booking:

An appointment booking feature is a must-have for an app that provides that service. Patients should be able to book their appointments efficiently and with complete and absolute ease.

Data storage:

Users aka patients will need to fill in their info. That is for your app to store it for futuristic usage.

Search module:

Search module

Users will need to search in an easy way for doctors they need. To get their details like contact info and other user reviews.

Video chats:

This feature should be integrated to facilitate the tele-consultation services of doctors and patients.

Rating feature:

Rating feature

Ratings and reviews provide doctors and medical practitioners with honest feedback from patients. These reviews will help others see if that certain medic will be a good fit for him or her.

Delivery services feature:

With a healthcare application, you’ll need to make it available for users to order any medicine prescribed for them by a doctor or any pharmaceuticals needed, and have medical delivery services to make the delivery. With this option, users will feel that their lives have been made easier by reducing time-consuming activities.

Symptom checker feature:

This feature can help users or patients check off the symptoms they have to make it easier for their doctors to filter down their results and rule out certain diseases or illnesses.

Health reminders:

The app should give patients useful health tips and alerts. Like when to take their medicine or make an appointment for their next check-up.

Secured messaging feature:

Secured messaging

Your users should have the option of messaging their doctors securely without the risk of any doctor-patient confidentiality being broken.

Push notifications:

You should limit the number of push notifications in your app, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important, as they alert patients to upcoming checkups or general health information.

How Much Will It Cost You to Make an App Like Practo

The cost of creating a healthcare app like Practo varies depending on various factors. Some of these factors include the application’s complexity, number of features, location, and background of the development team. An app similar to Practo may cost anywhere between $30,000 and $100,000, or possibly more, depending on the complexity of the app and the services you are interested in including. Remember that this is simply an estimate, and the final cost will depend on the precise specifications of your project. Also, you need to think about recurring costs like hosting, maintenance, and upgrades. You might consider finding an unlimited bandwidth vps for your app.

The Time It Will Take You to Make an App Like Practo

Again, this will vary depending on several things. like the size of your development team, their level of professionalism, and the level of your app’s complexity. The average time it could take, as an estimate, will be from four to six months. However, sometimes it could take more, depending on how complicated your app gets and how many features you add. It’s crucial to keep in mind that there are various steps to the development process, including requirement gathering, design, programming, testing, and deployment. Depending on the team working on it and the intricacy of the features, each step can take a varying amount of time.

How nandbox; A No-Code Native App Builder Can Help You Make an App Like Practo

Let me first familiarize you with the concept of a no-code app builder. No-code app builders require no prior knowledge of any coding, programming, or developing languages. You can simply learn how to make an app like Practo within minutes using nandbox’s native app builder. Furthermore, with nandbox, you can easily choose which features you’d like to have in your app, drag and drop them, and voila! you have an app. A no-code solution is the best when it comes to saving time, effort, and money.

Finally, you won’t need a team of developers who take forever to build you an app. Additionally you won’t need app designers who don’t understand your branding vision as well as you do. All of that is solved with our no-code app builder. You can sign up for our app builder and enjoy a 14-day free trial to try it out and see how everything works. Moreover, we provide you with a detailed documentation section that helps you through your app-making journey. nandbox’s documentation facilitates the process of navigating our app builder and has everything you need to know about our features and modules.