Essential Tests for Your Startup Pre-Launch

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Key Areas of Your Start-Up to Test Before You Launch

You are undoubtedly excited to launch your start-up, but you must ensure it is a success and memorable for all the right reasons. This can be difficult as the sooner things are underway, the sooner you should start seeing some much-needed revenue. Ensuring your business structure is set up correctly is as crucial as product testing. For this, leveraging professional LLC services can provide you with the peace of mind that all legalities are handled correctly. Allowing you to focus on refining other key areas of your start-up before you launch.

One way to ensure your launch goes how you want it to is to test the processes you have in place. Your business type and the products and services you offer will likely determine the variations, but they generally fall into three main areas.

Test your sales and fulfillment process

If your potential customers can’t buy or receive your product or service after paying for it, your launch will start poorly. Apart from being embarrassing, this is likely to dent your reputation with reports that your whole operation is a scam. Your new business might never recover from this initial negative feedback and hinder any future project you embark on.

So, you need to extensively test your sales and fulfillment process to ensure it works correctly and check out every single permutation to ensure there are no hiccups. This could take time and delay your launch, but it will be considerably more inconvenient than if you press ‘go’ and none of it works.

Test your apps and software

A key part of this will be testing your apps and software, and investing in the best ingress controller for Kubernetes can help you here. It can help you control and route traffic through your app and help spot bottlenecks and load balance when you are testing the impact of a sudden influx of traffic. 

You will also need things to be secure if you are dealing with customer financial data and transferring it to payment gateways. An ingress controller can help decrypt and encrypt information to stay secure throughout.

Test your customer feedback process

customer feedback

Finally, you need to look at the process by which you follow up with customers. This helps gain feedback to help improve your processes and garner those all-important positive online reviews. Any glitches here can seriously impact your long-term relationship with that customer and hamper the chances of them ordering again or continuing their subscription to your service.

You should check the process to make sure that customers do not receive repeated requests for ratings and reviews. Especially if they have already left feedback. You should also check your process for responding to feedback on the platform and within your business to help you improve after your initial launch.

So, to wrap everything up

Launches are thrilling, but ensure basics are covered first. Premature launches can harm your business; thorough testing eliminates risks. Test all processes, particularly your apps and software’s capacity for a big launch.