Connecting New Mothers: Developing Community Apps Like Peanut

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Building Community Apps for New Mothers: A Guide Inspired by Peanut

Motherhood is a challenge, and mothers often, at different stages, feel alone in their struggle. Now, with technology, things are better; there are so many ways for mothers to find out they’re not alone. Community apps are one example of how women can connect, show solidarity, and share tips and ideas. This article guides you through creating community apps like Peanut for mothers in their different stages with the nandbox app builder.

The Call for Apps Like Peanut

“It’s our duty to ensure no woman has to do it alone.” Stated Michelle Kennedy, the CEO of Peanut. No one can understand what a woman goes through, but another who’s going through the same. Other people, like men and older women, feel isolated from the experience of motherhood. Moreover, at times, a new mother can feel like she’s doing something wrong or that the hardships she faces are her fault, which is untrue. She needs to listen to another voice telling her she’s not alone and that it will be alright.

Not to mention that some mothers feel they shouldn’t seek professional help, which is wrong in many cases, like postpartum depression. In this case, advice or a referral from another woman will save her life.

In all cases, showing solidarity helps make things easier, and there’s no better way to do it than through an app. The new (and old) generation of mothers warmed up to using apps extensively daily. With so much on their hands, it’s easier for mothers to reach their smartphones and find the app.

Must-Have Features in a Community App

Location Services

Location Services

Location services will help mothers from the same area find one another. This will be the basis of the community app, as people from the same neighborhood or city can communicate and find relatable content on the app. They can also meet up and have an outing with their kids. Meeting up is highly beneficial, as sometimes mothers, especially new ones, get busy and forget about going out for fun.


A chat function, one-on-one or in a group, will be another pillar of the community app. Mothers will get to know one another, give tips, and share experiences. And for sure, they will share milestones of their children; no one wants to listen to a mother blabber about her kids nonstop, except another mother who needs to blabber about hers too.


Channels are like groups, except that only the admin can send messages and media to them. Other community members can chat privately with the admin if they have questions. The app creator can create multiple channels, each for a different stage in motherhood, from mothers trying to conceive to ones going through menopause. The admin will share tips, stories, and ideas in each channel relevant to its topic.

News Feed

The news feed is a more general way of making announcements. The announcement can be related to the app or other general tips and tricks to navigate motherhood. The posts can include media for visual learners, like infographics and videos. And it can include links to other websites with helpful articles. Users can engage with the posts by liking, commenting, and sharing.


Events unite people, and mothers love an excuse to leave the house. The app can offer events like playdates, coffee mornings, and workshops. Mothers can sign up for events and indicate their interest. The app can also show the number of attendees and who’s going. This feature helps mothers who feel anxious about going to events alone; they can chat with other mothers who will be attending the same event beforehand.

A Blog

A Blog

A blog is perfect for mothers to get information after their kids are asleep. They can read detailed information about many topics. The creator of the app can hire experts to share their input and provide accurate information to save mothers from false information flooding the internet. To add a blog to your app with nandbox, start with a blank page, add text and images, and then customize it how you like.

Voice and Video Calls

Voice and Video Calls (1)

Voice and video calls are a great addition to the community app. Mothers can have virtual playdates or call each other when they need to talk. It’s an excellent way to connect with other mothers and get support when they need it. Moreover, they can get one-on-one time with a specialist when they need professional help.

Privacy Settings

Privacy settings are essential for a community app. The app should include settings to control who can see the user’s information and posts. The app should also have a reporting system for inappropriate behavior.

What is the nandbox App Builder?

The nandbox app builder was launched in 2016 to provide a solution for businesses looking to build an app without technical knowledge. The native app builder is easy to use, incorporating a drag-and-drop approach and intuitive customization. It doesn’t take much to get the hang of the platform, and developers ensure users can finalize their apps without external help. With a large variety of features, users can create many app categories like community apps, messengers, school apps, sports apps, news apps, content creation apps, and many more.

Creating Apps like Peanut with the nandbox app builder

As mentioned above, the nandbox native no-code app builder is easy to use, with documentation to help the creator understand how to get the best out of every feature. Sign up now to try all the features for free.

After signing up, you get templates to pick from and customize, similar to popular apps. They give you a kickstart and help you find suitable features for your app.

After picking one of the templates, or a blank one, you can add a logo and name for your app and design the app’s colors and layout. Then, you can drag and drop features to the home or side menu and configure them. The next step involves managing settings, including user settings, where you can control who gets access to the app for more privacy and security. Finally, you can test and submit your app for publication to get the word out.