Get Your Inspiration for Channels on nandbox Messenger!

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Inspiration drives Innovation!

Here at nandbox Messenger, we’re all about giving you more, and that includes more options for discussing what matters to you. We want to make sure you get the most out of your experience with this messaging app. So, today, we’re revisiting Broadcast Channels. This feature can be a great alternative to group chats, depending on your messaging needs. For a refresher on what Channels are and how they work, click here.  

What Are Channels in nandbox Messenger?

A Channel lets you broadcast messages to a large audience. They differ from group chats in that only Channel admins can make posts or send messages. (Channel members can share the posts or messages and leave replies which only admins will see.) Joining a Channel is a great way to find and interact with people who share your interests. Channel posts may include questions, text updates, photos, and more! Join one of the many existing Channels, or go ahead and create your own!

What Are the Features of Channels in nandbox messenger?

  • More Readability. Channel posts are displayed in a nice, clean feed.
  • More People. There is no limit to the number of people who can join a Channel.
  • More Privacy. You can choose to make a Channel public or private.
  • More Interactivity. Channel members can interact with posts made by the Channel creator.
  • More Outreach. Each Channel features a unique QR code. This makes it easy to invite friends to join.

I Want to Create a Channel. What Should I Use it For?

That is completely up to you! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Discuss a social issue you’re passionate about.
  • Create a support group for people facing a common struggle.
  • Share your favourite vegetarian recipes.
  • Treat your friends and family members to updates about your baby as he/she grows.
  • Communicate with parents of the children’s recreational soccer team.

What do you love most about nandbox Messenger’s Channels feature?