Estimating Costs for Product Design: A Comprehensive Overview

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How Much Does Product Design Cost?

How much does product design cost? Every day, business owners of both large and small organizations type this query into the Google search field in the hopes of receiving a precise and pertinent response. Today we will try to answer it.

One of the most important things that affects a business’s decision to make a new product is how much it costs to design it. To prevent making mistakes in the product creation process and not spend a lot of money, you need to study the industry and compare different options.

Let’s first have a look at what the cost of product design entails in order to determine how much it costs to produce a product.

What Are the Four Key Factors That Set a Product Design Cost

There are four main things that contribute to setting the cost of product design:

  • Product discovery
  • UI design
  • UX design
  • Usability evaluation

Below, we will discuss each bullet point in detail for a better overview of the topic.

Product Discovery

The product discovery business process can be broken into various closely related sub-processes. The goals of this stage are to find the right product for the right market and test the business model with a working product. The key to doing this is to keep lowering risks by validating customer behavior, the value proposition, the product solution, the business strategy, and the acquisition channels. The secret to developing a product that will find a market is product discovery.

You should always be asking yourself some questions when it comes to identifying and discovering your product:

  • Will this product solve a certain market problem?
  • How does your product work?
  • How will people pay for this product?
  • What designs, functionalities, features, etc. are needed for your product?
  • How will you monetize your product properly?
  • What are your MVP needs?

Even if you are certain that your product will satisfy a certain consumer requirement, product discovery will help you design it properly before you begin developing an MVP. Product discovery aids businesses in making the best selections possible. Even if your product is a brilliant idea, product discovery will help you persuade consumers that it is worth paying for.

User Interface (UI) Design

UI design, which stands for “user interface design,” is the layout of all the places where a user interacts with a product, such as buttons, input fields, and application forms. UI is a tool, whereas UX is a process. Yet they all strive to make the product’s user experience pleasant, pleasurable, and memorable. This procedure merits financial support. Statistics have proven that 94% of users don’t trust items with poor design.

User Experience (UX) Design


UX design determines how the user interacts with the website or application interface. The importance of UX design is more than just pretty pictures. It mainly focuses on a simple user experience.

UX design is constantly taking place. Someone decides how the user will use the product, whether on purpose or by accident. When we create choices that satisfy the needs of both our customers and our company, we are practicing good user experience design.

You can use a variety of approaches to deal with UX design, such as UX Lab, eye-tracking, and Between Subjects Design. The cost of premium UX design is high. Even though it’s hard and takes a lot of time, the process is vital to the success of your product. It attracts attention, leads to conversions, and has a substantial return on investment.

Usability Evaluation

Usability evaluation is a way to find out if a product is easy to use, easy to learn, easy to understand, and appealing to users in terms that have already been set. Why is this step so crucial, and why is funding sufficient to complete it? The following criteria are used in usability testing to gauge how usable a product is:

  • Product efficiency: How long would it take the user to finish the fundamental duties of the product, like sending a newsletter, signing up, buying, etc.?
  • Product accuracy: How many problems did the customer encounter using the product?
  • User’s product recall: How much of the product’s work does the user still recall after having been away from it for a while?
  • User feedback: How does your product make your users feel? Are they happy and satisfied with it? Would they recommend it to others?

The question remains: How Much Does Product Design Cost?

How Much Does Product Design Cost

What is the price of developing a new product? The steps of product design that are covered by pricing have already been covered. Now let’s examine average prices by seniority and country.

You would think that since product design is a crucial step in the creation of a product, any company would have a staff of designers. All year round, many major companies do employ product designers. Some, on the other hand, would rather hire a group of independent designers or web design firms to complete the task.

Cost savings are also to blame for that. Businesses don’t always need product designers. Designers may not be required for several months after a product has been developed. Designers should not be paid a salary year-round if they are not performing the task. Even if freelancers or agencies charge extra for services, there are still some sizable discounts overall.

When it comes to costs, we’ll discuss a quick overview of how much product design costs when it comes to differences from one country to another. The cost can vary from one product and one business to another. One person could be paying from $15 up to $180 per hour; another could be paying from $35,000 up to $150,000 per product. This all depends on the size of the business and the country it was founded in.

Steps to Take in Order to Know Your Product Design Cost

Costs for product design can vary a lot depending on how complicated your product is and what services you need. Before embarking on any product design project, it’s important to understand the cost factors at play and how they can affect your overall budget. Here are the steps to take in order to know and determine the exact cost of your product design:

Research Costs

Research Costs

Research and discovery are important components of any successful product design. During the research phase, a designer will analyze market trends, user behavior data, and competitor products to inform the product design process. Depending on the complexity of your project, this phase may require additional resources like user testing, interviews, or concept illustrations—all of which come with additional costs. Because of this, research and discovery may be one of the most expensive parts of designing a product.

Consultancy & Strategy

A product design consultancy can help you hone an initial product vision by providing expertise in complex problem solving as well as market and competitor analysis. Your chosen consultancy should have a proven track record in similar projects, an understanding of the whole process, and the ability to define core objectives and milestones. Consultancy fees vary widely, but typically range between $50 and $175 per hour. Working with a reliable consultancy will add clarity and direction to your project while potentially saving time and money in the long run.

Production Materials and Manufacturing Processes

Before starting any kind of production, it’s important to find out how much different materials and ways of making things will cost. Prototypes can be created from a range of materials, such as leather, plastic, or metal. The chosen material will not only impact cost but also yield different functional properties for the product. A design engineer who knows about manufacturing standards and requirements, like tolerance analysis and GD&T, is usually needed for manufacturing processes. When it comes to making a good process flow, assembly operations usually have separate parts that come together to make a whole product.

Packaging, Shipping and Fulfillment Considerations

Packaging and shipping are two highly important but often overlooked components in product design. All materialistic products need to be packaged securely to reduce the risk of damage during delivery, which adds additional costs. As such, it is important to research different types of packaging, including bubble wrap, foam inserts, and other lightweight protection products.  Working with a specialized packaging company, such as a cannabis packaging manufacturer company, or other companies that offer packaging solutions for your product can provide expertise in creating secure and compliant packaging solutions. Shipping requirements should also be considered when calculating the cost of product design. Depending on where a product will be sold or shipped, it may require additional fees for customs clearance and port handling. Any fulfillment services involved should also be taken into account, as these incur extra charges on top of delivery costs.

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