GPT-4 Release: How it Will Impact Customer Service

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The Impact of Chat GPT 4 on Customer Service and Support

Chatbots have revolutionized the way businesses interact with each other and their customers. With the new release of GPT-4, chatbots are set to become even more intelligent and capable of understanding users’ input and providing more accurate and human-like answers. In this article, we’ll explore the impact of the new GPT-4 release on customer service and support. And how it can help businesses improve their overall customer experience and satisfaction. We will also demonstrate how it can be used to create more personalized and effective interactions between businesses and their customers. So let’s get started and explore the exciting world of Chat GPT-4!

The new GPT-4 release

The new GPt-4 release took the whole world by storm, especially after unveiling the new capabilities and functions. People didn’t at all expect this much progress, as they were still amazed by GPT-3. So expanding and unlocking even more powerful capabilities was an even bigger surprise to all users. Although the GPT-4 release is only limited to ChatGPT Plus users, this didn’t stop people from getting a glimpse of the whole new function. Either by watching videos online, reading articles, or even upgrading to get the full experience.

In addition to enabling individuals to use the tool, the new release also enables businesses to integrate this powerful technology into their apps to further boost their functionalities and provide users with the ultimate experience. Integrating GPT-4 to improve customer support is one common use case that many businesses have adopted. As we all know, GPT-4 takes the form of a chat between AI and users, which makes it ideal to be embedded as a new customer service channel. But what value could the GPT-4 release add to customer support?

How Would GPT-4 Release Enhance the Customer Support Experience

Human-like conversations

Human-like conversations

The first and foremost advantage that the new GPT-4 release would add to any customer support experience is the human-like interaction. There’s no doubt that any user would rather talk to an actual person than a machine. However, this is not a concern when it comes to GPT-4. Natural language processing technology has come a long way in recent years, and now it’s much less probable that a customer will feel like he’s talking to a robot or a bot. The effort OpenAI exerted in order to develop this technology was effective. The GPT-4 release is capable of generating logical outputs and initiating genuine and human-like conversations. This means that GPT-4 is able to respond to any query or inquiry to a great extent.

Precise and Accurate Responses

In addition to logical conversations, the GPT-4 release also provides customers with precise and accurate responses to any problem they may face. GPT-4 is much more advanced when it comes to the data it contains. Unlike GPT-3, which comes with 175 billion parameters, the GPT-4 release comes with nearly 1 trillion parameters. Parameters are the values that the tool can learn and comprehend from the data. This, in turn, makes GPT-4 more capable of answering questions and inquiries in a factually correct and valid manner. The GPT-4’s output is both innovative and adaptable, which improves the quality of support provided to customers.

Text and Image Analysis

Another way that the new GPT-4 release would greatly enhance customer support is through image analysis. Along with communicating and comprehending text, the GPT-4 can now also analyze and comprehend pictures. In some cases, customers get frustrated with a regular bot as they cannot understand the content of images. And they would benefit from the assistance of a real customer support agent. Here, with the GPT-4 release, a customer would send an image, ask about anything concerning it, and it would provide the required and perfect response.


Examples of GPT-4 Enhancing Customer Service

A wide range of platforms and applications have adopted GPT-4 as a new customer support channel as a result of its dependability and increased functionality. These platforms include;


The first platform that decided to hop on board the GPT-4 train is Intercom. Intercom is a renowned business solutions company that specializes in automation and customer service solutions. Due to the nature of their specialization and business, Intercom realized the capabilities that the new GPT-4 release has and how beneficial it would be to assist their customers. Thus, Intercom decided to employ GPT-4 in their customer support chatbot and introduced Fin. Fin is an AI-powered and automated customer support chatbot that Intercom developed and is now being prepared for release. The Fin bot allows businesses to explore the great functionalities of AI. Intercom pricing offers this bot to all businesses as an effective and complete solution to improve customer support quality and increase customer satisfaction.

Morgan Stanley

The great investment company, Morgan Stanley, also utilized GPT-4’s capabilities to provide their customers with a new customer support channel. The amount of information that is found on the website that customers would need to go through in order to start their financial journey is enormous. Thus, Morgan Stanley decided to ride the new waves of technology and launched its GPT-4-powered chatbot. This chatbot would answer all customers’ inquiries and provide them with all the necessary information and steps they would need throughout their financial journey.



Stripe is a popular payment gateway and processing platform that many applications and other platforms use. It is mainly based on APIs to manage any online transaction. Stripe also had a huge problem with developers getting lost through the website and API references to find the one they needed. That is why, with the help of GPT-4’s new release and capabilities, Stripe launched AI documents. The AI documentation would assist any developer looking for a specific API reference. All they have to do if they have trouble finding anything is type their question or what they are looking for in the AI bar, and they will instantly get the perfect explanation.

How can you use the new GPT-4 release with nandbox

Personalized Shopping Experiences

The most popular application of GPT-4 chat is creating personalized experiences for online shopping. With this technology, customers can easily ask questions about products and get real-time responses, providing them with the right pieces of information to make informed decisions. The GPT-4 chatbot can also take a customer’s request and deliver relevant product recommendations based on the conversation. With nandbox’s robust e-store feature, you can develop your native shopping app in no time. In addition, you will easily integrate GPT-4 using the Python SDK and open AI’s API. This will allow you to unlock all the capabilities and provide your customers with the perfect shopping experience.

Automated Customer Service for Your Food Delivery App

Food Delivery

GPT-4 technology also makes it easy to create an automated customer service channel. With this technology, businesses can quickly respond to customer queries without relying on human customer service agents, which would cost money and effort. So, let us say you intend to develop a food delivery app. And we all know that what makes a good food delivery app is customer service. Then, nandbox app builder is the perfect place to do so. In addition to the store, map tracking, and map search features, that would make a great food delivery app. You can also integrate the GPT-4 release with the in-app chatbot. The GPT-4 chatbot can understand any input from customers and provide intelligent answers quickly and efficiently. It’s a great way for businesses to provide better customer support without having to hire additional staff or invest in expensive customer service software.