Developing a Community App for Pet Lovers with nandbox

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Developing a Community App for Pet Lovers with nandbox

We’ve all had this moment when we shared pictures of our pets, and our friends didn’t have the same enthusiasm. Only fellow pet lovers will understand your adoration for the little furry friends. Let’s face it, you want to see cute pictures and videos of other cats and dogs and hear their sentimental rescue stories. Now you can start an exclusive community mobile application for pet lovers and share the cutest moments with them. This article will show how and what features to add using the nandbox no-code app builder.

What You Can Do with the App

1.) Share Pets Pictures

Share Pets Pictures

Who doesn’t love pictures of pets? In chat groups, members can share cute moments of their pets chasing shadows or having existential crises.

2.) Ask for Advice

Raising a cat or dog isn’t as easy as it seems. Sometimes you get stuck and want to ask for help. If you’re seeking pet advice, you can create groups just for that, where fellow pet owners can share their experiences and offer guidance. Or you can start an “Is it Normal?” Facebook group for new owners who find it weird that their cats are sprinting on furniture at 3 AM.

3.) Arrange a Playdate

What’s better than finding nearby pet-friendly parks to meet your pet-loving friends and have a picnic while watching your furry friends have fun? Nothing. With location sharing, you can share the park’s exact location; so your friends don’t get lost.

4.) Look for Dog Walkers

Look for Dog Walkers (1)

Sometimes dog owners are too busy to walk their dogs and must find someone reliable to take on the mission. Your app can come to the rescue, offering the best dog walkers in town. Both parties can chat individually and arrange the pickup point and payment.

5.) Sell Pet Supplies

Want to make some money out of your app? Set up a customizable e-store, collaborate with vendors, and sell good quality pet supplies at reasonable prices. App members will appreciate having everything in one place.

6.) Make a Blog that Shares Pet Stories

As mentioned before, everybody loves hearing adorable pet stories. You can ask members to share theirs and feature them weekly in a blog post.

7.) Donate to Pet Shelters

Pet shelters suffer a lot from a lack of resources. A donation portal will enable you and others to give back and help those in need. You can help with your app by encouraging members to donate any amount to their shelter of choice.

Features that Make the Best Pet Community Application


Channels are similar to group chats, except only administrators can send messages. You could set up a channel for different topics, and if members want to contribute to a topic, they can message the admin privately.The channels can also look like a gallery for sharing pictures, so you can create channels to share pet pictures and videos of American bulldogs, chihuahuas, or golden retrievers. Channels can also be used for announcements and updates.


A community app is foremost about having friends with like-minded people. Users can get to know one another with a built-in messenger, which you can add to your app with the nandbox app builder. Members can chat and share tips in groups or one-on-one for better bonding. Moreover, they can make audio or video calls to say hello with their pets jumping on the counter in the background.


An e-store is where you can set up shop and sell pet supplies. such as dog repellent for yard or dental and breath care products. You can add prices, stock availability, product add-ons, bundles, and multi-tiered products. Customers will get multiple payment gateways to pay with their preferred payment method.

Location Services

Location Services (1)

GPS services are lifesavers today. No one has to memorize addresses anymore. Members can share vets’ locations, supply stores, and more. They can also share their locations in chats; so they don’t get lost when they meet up. If your e-store has a physical shop, you can add its location for people who prefer offline shopping to find it easily.


The nandbox app builder recently introduced this feature, which will help you add a payment portal to your app. The workflow feature allows integrations with third-party backend systems to serve as an interface for any payment gateway.


Pages are like blank canvases for you to do whatever you wish. This is where you can start your blog. You can add and customize the layout, any text, and pictures. You can add links, videos, music players, and many more.

Push Notifications

Keep your users engaged by sending push notifications about new pet-related content or promotions on your e-store. You can also use push notifications to remind users of upcoming playdates or events they may want to attend.

Pet Adoption Portal

Consider partnering with local pet shelters to create a pet adoption portal within your app. Users can browse adoptable pets, learn about the adoption process, and even submit adoption applications through the app. Not only will this help pets find homes, but it will also make your app a one-stop shop for all things pet-related.

The nandbox App Builder

The nandbox app builder is a native no-code app builder with a drag-and-drop approach. It was launched in 2016 in Ontario, Canada, to make creating a native available to everyone without technical knowledge. Anyone can create an app with native functionality without learning any programming.

Creating an app entails making design choices, adding features, configuring settings, testing, and launching. Nothing is too complicated or technical. The app builder has over 50 unique features, and more updates are in the works. These features enable the creation of an array of apps in various categories. Not only can you create a community app for any community, but you can also build messengers, an app for e-commerce, an app for donations, an app for booking events, an app for e-wallets, and more.

All you have to do is go to the nandbox official website and click on “Get Started” to pick a template and sign up. The templates are there to help you, but you can customize them to create a distinctive app. An exceptional journey with your pet community app is awaiting you.