Skyscraper Link Building Technique: The Way to Limitless Success

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The Ultimate Guide to Link Building Skyscraper Technique: Boost Your Website’s SEO

What do you feel when you see a skyscraper? You probably feel overwhelmed by the gigantic building lying before you. You are also probably wondering how amazing it would be to be on top and look at everything from a more outlandish and elevated perspective. This can be done in two different ways. The first, which is actual, is that it can be done easily, as luckily the world has many skyscrapers where you can have this out-of-this-world experience. On the other hand, the second way, which is metaphorical, would require much determination and hard work to feel this way. This feeling is superior to any of us, especially when we are trying to accomplish success. So, if you are a business or website owner aiming to experience the elevation of success, this article is for you. Read this article to learn all about the famous link-building technique, skyscraper.

An Overview of the Skyscraper Technique

So, what exactly is the skyscraper technique? The skyscraper technique is a somewhat brand-new and novel technique that was founded and executed around 2013–14 by Brian Dean, an SEO expert and the founder of the Backlinko blog. Being an SEO expert, Brain goes through many SEO techniques, looking for and trying new ones and improving existing ones. At one point, Brain was looking to increase his website’s traffic using the link-building strategy, but with a twist. He tried to give an edge to link building as the competition online was getting fiercer each day and having good-quality content was not the only factor in making any website rank.

The skyscraper technique is the process of finding websites with relevant content like yours or using the same target keyword. Then, you will find the backlink found in this piece of content and create a similar article covering the same topic. It is very important that the article you write is better, longer, and of outstanding quality. Lastly, you would go back to the original website and ask them to refer to your website instead because it has better content. A bit tricky, but it would do.

Implementing the Skyscraper Technique: Rising High and Elevating SEO in 3 Steps

So now that we have a glimpse of the whole technique and the idea behind it, how about we get to know the process step by step?

1.) Find Relevant Content

Our first step is searching and digging through all websites to find the best content. In this step, you need to go through as many websites as you can and analyze their content to find something that matches what you write and include on your website. Additionally, these pages should have high traffic, which would benefit you in the long term. It would be even better if the content targeted the same keywords as you. This can be easily done using SEO and keyword tools.

2.) Find the Referred Link

After settling on an article or a piece of content that lines up with your requirements and needs, the second step is to find the link that this piece refers to. You’d need to go through this link very carefully and take a good look at the content included—the length, tone, design, etc.

3.) Make It Bigger, Better, and More Powerful!

After giving the referred link an extensive analysis, it is time to do the work! In this step, you will try to outdo the piece of content referred to in the original content, while also sticking to the same topic covered. This included making it longer, improving the quality, using a different and engaging tone of voice, adding depth, etc. The more you add and improve the content, the better your chances will be.

4.) Reach Out

Reach Out  

The last step of your hopefully fruitful process is reaching out. In this step, you will reach out to the original website, offering your revamped and better version of the referred article to be included. Of course, this includes a smart and nicely written email where you will offer your content smartly. You should avoid coming off as too demanding or hopeless; you should be polite and try to personalize it. Additionally, you can try to impress them and make it seem as if it is a game-changing offer.

The Benefits of Using the Skyscraper Link Building Technique

Improved Search Engine Rankings

You may improve your chances of gaining good-quality backlinks by creating outstanding content. Gaining more organic visitors is possible if your site has higher authority and search engine rankings thanks to these backlinks.

Enhanced Domain Authority

Your site’s DA will rise in proportion to the number of quality backlinks it receives. The overall search engine rankings and discoverability of your site can improve with a higher DA which is very much attainable with this technique

Better User Experience

Skyscraper content is typically in-depth, well-researched, and informative. This helps since it increases the likelihood of user involvement and retention, improves user satisfaction, and benefits your audience as a whole.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage

You can obtain an edge in your business or niche if your content creation is regularly superior to that of your competitors. This will lead to the attraction of more authoritative backlinks through the skyscraper technique. When the website would compare the two, he would find yours to be more sophisticated and high-quality.

Long-Term Benefits

Getting backlinks via the Skyscraper approach can assist your website for years to come, especially if you focus on generating quality content. This strategy provides a more permanent and reliable source of traffic and authority than other link-building strategies that may not last as long.

Natural Link Building

Natural Link Building

The concept of the Skyscraper method is to provide material of such high quality that it will attract quality backlinks organically. This makes your link-building initiatives look more natural to search engines, which lowers the probability of receiving penalties for engaging in manipulative methods.

Increased Referral Traffic

When your material is of a high standard, you’ll see an instant boost in referral traffic. Your revamped skyscraper content that is linked to by other sites might attract new readers and possibly turn them into legitimate clients or even newsletter subscribers.

Is the Skyscraper Link Building Technique Harmful? And Does It Have Drawbacks?

So, is the skyscraper a harmful strategy that Google might penalize? Absolutely not. Skyscraper is one of many techniques used to increase the effectiveness of link-building and accelerate outcomes. It has absolutely nothing to do with black-hat SEO techniques like link farming that could get you into trouble. The process of the skyscraper technique depends solely on creating high-quality content and offering websites backlinking opportunities, which is usual. Thus, it is based on an agreement between two websites and has nothing to do with manipulation. However, there might be some risks if you offer your revamped content to low-quality websites, you might end up with a bunch of toxic links.

However, the skyscraper technique can have one or two drawbacks, like the time and effort it requires. The searching and analysis that you should do throughout the process are both effort- and time-consuming. Additionally, after reaching out, waiting for a response might also take time, and there is a chance for some rejection to get in the way. That is why you need to find as many relevant websites as you can to elevate your chance of getting a positive response.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using the Skyscraper Link Building  Technique

There are some common mistakes that people get tricked into while executing the skyscraper link-building technique. so let us explore a few:

The first common mistake is favoring quantity. Some people might think that the more content you revamp and offer, the more successful you will be, and that will do the trick. Unfortunately, this is completely wrong. The sole purpose behind this technique is to put quality above all else. In the first step, you need to target high-quality and relevant websites with high traffic. So, it’s very important to keep up with this quality and make it even better.

The second common mistake is stopping outreach the moment you get your content linked. This is absolutely wrong and can reduce the chances of further collaboration. It is important to maintain a relationship and do ongoing outreach with these high-quality websites. This can lead to future collaborations and secure you some superb backlinks.

The third and last common mistake, and the one that compromises the whole process, is the content of the email outreach. Yes, we mentioned this above, but it is so important not to highlight it again. The email you send to websites has the power and authority to either make it a fruitful process or an awful one. Some emails may give the impression of being egotistical and doing a favor. Others might be the complete opposite, indicating low-quality content and an overall poor website. Both are very unprofessional and should be avoided at all costs. Additionally, avoid spammy and generic websites and focus on personalizing your messages.

In Conclusion

Really, the link-building process has no limits on what it can be or offer. From being the basic process it always has been to having new and smart strategies like the skyscraper method that can send you flooding with new visitors and clients. This truly shows how effective link-building is for putting a website on the right track by making it flow with potential clients and optimizing SEO.

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