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Your App, Your Entity

Your shopping app shows up branded, on Google Play and the App Store, with your entity’s logo, images, and colors.

Unique Experience

Explore modules, functionalities, and options that are installed on your app with a click of a button.

Proven Technology

Save time, money, and effort with reliable, secure, and mobile app for your shopping app.

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Mobile Store

Set up and manage your mobile store smoothly. You can create more than one store for different vendors.


Payment Gateways

Integrate with the payment gateway of your choice and get paid faster; nandbox integrates with Paypal, Stripe, and more!


Engagement Campaigns

Create engagement campaigns to boost your daily app usage, build a rapport with your clients that will last for years!


Digital Wallets

Launch loyalty programs and indulge your clients with loyalty points and promo codes.


Offer Multiple Payment Options

Whether it’s Paypal, Stripe or any of the other payment options, you only need to drag and drop the payment gateway of your choice, set your credentials, and enjoy tracking your profit.

Deliver Seamless Experience

Include an in-app messenger, broadcasting channels, and build a whole community around your brand. Your customers can share reviews on your products and promote your brand among their friends.

Manage Your Store

Follow payment orders, segment your customers for promotional campaigns, and update your product listings from your nandbox dashboard wherever and whenever you want.


Create Tiered Plans

Further customise your product and add tiered plans to give your clients more flexibility in their choice!

Seamless Ordering Process

With the user-friendly interface of the shopping app, the ordering process has never been easier!

Build Multiple Stores For Each Vendor

With nandbox app builder, you have the option to include more than one store for each line of product or vendor.

Launch Targeted Ads and Promotions

Publish, schedule, and target offers, ads, and promotions to your segmented customers.


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