Leading No-Code Startups to Follow in 2023

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Software development has come a long way in the last few decades. It aims to make work easier for programmers, and now it also targets non-technical programmers, enabling them to build solutions without learning to code. Now, startups are adopting the no-code movement due to its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use. Here are the best no-code startups in 2023 that prove the success of no-coding solutions.

What Are No-Code Startups?

No-code platforms require no programming, as established before. They usually incorporate a graphical user interface (GUI) that is attractive and easy to use. Users add and arrange features by dragging and dropping them.

No-code startups have products developed using a no-code platform without hiring a developer to write code.

Types of no-code startups include productivity tools, automation tools, website builders, and app builders.

Benefits of No-Code for Startups

  • It’s cost-effective: No-code platforms usually cost a monthly or annual subscription, whereas coding requires hiring dedicated design and development teams.
  • It saves time: No-code tools take less time to be developed than tools developed with coding, easily a fraction of the time.
  • It’s efficient: Now, small businesses and startups can turn their ideas into real tools and software effectively. They can spend resources on other aspects, like project management, marketing, and sales.

A List of the Best No-Code Startups

Ungated Media

Kevin Kelly, the founding editor of Wired, introduced the idea of the 100 true fans in 2008. If you’re creative, you don’t need millions of fans. You need 1,000 true fans. The difference is that fans would listen to a song or two if you’re a musician. A true fan would travel miles to see you perform live, listen to every demo and B-side, and buy all your merchandise.

Ungated media, a website made by the no-code website builder Webflow, helps you connect with your 1000 true fans without having to do online marketing or depend on social media reach through coaching and the Ungated Media online community. The community is for anyone doing anything “remotely creative.” Ungated Media has a revenue of $15,000 per month.


Teal is a platform that helps people organize their job-hunting attempts and find better results through resume building, LinkedIn profile reviewing, job tracking, and more.

The startup used various no-coding platforms to create its tool. It used Bubble for its app, Webflow for its website, Airtable for database management, and Typeform for surveys. The startup connected all these platforms using Zapier, an online automation tool.

From day one, the company found that no-code tools helped them save money and resources, as they still operate with a small team, focusing on improving their product. Moreover, the no-code approach was effective, inciting investors to fund Teal with $11 million.

Roast My Landing Page

Oliver Meakings started the website Roast My Landing Page to unsurprisingly roast landing pages—Hold on; it’s better than it sounds. Meakings served as a consultant for SaaS businesses and startups that recently created a new website. They send a roast request, and within 48 hours, they get a response.

The roast is a 15-minute private video of Oliver Meakings giving tips on how the company can improve its landing page and get more customers. A customized audit is also included with the service including more tips for website improvement.

Meakings served more than 800 happy customers and gets revenue of $4k per month on average. He assures customers that they will get a refund if they’re unsatisfied with the service if the improvements don’t result in more conversions. The service costs $350.



WXLLSPACE is a platform that connects artists with real estate agents. The idea came from the founder Jordan Giha, a seasoned real estate developer and an artist. He connects painters and muralists looking for jobs with agents who want to paint walls or properties as owners request.

The companies can view the list of artists and their work before selecting the artist and approving their design. Then, the artist can start the project right away.

WXLLSPACE is a trustworthy platform, free of scams, as the startup itself ensures all exchanges are authentic. The contract between the property owners and the artists is a blockchain-based smart contract. The platform is responsible for handling any compliance issues. Airtable, Zapier, and Webflow are the tools that Giha used to build the platform. The company generates more than $2500 per month in revenue.

The Pickling Club

The Pickling Club helps companies generate their first $100k in revenue. Giulia Cian Seren, a self-employed digital marketing consultant, started The Pickling Club to share her expertise and help small businesses drive online sales. The help comes as personalized advice, tips, and techniques. Providing the logistics and technical support as well, overall, the website is like an ongoing workshop that gets small businesses to their goals faster and easier. If unsatisfied, they get their money back in 30 days window.

Currently, the website has around 30 businesses that have faith in Seren. They come from 10 countries, and thanks to them, The Picking Club makes $3000+ a month.

The Weekend Club

Bootstrappers are founders who depend on personal money or existing resources to build their startups instead of investors or any external help. The Weekend Club is just for them, with founders of 60 startups sharing their expertise and resources and offering discounts or any sort of help. Community members meet IRL or virtually twice a week and every Saturday. They get advice from marketing, finance, and research experts, available any time on Slack or during monthly office hours. The founders of the Weekend Club make an average of a monthly $3000.

You can also become one of the most successful no-code startups on the market. All you have to do is find a reliable no-coding platform to build your app, like the nandbox native app builder. Sign up and try it now!