Choose from More than 400 Community App Features and Build Your Community App!

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Choose from More than 400 Community App Features and Build Your Community App!

Choosing the suitable community app features for your app might be tricky, but with more than 400 features in the nandbox app builder, you can create your app within minutes! When you create a community app, you have the option to keep it within your own exclusive group of users or to publish it on both the App Store and the Google Play Store, where it will be found alongside other well-known apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

You can build community apps around any specific goal, topic, or theme. Which allows users to interact with each other as much as they want. The best part about this type of app is that it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.


nandbox app builder allows you to create your community app and be ready for your first member in just a few hours.

nandbox Community App Features:

  1. News feed.
  2. Instant messaging.
  3. Push notifications.
  4. Publishing Events.
  5. Unlimited channels.
  6. Tracking & map searching.
  7. Media gallery.
  8. Android &IOS at the same time.




How To Build Community Apps with Tons of Features via nandbox?

You might think it takes a lot of knowledge and time, but it doesn’t with the nandbox app builder.

A) Sign up for a nandbox account.

B) Select your template.

C) Customize your app in detail.

D) Build your app.



The Benefits Of Building A Community App:

1. Sense Of Community

The first benefit of building a community app is that it helps build a sense of community among people who share similar interests. When people feel connected to each other, they tend to have higher levels of trust and respect for each other.

They would be willing to help others and give advice if asked. In addition, they would be more likely to follow the rules set forth by the community.


2. Branding Mixed With Free Marketing

By managing a community app, you have full control over customization and user management tools, unique community app features make your app stand out in your targeted market. At the same time, when people use community apps, they’re likely to tell their friends about them.

This means that word-of-mouth advertising becomes much easier. Your brand will get exposure to a wider audience if you only advertise online.


3. Instant Feedback

Instant feedback helps companies improve their services and products. Also collecting feedback from your community will make every member of it feel some ownership of this app and it will not be just like any other app for her/him.


4. Social Proof

People are more likely to purchase something when they know that others are doing the same thing. Using a community app lets you show off your brand to potential customers. People will notice how many users are using your app and may decide to try it out themselves.


5. Retention

Retention is the number of times people use a product or service. When people use a product or service often, they are likely to continue using it.


6. Data Collection

Community apps allow businesses to collect data about their customers. This helps companies understand their customer base and improve their service. Companies can learn about their customers’ demographics, interests, and behaviors.


7. Friendly Customer Service

By having a community app, you give your customers a direct way to contact you. Customers can ask questions, report problems, or simply say thank you. Having a community app makes customer service easier and faster.


Try the nandbox app builder and build your community app on the best platform to build an online community.