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50% Off Promo Code on Creating Community Apps

This year, our Canada Day celebration has a different look and feel, due to COVID-19; No mass gatherings, but social distancing and masks. However, we can celebrate and share our feelings safely and with new achievements.

Canada Day with nandbox is also different!

nandbox Native App Builder is giving away a 50% discount for the coming three months to create your own Community App. Connect your family, neighbors, friends, and fellows and delight them with the best wishes right on your app.

Your Community App can support a full in-app messenger, channels of unlimited subscribers, groups of up to 10,000 members, a mobile store, events management, and a pool of other features. No coding needed, but drag and drop the features you need and create a native community app like a pro.

No hosting is needed either since your community app is native and hosted-ready. Use the promo code NDBXCAD50 and get your 50% off upon subscription. Offer is valid till August 1st, 2020.

Contact us at support@nandbox.com if you need assistance or have any questions.

P.S. You don’t have to be a Canadian to seize this offer; Canada Day is a holiday for everyone!

To all Canadians, nandbox is sending the warmest wishes to have a peaceful and delightful holiday.

Stay safe and healthy.

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